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    Servo motors -- UGH!

    I will give that a try.
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    Servo motors -- UGH!

    Mike G, thanks for starting this thread. Just what I was looking for, a thread about motors. I also have been researching motors but have not bought one yet. I also feel that motors with brushes will run slower and have more torque, but I have no proof. Some motors run upwards to 5,000 rpm which I don't want considering my clutch motor runs at only 1750 rpm and is too fast. Techsew has a 800w motor that runs from 300-1600 rpm but is more expensive and no talk of creeping speed. Personally I have made my own speed reducer to use with my clutch motor which gives me a slow speed and lots of torque. Its great for sewing but sometimes too slow once I get started on a long run. The problem I experience is trying to lift the needle with the wheel. My motor has a brake so I need to depress the pedal "a little" to release the brake. If I depress too much I start to sew again. My perfect motor would be 550 watts (about 3/4 hp), 0-1750 rpm with a pedal that allows me to start slow with the torque to go through thick material (may need 800 watts?). Brake, probably electronic. The brake needs to release so that I can turn the wheel to lift the needle. An optional position sensor that can be added later if I want. Speed control at the on/off switch would be a bonus. The motor should be adjustable for belt tension and backwards-forward to line up the pulleys. The motor does not need to be brushless. I don't want to plug a light into this motor. I don't want to run a speed reducer with this motor.
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    Singer 351 Edge Guide

    Nice workmanship on the KG-867 guide installation on your 225. I would like to know if you used a drill press or hand drill to drill the tap holes. Again, nice installation and well documented. Also, do you think that the presser foot with the built in spring loaded edge you showed in your video sewing two pieces of felt together would fit my 226? If so could you pass along the make and model number. Being from a small town everything has to be couriered in and I would hate to order the wrong part. Thanks Anthony
  4. iron1951

    Older Consew 226 Bobbin Question

    Cowboy Bob Good to know. It ain't broke and I would rather not fix it. But can I get some bobbin holders for it? I'm not sure of the tension spring and I am missing the oiling felt. Would Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines be able to help with new bobbin holder and/or refurb parts? I am from Canada. Thanks Anthony
  5. Hello everyone. I am a newbie and this is my first post. I have to admit that I am going to be sewing boat seat covers an not doing "leather work" but who knows? Every time I search the web for information on my machine (new to me), I always seem to pull up the LW website. It seems that there are a lot of knowledgeable people here when it comes to the older sewing machines. I am looking for a parts/service manual for my machine. I have downloaded the 226R-1 manual and it is helpful except for my bobbin. That is what is confusing me. My bobbin holder is a Simanco 241676. Is this correct for my machine? The holder does not look like any of the holders that I see on the net. It is sewing okay, stitches good, but I would like to replace the bobbin holders. I have attached pictures (hopefully). Thanks for any info you could pass on. I really don't want to buy the wrong bobbin holders. Thanks Anthony
  6. iron1951

    Older Consew 226 Bobbin Question

    If I were to change this "bobbin assembly" what parts would I need? Where would I get them from? And how much should I expect to pay? Anthony