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  1. Cobra Leather spliter

    Just a bump
  2. Cobra Leather spliter

    I have had this unit for just over a year and it has not been used as much as I thought it would be, I am located in Clarksville TN you can pm me here for info I am asking 2100.00 will take 2000.00 plus shipping, if located near me maybe we can figure something out for shipping.
  3. I thought that there was only one in Louisville KY
  4. I usually buy 24 inch long sheets from either knifekits or another source but it has been so long since I cant think o the other name, but I would try knifekits.com or Google kydez holster supplies and something should come up. I had bought several all at the same time, I would usually use 2 pieces of 24 inch long placed in the middle then cut them down to length. I hope that makes sense!
  5. not answering for the other gent some of my experiences, Try using stainless that is super stiff and if not placed precisely in place you blow the whole project, but with Kydex it is much better either 090 or125 and the good thing is that if out of line just a bit the machine can still sew it
  6. I haven't being I just found out about it
  7. Ya I have had some holsters 2 layers 9oz that I thought I wasn't going to get done, and thinking something was wrong with my machine, needle, or thread, so I am truly glad to hear that I am not the only one that has this problem, but we must be the only 2 that have had this bad experience. I might just have to go back to HO or find some other brand! . Thanks for the input it really helps to narrow down the problem!
  8. Big Sioux I am glad that I am not the only one that has had that happen, have you found any cure for it? Every now and then I will sew some H O but not that often, I have been buying more of W & C leather, well I can rest easy now knowing it happens to someone else! Sony daze I run the thread through a oil pot now as it is, I would think that it would help maybe not cure the problem but at least help!
  9. Wiz I made a call and need a little more clarification from you, is the diamond point or the triangle point that you used to cure the problem? Thanks for the help!!
  10. I might be wrong but I think the 25 is the correct size if not a little big for 277 thread, I was doing a job just a few days before this last job to discover that I had a 24 needle in the machine and you talk about a real nightmare. I thought it fixed all my problems when I went to the 25, but it didn't so I am not sure if the type needle that wiz recommends will cure it but I am going to try it. Thanks for the input wiz I will give a Bob a call as I have a few extra bucks to spare and give those whirl, not a curly wurly, just a whirl.
  11. Wiz I am running a 25/200 S Schmetz needle. Thanks
  12. I am running a 441 clone with an oil pot and using silicone oil in the pot, yet the same type of issues still occur, and If my recollection serves me right I did a search for titanium needles sometime in the past when the same issue presented itself. Wiz if you know of a dealer who has the needles in 25 for 277 thread please let us know so that they can be look at for price comparisons. I have a recent post up that is asking the same type of question with a little different twist to it. In fact one the most interesting things that I have happening is that when I am sewing 2 layers of 9 oz wicket and craig leather I will actually have some squeaking going on as the needle is going through the leather, this is after it has been glued together using Barges glue after it has dried for at least a day in warm to hot days or put on a forced air boot drier when the ambient temps are low. It is the weirdest thing to hear and watch. I have gone in and made sure that everything is clean, well oiled and running like it should be a far as I can tell.
  13. I have some of the same issues, it is interesting to find that so many different individuals will have the same or similar problem without a definite answer. I think I have narrowed some of it down to old thread but not sure that is the sole issue.