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  1. Pfaff 335: Advice Appreciated

    One is hand lift, the other is foot pedal lift. You get more lift with the foot pedal. My 335 is old casting and it takes up to #22 needle. Tex 70 is definitely a go, even Tex 90 works. Not sure what that is in ## but both are smaller than #138.
  2. The industry has not been devastated - it is thriving. Workforce - a different story.
  3. Help with a boot pattern

    These two pikers probably stole those boots. They are similar but simpler than modern riding boots. You'll need lasts though.
  4. Another US textile factory bites the dust. This is so sad. US made textiles used to be the best quality you could find.
  5. Juki ddl 227

    The seller can say anything, that does not make it truth. All DDL series machines are high speed textile bottom feed machines. Period.
  6. Sewing canvas

    Depends on what you define as canvas. The kind found on folding beds, or the kind used for towing straps.
  7. I doubt it is capable of stitching belts with or w/o a roller foot. Kid gloves - possible. Wallets - kind of possible. Anything heavier is going to cause frustration.
  8. It will stitch a broad range of textiles and lightest leather, that is it. Might work with a roller foot if this machine is all you can afford.
  9. Colombia is a very strong competitor in leather business worldwide. They turn out amazing quality hides and stunning patterns and stitching. It is nearly impossible to compete with their quality and price. Italy makes goods just as good or better, but at a much higher price. Then there is Mexico, which is just plain outright cheap. India, Pakistan and then China do amazing work for cheap too. This is a very competitive market, while North America wears less and less leather garments and upholstery. Ecoleather (puke...) is replacing genuine leather everywhere, same as particle board replaced genuine wood in furniture. There are too many of us on this planet now, and goods have to be pumped out fast and cheap. Sad.
  10. Great Service

    Dunno about the US, but up here in Canada COSTCO has a fantastic deal on APC 1500 VA back UPS. Worth every penny. Recently had the AC motor blown, possibly by a surge. Will be installing whole house surge protector soon and another separate protector for the AC.
  11. The playing field between North America and 3d world is not level. I was involved with metal plating/galvanizing. It's a dying business in NA right now, as there are enormous fines imposed if gubmint finds traces of high oxidation states of chromium in wastewater, even if those came from a hobbyist flushing his kit down the toilet on the same drainage pipe as a 100% compliant business. In the 3d world no one looks your way even if a factory is dumping untreated waste. This impacts all businesses across the board in NA. Last I heard, the largest and only lead smelter in the US closed down its doors due to red tape and hostile regulations. What's the acronym for this - NIMBY mentality? Don't even get me started about insurance premiums! We are safe operators here, with policies and procedures in place, training, highest levels of compliance, yet we have to pay through the nose, while in the 3d world it costs next to nothing to insure the same activity. On top of that leatherworkers in general make almost the lowest wages of all industries. You have to find a niche. Having said that, it is used machines only for me, new ones would never be economical. And then I take time, shop around and wait for good deals for months, sometimes years.
  12. What is it?

    You are thinking those rail mounted quilting machines. I was referring to regular single needle machines set up for quilting by changing the foot and removing feed dog
  13. What is it?

    I saw these feet on quilting machines, but it looks like the guy in the video uses it for darning, which is very similar.
  14. Bobbin holder case

    Do you guys upload your creations to thingiverse at all? That's a great place, as they have advanced interactive preview with 3d, and pretty good UI. I just started using it in my other line of business https://www.thingiverse.com/VintageElectronicsInc/designs and found it so easy to use.