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  1. Intro - New Member From Louisiana.

    Hi Ed57, I didn't realize there was a Tandy store in Shreveport and you are right, that would be alot closer. But since I live in Metairie (only about 5 miles away from the NOLA store) I never checked any other stores out. I am sure you will enjoy the adventure no matter where you go. Enjoy and show us your results when you get something to show.Arthur
  2. Intro - New Member From Louisiana.

    Hello Ed57. Welcome to a awesome site. If you get a chance you may wish to take a trip down to NOLA to visit the Tandy store down there. It will certainly feed your imagination of new ideas for things to make or do. The people there are very helpful and willing to help. Arthur Andersen
  3. Hello; I have a Henry .22 cal Mares' Leg. I can give you measurements if you tell me what you want and realize I will be using my wifes' seamstress measuring tape. Just let me know what you want. Arthur
  4. Clicker Press Cutting Board

    I think Tippmann also sells one. Looks pretty good to me..
  5. Tricorn Hat (Aka Jack Sparrow Hat)

    Hi. This is a pattern I found somewhere years ago. Not sure if it is what you wanted. Arthur Captain_Jack_Sparrow_Hat.pdf
  6. Doctor's bag patterns

    Hi Butch, I too would love to have a copy of your doctors' bag pattern. Thank you. Arthur.
  7. Woo-Hoo, Johanna, . . . You Rock, Girl !

    JoAnne, From one programmer, 'Ya done good!' Keep up the good work. Arthur
  8. Holster Maker In / Around New Orleans La

    Hi Richard, You may want to contact the New Orleans Tandy Leather Store on Airline Drive over by Zyphers Field. The manager there usually keeps a listing of local leatherworkers and their speciality. Their number is 504-737-3434. I would recomend my wife Cookie except she has cut way back on leatherworking due to her health. But I am sure there are other leatherworkers that would be happy to help you out. Arthur
  9. Tandy Embossing Rolls In A Tippmann Embosser

    Wandering Star, Just make sure that the "key" ( the little square piece of metal that fits between the roller and the roll to keep it from slipping on the roller) will fit both the slot on the roller and the slot in the embossing roll. If I remember they are different sizes and you need the smaller size key so it the roll will work with the Tipmann Embosser roller. Arthur
  10. Tandy Black Powder Pouches pattern book

    Hello all; Yes i saw the notice on the Tandy website that the book is now offered in a pdf format. I wish that had been the case 3 years ago when I was looking for it. But ho problem. I did obtain a hard copy. I may still go and get a copy of the pdf just to have in case of another Katrina. i would strongly recomend getting the pdf as it contains patterns that are hard to find elsewhere and they are of a different style of powder bag.. Arthur
  11. Will Tandy Embossing Rolls Fit On A Tippmann?

    Hi.. They fit but the "slot" for the "key" is smaller so you must also use the Tandy key or improvise. The Tippmann key will not fit into the Tandy smaller slot. Other than that they work like a charm. As for other supplier there may be some out there but I haven't found any. It doesn't matter to me tho as I have all the patterns I need. I got alot from Tippmann when they had alot bigger selection and was able to buy alot from the local Tandy store when the manager was told to get rid of them and he made me a deal I could not refuse. Arthur
  12. The Cajun Connection

    Welcome Trey. I live in Metairie. Some Saturday you might want to cruise down here to visit the Tandy Leather Factory. Russ the manager is a pretty good dude and Christine, his senior staff member, is pretty awesome too. They are both very knowledgeable and very helpful. Arthur
  13. & Symbol Stamp

    Hi, When I needed a ampersand I ended up taking a Tandy Treble Clef ( music) and grinding off the hangy down part. It was not perfect but it was ok and good enough for what I needed. Just my two cents and another suggestion. Arthur
  14. Avatar Knife Sheath

    Verrrrry nice!!!.. I also love the knife. Where did you get that or did you make it yourself? I love the scrimshaw. Excellent work.. Arthur