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  1. all tools

    I don't thin I can afford it but how much you asking for the Singer? along with the 5 and 1 Thanks Ron
  2. That is truly inspirational, the question I have is, was the all that work done with a backgrounder stamp I think it is called? It certainly provides food for thought.
  3. Will a Consew 206rb-2 work?

    it is a good walking foot machine for light weight leather, you will never be able to do the 8/9 ounce leather needed for a good holster, and thicker for a good gun belt. I had the same thought and bought an older model only to find it wouldn't do the job. It will work very well for wallets and other thin items, but to do the holsters and belts you will need a cowboy or Cobra class 3 or 4 to do the real heavy stuff. You find that everyone has their favorite when it comes to either the cowboy or the cobra, but keep in mind that they Most likely come of the same Chinese production line with different colors on them.
  4. Embossing (roll) machine

    he hasn't been around ina few months he might pop in a answer but I dunnow
  5. Clicker die needed

    that must have been some R & R time around 69,
  6. go look at tuff products if you want more great ideas, there is reason more defined folks want leather, but there is also a reason why nylon comes in to play, leather cant fill all the needs.
  7. there is at least one company doing them out of ballistic nylon although it may not have that many mags. I was looking at tuff products just yesterday, the reason for me looking up their website is that, the holster that came in the recent promotion from Springfield Armory had a ballistic holster for the XDe that I bought. Take a look at their site it might give you an idea as to how they do the nylon stuff. Think along the lines of bullet strap on a belt, anyway look at their site to see if it is any help, he may have seen someone with one of their setups and wants it done in leather, and if you have a cowboy or cobra sewing machine it might not be hard to do. www.tuffproducts.com
  8. Front pocket wallet

    some people might jump up and down about a little flub when we all strive for perfection, but my son always reminds me that they are hand made and not machine made! I strive for no wrinkles in holsters but more often than not there are always some little ones, but , it's hand made!
  9. FS Alran Chevre Sully French Goat Leather

    this was a post from a year ago you might get lucky but I would want to bet on it. Just sayun.
  10. 9/10 leather holster ?

    I will probably get yelled at but, with any build you have to account for thickness, if the pattern calls for say 7/8 and you use 8/9 it will end up being very tight. If it is a pattern you created and did so with the weight in mind then you should be ok. but it does make a difference, I have built a few that called for a given weight and then added a liner or thicker leather and didn't move stitch lines accordingly it ended up tight or small for the gun.
  11. I have a sister that lives in California that has a full hide of Roo with hair on, she mentioned to me that the hide has gone real dry to include the tail falling of due to it drying out. So need to find the best way to revitalize the hide so that no more damage will happen to the hide. Thanks in advance for the problem. Ron
  12. Can anyone help me source these SS buckles?

    have you checked with weaver leather?
  13. Holster VIDEOs 'n' stuff

    Ok what happened here everyone sort of disappeared and nothing more said or done, was everyone's feelings hurt and then go away or were some sent to the wood shed?
  14. Metal Foundry in Business Since 1847

    imagine that and they are just down the street, passed by there earlier today and talking to my son about them and wasn't sure if they were still open so thanks for the info!!
  15. Not sure what the maker uses but I have a cobra splitter.