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  1. Oil wick replacement

    I might do that... thanks.
  2. Oil wick replacement They sell 15 feet minimum, at a bit over $4 a feet, that is $60 just for one size..... Too much for wicks even if they let you combine sizes... I think I will do the roll felts and call it done. I might even be able to clean some of the larger used felts and reuse them...
  3. DNU1541s VS LU-1508n

    Well I am very pleased with the product so far. The recommendations are to submerge the parts for 24 hours then rinse. I removed some parts from the machine in order to remove some of the oil wicks and decided to try the process on those to see if this worked or not. I degreased the parts first then used the rust remover liquid. Now, I used my sonic bath but I only use the vibration for maybe 20 min total. 2 hours into it and I took a peek but I did not notice any improvement. I checked at 12 hours which is a more realistic time period and to my amazement all parts were rust free I decided to leave it for 24 hours anyway the only negative I see is that the thread tension assembly lost the black.color which I think is etched. Not a biggie, I can fix that and if it takes the paint off the machine.I can fix that too. Will post pictures later in a separate thread
  4. Oil wick replacement

    MIke, thanks for such wonderful link!!!!
  5. Oil wick replacement

    Uwe, im planing to replace all the wicks and felts off my lu1508, what did you end up using and did it worked right? Thansk!!!!
  6. DNU1541s VS LU-1508n

    No offense taken brmax. I will get some pictures of them maybe this week but they look like any other dnu1541s or lu1508n. Thanks!
  7. DNU1541s VS LU-1508n

    Im removing the belt in order to clean the machine. There is a chemical that is "safe" to use on the machine but I am not sure how safe it will be for the belt. I will also have to remove as much of the oil wicks as I can. It is a water based chemical, I will have to degrease the machine, dip it on it on the cleaning chemical, rinse it with water, wd40 the machine, let it drip then oil the entire machine. I rather not have the belt there during all that. Uwe, I should have know better and make a separate thread but I slipped.... Sorry for that. Thanks everyone, y'all have been great help!!!! I will post pictures later, I might even make a new thread later on with the process I used to clean the machine.
  8. DNU1541s VS LU-1508n

    I am neef to take the timing belt off this machine but I can't find documentation. Can somebody Point me out in the right direction?
  9. DNU1541s VS LU-1508n

    Stitching fine now..had to shim bobbin case lever opener to get it in the correct angle I guess I will be ordering those parts next weeks after I'm comfortable the machine is worth it... Thanks y'all!
  10. DNU1541s VS LU-1508n

    Got the Presser foot and other issues taken care off on the Lu. All I have left to the hook issue. Getting closer....
  11. DNU1541s VS LU-1508n

    Btw, the bed for the Lu is longer and the lubrication system for the hook seeMs to be better, at least in my opinion.
  12. DNU1541s VS LU-1508n

    So here is the scoop, the dnu-1541s is in what I would call mint condition. The only problem I saw was that it was stored in a no climate control location and a few parts have rust. Most of the parts with rust are the balancers/counter weights and a few other static parts. I want to get all the rust out but I am not too crazy about take this machine apart just to do that. There is nothing I can think off that can remove rust "in place" but maybe some of you do. I pulled a few links here and there to make sure the parts that move against others did not had any rust and it seems that enough oil remained to keep those parts in good shape. I oiled everything and anything, got all wicks saturated with oil and fill the reservoir to half way between low and high. Started to turn the handwheel slowly and oiled more. Machine is smooth and it all looks in time. I thread it to make sure the hook took the thread and it did perfectly. The only problem is the seller forgot to put the bobbin case and the bobbin latch door in the box. I send them a message and they will get back at me tomorrow to let me know they located it and will send it... The LU-1508 is a different story, it is a mess.... This machine was not stored properly or who knows if it got wet. EVERYTHING that can be rusted is rusted, I did put some links out and it seems that the parts that had oiled still are clean and smooth. I oiled everything and worked it as I did the other machine. The presser foot will not raise at all. It does raise with the lever. Im having a hard time figuring out why it dont. Lucky the DNU is close enough to help me but still, cant figure it out and I hacked at it for close to an hour. Im pretty good at mechanics but this one has me a bit puzzled. More on that in the future... Also, the hook looks on time but if I try to put a bobbin with thread it locks the hook up. Didnt look any further. Seems for this one to get back I will have to take it all apart, clean it and put it together. Not sure if I want to take on that project or not. That machine also has the reverse lever missing (seems to work as it moves as I change the stitch length). Stitch length dial has to be adjusted and the bobbin case opening lever is missing (seems the one in my consew 225 fits it)... In all, either someone was playing with this machine or it broke and they never fixed it and put it to the side... Not bad for $400 total including shipping...
  13. DNU1541s VS LU-1508n

    Ok, so someone explain, I keep reading how a bottom loading machine has the advantage where you can change your bobbin without removing the work. I can change the bobbin on my top loader consew with no problem. Of course, I have to still pull the material as I have to hook the bobbin thread and such... Or is it that in the bottom loader, let say, you are running out of thread to the point you wont be able to finish a pass, you can stop, pull the old bobbin, cut the thread, put the new bobbin and continue sewing? Someone please do explain..... PS- The machines will arrive tomorrow but I wont have time to pick them at the terminal... sucks, will have to wait until friday to pick them up...
  14. I bought these 2 machines online at a real good price. Of course, being online who knows, maybe it is not such a good deal... anyway.... Im trying to figure out the differences on the machine from a practical stand point of view. I know the ultimate "which machine I like better" will come from trying them both BUT I also like to hear from people that might have used them both... This is what I know, heard or read around. The dnu is an older model, the lu is a newer replacement... The dnu is bottom load bobbin, the lu is top loading.. Supposedly the bottom load machine does not need the thread to be held when starting to stitch. That would be a plus for me as depending on what I am building there is no practical way for me to hold the thread. the lu has an even larger bobbin than the dnu, plus for the lu. The lu is louder than the dnu. Anyone has anything else to add? Thanks!