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  1. Weaver leather sells a product that will take belly leather and stiffen it up sort of like Viagra for the leather, I have not bought any just saw it on the website and catalog. Weaver does also mention in one of the videos they put out that belly is good for a lot of different hand made items.
  2. Another one from Russia with love

    Nothing wrong with your work, it is far better than you give yourself credit for, maybe you see it after tossing back a few vodkas maybe Ya?
  3. Vacume Forming Leather Goods

    for Holsters that is all I use, I had also for a very short time made kydex holsters, so the vacuum table was a needed tool for that. I did build my own vacuum table after obtaining all of the items needed to build it. If you have a source for the items sonydaze posted those work great, the only thing that might be a problem is deciding what you will use for a vacuum source.

    What everyone said above, exceptionally well done something for those of us that strive to produce work that is that good to look up to!!
  5. Cowboy or cobra?

    brmax has some good advice there, look at several dealers even it the selling the same machine, and take notes of what the dealer offers with the same machine. And find out for yourself if it is apples for apples and the dollars are even.
  6. take a look at ^^^^^^^ Joshes work and don't let him fool you he does some outstanding work, the book he speaks about is a good investment, also but you might have already done it, google 1911 holsters and look hard at what others have done, your is off to great start, don't let to anyone here drag you down, some think that by being antagonistic that they are helping you out, you will discover those over time. Good luck with all you do with the leather and continue to look and learn!!
  7. Ebook Cover - Laser cut, dyed with vinegaroon

    summer time is the best time to brew up the groon then let it set and the odor from it will dissipate with time, as far as the laser I had one and sold it. If you go one step up in laser you gain so much more area to work with as well better software, but everyone will experience it differently.
  8. Cowboy or cobra?

    I made a mistake and pasted in about the middle of the video, the member here (Uwe) sells this along with the table top that beats the MFG hands down.
  9. Cowboy or cobra?

    this explains the install
  10. Cowboy or cobra?

    they are identical machines just painted different colors, and depending on who you buy if from might not provide everything that should actually come with the machine. Like the oil pot that should sit on top of the machine, some dealers will sell that to you as an add on, they will also sell as an upgrade the table top for sewing items on a flat top, it is not worth the money, I would buy the one made and sold by a member here on this board, the two companies also sell as part of the upgrade kit a roller guide, that isn't worth the money either, again a member here sells one that is aftermarket that works much better. I will probably catch some heat for what I said but it is the truth.
  11. SB Foot 4.5-5oz Olive Sids $2 per foot

    what are the sides running in sq footage?
  12. Highlights from the Last 4 Years

    I think I said this above but your work is really top notch!! I would like to know what stamp was used on the holster and knife sheath, also is the pattern for the shoulder holster rig your own? Thanks Again!
  13. SB Foot 4.5-5oz Olive Sids $2 per foot

    you still have some of this Mike?
  14. Braided dog leashes

    look at doing the mystery braid for dog leashes it might be something else you might be interested in.