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  1. Techsew 1660

    Any of you have a TechSew 1660 I am sewing 1000 Cordura and 6oz leather in flat panels and using my Cowboy 4500 just does not seem to be the best for this and adjusting the tension up and down for different jobs is not very productive. I want to keep my Cowboy set up for my larger heavier projects. The 1660 looks to be what I might be looking for. Thanks in advance.
  2. Weaver Little Wonder ?

    I don't believe they have Ovals at this time. Maybe someone else can confirm.
  3. Weaver Little Wonder ?

    Thank you for your replies. Sounds like I will be getting one in the near future..
  4. Weaver Little Wonder ?

    Thinking about picking one of these up for putting a few spots on and my daughter thinks putting some bling on a few dog collars might be fun, anybody out there have one? Love it, Hate it.