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  1. Not sure what the maker uses but I have a cobra splitter.
  2. I do as well but have the 12 ton as a back up just I case.
  3. Sourcing and using belt cores

    There have been several arguments er a discussions on this very subject, I have made them and not sure if the trend is slowing now. It seems that now that the election is over and the Dems lost the whole gun scene is slowing some now, but I digress, some people such as my self will get some heavy saddle skirting and then split it in half then place either Kydex or a strip of stainless in the center glue it in and then sew it all back together. There are a few companies that are now pushing (green) gun belts that are made out of Biothane products, not sure of the spelling. I should add that you can order belt straps from most vendors then do the same that I mentioned above
  4. the 20 ton was not mentioned for the purpose of doing kydex with it, it mentioned as a tool for forming leather holster. If the thought of one being used in forming leather then I have to figure that you haven't viewed one being used by a leather worker, or have looked Texas custom dies and the offering for sale their 12 ton hydro press for clicking and forming. A hydro press was being used with leather long before vacuum came along.
  5. google that same question and there should be a lot pop up, that is what I did when I built my vacuum press. they really aren't hard to build once you have an idea as the which way you want to go.
  6. Couple years in ...

    the screws are a little distracting only because there is a highlight in the photo, and everyone would be use to seeing a pull the dot or some other type snap, they look good though in my rookie eyes.
  7. they do, but, I don't think it is the kind you are think about? a lot will take a 12 to 20 ton press and get some gum rubber to use to form the holster.
  8. IWB Holster G26,G27,G33

    nice job!
  9. I have been splitting my own leather and I think I have it dialed in now for the thickness I want and did take one and oiled first, I have yet to dye it to see how it will turn out. I guess I should do that and maybe go back to spraying it the color I want so as to not over do the dye.
  10. I like what you did, are you machine sewing these? And I have the same problem with veg tanned leather, when I dye it, it gets real stiff oh my younger day anyway, then I will oil it but then at times that has presented a problem when I have not let the leather dry enough from the oil. When it seems like I have over oiled glue wont stick to the leather. let me know if the water based dyes are working a lot better for you in these cases. Thanks Ron
  11. yes, thanks for adding the link I am not good at doing that.
  12. I stumbled on a guy, he has utube videos up of using a laser cutter, stitch dex holsters, and he did a complete build showing the use of laser cutter. The unit he showed is bigger then the 40 watt but not sure how big, but it did a nice job of cutting the leather pattern and doing some engraving work on the laser.
  13. Holster VIDEOs 'n' stuff

    as a side note I only watched one of his videos so not sure what there is to offer.
  14. Was the Listerine used in any of the testing?(jk) Just wanted to clarify! Thanks good job, looking forward to more testing!
  15. Holster VIDEOs 'n' stuff

    Ok I don't know how to put the links up so I will tell you the name of the guys business, and here is what I thought was a little different about his video even though it only touches on what he does, I do feel that it might be the direction of what some businesses might be taking in the future. The guys name is Todd and his business name is Stitch Dex Holsters. If you go to utube and search for his videos, you will find one where he is using a LASER CUTTER TO CUT OUT AND DO THAT ART WORK WITH, and being that there has been a lot of discussion on the laser issue lately I thought that gives a little in site to how one person is using modern tools to make holsters, he also shows a little about how he uses a vacuum press to form his holsters. If you don't like it go ahead and throw stones I don't care just thought I would toss is a half cent worth. c ya