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  1. Look up Induscousa.com their number is 8003474472 you will find what your looking for at the right price and wont end up on a mailing list. Once you buy you can thank me and I'll let ya know how much you owe me, check em out!!!!
  2. Just curious but did you check out Sail brite fro this type of snap, I might be wrong but my recollection is telling me that they might have what yer for.
  3. you don't have listed what your location is, and It really makes no difference how much competition you have, if your work rises to the top among that competition, but one thing to go by as a rule is that you can only go as high as your market will bear. I hope some of that made sense, prices can be all over the ball park and you cant really go by what others have to say, you have to figure out your own market and who you are marketing to. Take Stetson for example his listed location is the Southwest. Depending on where exactly that is, is going to help drive the price of his goods, but also like NV said if this is going to be a thriving living business you cant be afraid to charge what you think your product can earn, but DO NOT GIVE IT AWAY!
  4. they way you are wording it I take as though you are moving and the machine is moving with you. With that being the case you take the head off the table wrap it up in some bubble wrap, it doesn't need to be a lot. Leave the motor, and table, assembled unless it takes up to much room and load that as a whole unit, there really isn't much need to do much else, wipe down the oil tray so that doesn't get oil all over everything else. If your shipping by motor freight that is a different animal but not by much, but I'll address a little of that just in case. If you are shipping by motor freight I would have the head strapped down very tightly to the table top, or you can remove the head, but you will need to have it all strapped down to a pallet, before strapping down shrink wrap everything together after it has all been strapped down to a pallet. Others might have more ideas on how to package and ship.
  5. that post is 2 1/2 years old it might not be up any more!
  6. well okedoke then its Michaels we go
  7. I have looked at Hobby lobby, and a few other stores here in town but didn't find them, maybe didn't locate the right department.
  8. Ron,
  9. Ya the stuff for veg is going to be much different than what might be used for chrome. I have a mixture of the 2 waxes equal parts mixed in with some neats foot oil that I will rub in till it is absorbed real well, I got that from others here that have tried the same thing.
  10. Use the search button to find what others have used to make their items more water resistance.
  11. I noticed that you are from the Baja area, so the question I have is where did the leather come from, I understand that a lot of the tanneries below the border us some questionable chemicals in the tanning process? Not sure if that might have something to do with it, I understand that the chajine (not sure on spelling) tannery is the better of all those in that area, might try and get some leather from there.
  12. How large is the bag going to be? Depending on the final finish you could try mink oil, bees wax, or a combo of beez and carnauba 50/50 mix and rub in real well that will give the leather some water resistance.
  13. nice looking item! Do you dip when you dye the leather? Thanks
  14. Thanks, I haven't had a chance to check them out yet but look forward to doing that.
  15. ok thanks I kind of figured it was a matter of finding some videos and practice, that is how I started with paracord bracelets.