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  1. Which snap buttons?

    Depends on the leather weight. Of course in general you use larger snaps on leather, than on textiles. and you want about 2-3 mm of the stud above the floor of the snap body when pressing to make a nice symmetrical round crimp. There are snaps with gigantic studs for golf bags and similar applications where multiple layers of leather and plastic have to be pierced. So it all depends on your application.
  2. My other business sells switches similar to yours all the time. They do go bad. Unfortunately we do not carry the one like yours.
  3. Thread breaking Seiko SK-2B-1-20

    Round point is not to be confused with ball point used on knits only.
  4. Thread breaking Seiko SK-2B-1-20

    Too bad we left crystal balls at home.
  5. Thread breaking Seiko SK-2B-1-20

    Yes you can use smaller thread in the #24 needle, but how small you can go can be only found by trial and error. Isn't #532 too large for #24 which this machine takes? I thought that #24 was good up to size 300.
  6. Constructions Electriques Super Motor

    I am selling a clutch motor for the last 10 years for $40 Canadian and had only one person contacting me insisting he wanted a 1700 RPM motor, while mine was clearly 3450. Tells you how much demand is out there.
  7. I may be out to lunch, but this does look like a domestic machine. It should be using regular size bobbins, which can be sourced anywhere Google returns: ebay, ali express, amazon etc. Are you sure those are different size bobbins than the rest of household machines?
  8. Trying to find this hardware

    How urgent is this? If you sent me a drawing, I could try making one on a lathe.
  9. I think that Wiz's original guess that the smaller needle is the culprit is correct. The larger needle has more space to "hide" the thread in, and overall creates a larger hole, so trying a larger needle may actually work.
  10. What is the proper name of these?

    If OTB does not have them, they are likely made of Unobtainium.
  11. Hair on hide tote with blood knots and cow horn

    This tote simply blows my mind. Superb workmanship and great taste!
  12. Yeah, looking for a Bonis type or a similar. I thought they all had 2 threads. You are right, stitch adjustment is a nice feature.
  13. My next upgrade going to be a fur machine. I never used one and only stitched by hand, and all I gathered so far was that having a hand-wheel on the left side is a big help. But otherwise are there things to watch out for when looking for a fur machine? Unlike high-speed textile machines that may be clapped out, and leather machines which may be overstressed by stitching too much leather, fur machines probably take it easy. There are no feet to change, no throat plates, so parts probably never even replaced on them?
  14. Wet molding experiment

    I was thinking of the same thing
  15. Wet molding experiment

    I won't sleep until I know what's inside!