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  1. sewing thread and suppiers

    Had one hiccup with thread exchange where color did not match, not even close, and they would not agree to exchange. Not buying from them ever since as they got their pants in the knot instead of resolving it. How would you feel about ordering grey thread and receiving pitch black, then having to fight them to even acknowledge the issue, sending pictures and getting nowhere?
  2. Russet hide bag for 15.6" laptop

    I would say, phenomenal!
  3. Huh, where's the lever?
  4. Mine is the old casting -17, so I get the small bobbin then. Thanks again!
  5. Was shopping for bobbins and came across a listing on Ali Express where the seller was showing 22 x 12.6mm bobbin with a 6mm hole. The bobbins I am currently using are 22 x 9mm with a 6mm hole. Is he wrong or does my machine have a wrong bobbin case and hook assembly?
  6. Length of feed dog

    And the asymmetric feed dog for binding operation. With a matching presser foot.
  7. Length of feed dog

    I guess, 1 - binder 2 - stitcher
  8. Small Motor Pulley with 5/8" Bore?

    I find that Grainger is the kind of business where you get somewhere only with a walk in.
  9. Small Motor Pulley with 5/8" Bore?

    The torque on the pulley is not too big, you may be able to get away with a split bushing and no woodruff key
  10. New Home 764

    You will need at least some pan. Mine is from a different model machine, but it is a pan anyway, so I just trimmed a spam can to fit between the pan and the moving parts on the bottom of the machine, put some oil in the spam can and it works. I run the machine at high speed once every few months to let oil pass through the system, and I see it going through. Normally I stitch at very low speed, so even if I did not oil, the machine would still last another 100 years. You should be able to find a pan which will fit at the dealers or online, they should not cost too much. I never bothered, after figuring I will have to take a 2 hour drive to buy a matching one, when I already figured the spam can trick.
  11. This is really not a big deal. Put it anywhere you are comfortable with, where it would rest on the casting. Plug the old hole with a dowel. Done. I would move the peg NW near that hole on the casting in your 1st picture.
  12. New Home 764

    Going by the rust on the oil intake ports, it can be clapped out quite badly. Witn my very similar (but lacking reverse) Juki 553 I am getting away with just keeping a cut off spam can full of oil under the oil pump (it came with a non-original non-matching oil pan).
  13. Wow, very nice! Quality work and they look strong.