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  1. Tear Drop Hole Punch

    I don't know if there is any truth to it but I have heard that the oval is either stronger or will last longer over a round.
  2. Probably once in aa while when you have a true journeyman who knows how to use the tools, a new guy na probably not.
  3. ya that one tools is a tube flaring tool and not a leather tool by any stretch.
  4. Tear Drop Hole Punch

    I have seen one other like he is talking about on a belt, not sure where the maker got the punch. I had bought the Tandy oval punch and also bought 2 or 3 of the weaver brand oval and I must say the higher price for the weaver is well worth the extra money, however you need to have the skill to maintain the sharpness of the punch over time just like keep blades and other cutting tools sharp. If I had more money I would invest in the weaver tools you just get what you pay for, and you cant expect to receive everything extremely sharp out of the box as some members here feel you should get, so again you need to be capable and have the tools to keep those things sharp, just mo own opinion your mileage might vary.
  5. what do you do for a living

    Just remembered the guys name Ken Marcus, he got in to a big beef with Hugh Heff over copyright ownership and all that and I don't think he did anything with them after that, I had put on a seminar with the PP of Los Angels featuring him and his style and what led him to success, again way back in the day and had a sell out crowd, but like everything else there a few creeps in the crowd asking bad questions.
  6. what do you do for a living

    cool, I use to go when professional photographers of Cali would have week long courses up there from about 80 to 86. John had gone to the full blown school that was his under grad degree.
  7. what do you do for a living

    ya I got out and in a few times, got to hang with known people for a little while back in the day, cant remember his name know but did a lot of Play boy stuff Marcus comes to mind, the one of the guys that worked at L.A. PD but he did that after I met him, he had gone to the school up in Santa Barbra this would have been way back in the 70's and had his hand in commercial and I had taken on a few assignments that he gave me a hand with, he was one of the guys that got to take crime photos out at the O.J. crime scene. I read where retired out of the L.A PD a few years back John Taggert is his name I think he is still with us. In fact I did a photo of his little girl way back when that had earned a merit through PPoA
  8. Show your Shop

    last one sorry again. Just a note about these tables, they were all built relatively tall due to my back problems, I cant stay bent over for a long period of time so this allows me to stand more upright and do my work. its a mess but it is mine and I get stuff done in it, and can even pull the nose of a car or pick up if we need to do a brake job. I got more scars on my arms and hands and oh one other thing I did that this just made me think of, when I was a kid I went up to San Jose Ca and was working as a roofer with my cousin, and I was splitting a wooden shingle those type of roofs were big back in the day, well I miss while using a roofers hatchet and plumb near cut me left index finger off. Then one year after getting married I had bought one of those nice buck knives and was drunker than a skunk while sharpening it and well your guessed it, I slipped and I durn near cut my left thumb off, it was all the way through the tendon so a special surgeon had to come in and sew it all together, along with all the scars from sticking my arms in engine compartments then pulling them out to have blood running everywhere. the there was the time I fractured my right thumb, I hadn't stolen my daddies cue, I had one of my own from when I was 14 on but that is another story, but all true. so far I have only stuck myself with one of those real pointed little burnishing tools that goes on a dremel. If you can see it on the far side of the middle table I have a drop down cord that powers the dremel that sits under the table, well I was in a hurry one day and was walking around the table and that this stuck me right in the gut, I had to pull it out and live with the scar. And then there was a time when I slammed may open hand down on a upward pointing fork and the tine went straight in to my had hand, all true stuff.
  9. Show your Shop

    sorry looks like I have to do this in 3 steps I didn't resize.
  10. Show your Shop

    well it aint purddy no carpets or wood on the floor and it is down right cold out right now. the only thing you don't see is the back wall where there is another rack where some oopsies get to go to the resting shelf, a box full of old certificates, nuts, bolts, and other crap er uh stuff to sort through if I cant find it some where else.
  11. Show your Shop

    Oh shit, oops oh shite did I say that , well how bout this it's to dark right now and my bull dog might have crapped on the floor so tomorrow if I don't forget I try and get some, but if its cold and my aluminum knee doesn't go for it, well I'll see what I can do.
  12. what do you do for a living

    spent 35 years in the trucking industry and truly every aspect of it, started off as an over the road truck driver from L.A. to San Jose Calif in the late 70's when my youngest was born in the mid 80'sI wanted off the road so went back to school to learn diesel mechanics, welding, transport refrigeration, then went back to school to try and get out of the industry, ended up with a graduate degree to only go back to trucking, but in management. Retired out as terminal manager in L. A. area mostly due to now a bad back, heart attack, aluminum knee, all the good stuff from getting banged around all those years. started a few years ago in this gig, but always enjoyed it, would go into the old head shops back in the day where there would be leather work for sale along with some bongs and incense burning. Oh almost forgot also was in photography years ago doing weddings and portraits, then got out, then got back in, in 99 2000 when digital was still a little out of reach of Maw and Paw and did kids sporting activities, built a 23 foot car hauler filled with servers, computers and printers, and parents could leave right there with printed photos of their kid playing photo ball, soccer. But management in the trucking industry became to demanding and sold everything lock, stock, and cameras to a guy from Bakersfield Ca. And now cutting, dying, and making leather goods.
  13. Show your Shop

    Picture this, a 2 car garage with tables almost all the way around the walls, a big table smack dab if the middle, the cobra 4 and a cobra splitter sitting side by side 2/3 the way back, sanders, drill press, reloading area, vacuum table a general catch all table that I could stand if front of looking for stuff for a few minutes. and I not find it on the afore mention table look at one of the others, a tool box, but the tools are scattered, a small cart that holds the blue guns and those plastic bins with small parts. And if the small parts cant be found on the small cart go back to looking at the big table in the middle, the big table is set up on one side for cutting and tooling with a harbor press one ton sitting of the one end, the other side is a gluing station, on one other end of the big table is my knife sharpening area, on the side where the cutting and tooling is, is also the dying area in addition to an area with cardboard taped to a wall for air brushing. the some of the walls have grandkids bikes hanging from right now in addition to a (V Twin were babysitting for one of the deputies here is town suppose to be gone in a few days). I know where everything is or suppose to be so I don't go plunging my hands into areas that are suppose to have sharp objects there. Just my little part of heaven no photos, no dots, no comms, right now just face book and a lot of leg work to grow it.
  14. If you have an air brush set up that might be the way to go, if not get a hold of a 20% off coupon from Harbor Freight and buy one of the cheap set up that they have the work ok. But until then cut your dies 50/50 with denatured alcohol and that will reduce the pigmentation the dies, fiebings is know for adding extra to there colors. Once you die something with the die you will just need to add oil back in to replenish what the alcohol removes!!
  15. Consew 226 r-1

    have you checked to see if the needle has become jammed in the shuttle hook or has some string got down inside and wrapped around the shuttle hook, either of thiose 2 can contributors can cause the shuttle hook to jam and fail. Look up the WIZ here he can give you fart grater insite than I