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  1. if it is dye sublimation it has to be tricky on leather, when I was doing it on cups, cloth, it took high temp presses to transfer the print to the material. I am still curious I think like many others as to how it is done.
  2. stamps

    I think in one other post their postage to anywhere is 15.00 and if shipping is the same time frame, it took 15 days to get mine here in the states. hope that helps
  3. the dye used on this holster is the Feibings dark brown, I think they call it the pro dye or the oil based dye, but the other contributor is that I also used feibings neats foot compound oil, it that helps the dye colors become a little more saturated of course that is my opinion and I am sticking to it.
  4. I was figuren I'd get a worse ripen than all that
  5. Why now that was durn nice of ya fer the complement Thank U
  6. One of the locals here in town asked me to make a pancake for a Ruger SP 101 and belt for him to hold it all up with. At this point I have done a fare amount of belts and cake holsters for semi autos but not for a six gun. So I went ta looken and seeun what I needed to do and of course get the blue gun along with the metal that allows for the snapping and unsnapping. He wanted everything dark brown, for the holster I used W/C and the belt was cut out from a H. O.16oz skirting, it was interesting to find that each took the dye differently and oh the holster is 8/9oz with a 1/2oz pigskin liner, so here y'all go.
  7. Very true, however 2 of the items drive the cost a (little higher) and 1 not so, but would need to know when the bolt height is just right, part of the learning curve I guess? Along with the mechanical ability of the operator, builder, considering not all things are equal amongst men!
  8. George how are ya? I thought you had bid us all farewell, nice to see you contributing?
  9. there is caution that needs to be adhered to with a shop press that is not applicable to the vacuum press, when using a shop press there is no indicator that can be installed to inform you when you reached the right level of pressure without damaging a weapon if you happen to be using a real gun. Even when using a mold gun you can apply to much pressure and ruin or at least damage your mold gun, Ask my I know about those things I bent a mold gun. Had it been a real gun in the form of a high end gun the vision of being up a creek comes to mind. So with either one there is a learning curve, but with a vacuum system you can also be doing some of your boning while it is under vacuum and the vacuum is also removing some of the water content in the leather, but the choice is yours, something is learned either way. Heck one guy says a garbage bag works, is all you have to do is figure out how to remove the vacuum!
  10. leather sheen works real well, sometimes it might take more than one coat and make sure you wear a mask or spray it outside. Tandy and weaver carry it and I imagine that most other places have it or can get it.
  11. is-was this a common item to both cobra and cowboy if so anyone have any photos of what is being referred to? Thanks
  12. I didn't read all of CD's last post just skimmed over it but was also thinking along the same lines, but I'll put it a different way, not everyone gets a trophy here not even for just showing up. Ya need yer big boi pants to hang out here sometimes. With all that said I think that with the WIZ beun a moderator here he has to have some thicker skin than what the posting would call for, and because he is a mod I think he will be back. But not knowing who or what kind of tender flower is sitting on the other side of a monitor maybe we all sort of need to think about what and how we might say sumpthin, I'm just sayun but I still think the WIZER will be back after a few cold ones and he has put his Monday in the box.
  13. Oh I don't think he will be gone long, maybe about as long as his shop hours, so at closing time he'll be back, he's kind of like Aunuld he'll be back!