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  1. Need help. Which machine is this.

    If it's made in USSR, I would stay away - horrible quality, very tricky and hard to tune products. I had a horrible experience with their Veritas and Podolsk brands stitchers and sergers.
  2. Thread brand general questions....

    I get lots of surplus (full and partial cones) American & Efird and it works very well in my Pfaff.
  3. In my case the pressure runs down to 0 PSI so no amount of banging would help. Before these cans are completely low, warming them up under hot water prolongs their life a bit, but not for long.
  4. Medieval Style High Boots

    Be careful, medieval and boots are a kind of oxymoron, as in medieval times footwear was not near as sophisticated as during Renaissance. If you are striving for historic accuracy, you should do a lot of research.
  5. Sanitize

    Historically gases were used for sanitizing something which could not be dipped or wiped, including sulfur dioxide and other nasty chemicals.
  6. 3M glues are absolute best, I use their foam glue in the green can all the time to make classic "cheese cutter" caps and it works very well. Unfortunately the cans run out of "air" long before they run out of glue, but I am investigating into the method to re-fill them from a compressor, just need to figure out the moisture removal.
  7. Mansur Gavriel Manufacturing

    So the made in Italy label is somewhat misleading?
  8. Old time finishes and dyes?

    Alder cones and bark give a very beautiful orange tan to hides.
  9. Juki LU562

    I would be cautious about re-purposing a textile machine to stitch leather, as these materials have completely different properties. There are many sellers who will do anything to ride on the train created by the surge in demand for leather goods and they will advertise textile machines as leather machines. Seller stating that this machine is for leather does not mean it is. And stitching vinyl canopies and covers does not equal stitching leather. Before you buy, take your typical leather sample and thread to the seller and try stitching. If it works, you are golden, otherwise no amount of adjustment may tune it up to the task. When I was buying my Pfaff 335, I knew it was capable of working on light upholstery leather and it performed fine in the shop. As I was buying primarily for textiles, I was fine with it not being able to stitch anything heavier.
  10. Pen Cases

    I do not feel that the rounded end is in any way inferior, it looks pleasant to my eye. Not sure you need to strive for a perfectly round end.
  11. Servo motor

    I just bought a full shopping bag of polyester #69-90 thread at CDN$2.50 a cone overseas in various colors (not available anywhere in Canada) and paid $10 for shipping to my door. No Canadian supplier would ever come even close.
  12. Singer Stool

    Very cool indeed!
  13. Servo motor

    Yeah, everything in Canada costs as much, as if there was no concept of commercial distribution known to Canadian vendors. It feels like they buy each item at the retail price from the States, pay the general public's shipping rates and HST, then tally it all up ad come up with Canadian retail prices. Undercutting this crooked crowd makes me so pleased! I wish they all go bankrupt, greedy jerks.
  14. Wife's Christmas Present

    It maybe just me but white thread distracts from beautiful tooling.
  15. They will charge HST regardless of personal or business use. I am not sure there is a duty on top of that for a sewing machine, you can call CBSA in advance and ask for a clarification. They will likely want you to provide the tariff code (hoping it's called that way). This is the same code I have to pick on Canada Post Electronic shipping tool web site every time I am shipping out of the country. Depending on the code there may or may not be a duty on top of HST. I would call and ask them questions. Explain that you are buying for your personal use, and if they ask why you want an industrial machine, just tell them the truth: that there is no household/consumer grade machine available, which can perform the same type of work. People at the border may or may not be very knowledgeable about importing machinery or tools, but if you have a reference to a prior call that would be helpful. I was once delayed and interrogated for 3 hours because they did not know the law and did not want to admit that. So I would call in advance and clarify all questions.