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  1. I would like to thank everyone that responded and a special Thanks to those that bought !!!!!! With the exception of what I am keeping for my son I think I am about wiped out, so thanks for all those that did business here in this community!!!!
  2. well to my chagrin my mail box is full I didn't think it was the three people above please give me a call at 951 609 6297 if I don't pick up leave a message and I will call back as soon as I can
  3. so far no one wants it so if 113.50 for both is ok with you then it is yours I will send you a pm with my tele please give me a call.
  4. when you see this can you give me a call 951 609 6297

  5. I didn't get your email and the pm box should not be full, in all fairness another member sent me an email and now I need to determine who was first, as the other person indicates they want everything except the snap setter and the stapler so I need to verify
  6. no it didn't work, you can also email me, make sure you title tools at leather ronpadilla1@hotmail.com
  7. if there are any questions drop me a pm I still check in everyday or every other day, The snap setter I will include all of the pull the dot and tandy snaps at no additional charge ! I am asking 80.00 for the setter and will pay shipping to the STATES any where else and we will have to work that out. The templates come from either Wuta, Make supply, or I think the name is Black river, contact me on those and I can come up with a price that makes us both happy! Let me know what else you might want!
  8. no there all gone now only have some stamps and a few other items.
  9. stamps and other odds n ends

    7 stamps have sold from the bunch still have a few left will post photos at some other time
  10. another set of stamps and tools

    I am not sure of what you mean by puzzle stamp but the only one that has been sold is the dinosaur stamp and yes I can accept paypal
  11. stamps and other odds n ends

    yes it could punch 1 3/4 belt loupe holes in a holster
  12. another set of stamps and tools

    the dinosaur stamp is sold to Bikermutt! Thanks everybody
  13. stamps and other odds n ends

    I am not sure which punch your asking about, I will try to explain the oblong big punch is sold! the small black handle punch is a corner punch craft tool #3780-00 the other larger punch is for like a belt end. I hope this helps
  14. another set of stamps and tools

    Biker I sent you a couple of PM's give me a call I sent my number in one of the PM's