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  1. several lots of exotics for sale

    The 4 pieces in this listing is buff. These are 100. Sorry I was making multiple listings.
  2. Hippo and Caiman for sale

    Caiman tails sold.
  3. Large elephant pieces

    All sold.
  4. More Elephant lots.

    Elephant sold.
  5. Stingray lot for sale.

    Rays gone to Graystone leather
  6. Hippo and Caiman for sale

    Brown hippo sold to Bolt.
  7. Large elephant pieces

    Large gray and sand pieces sold to Bolt.
  8. several lots of exotics for sale

    sold to oldnslow
  9. Hippo and Caiman for sale

    Brown hippo. 2.5'. Asking $75 3 pieces of black hippo. 2 1/2', 1 1/2' on the other two. Asking $125 3 caiman tails. The tails are 7-8'' wide. asking $125 7 large gator legs and 1 caiman tail. asking $150
  10. Large elephant pieces

    4 sq. choc. elephant. asking $100 Larger black and gray pieces. Asking $75 2.5'sq gray elephant. Asking $65 2.5'sq. plus 1'sq. sand elephant. $75 Tan elephant. 3.5 sq. $75 Larger sand pieces. Most 1' plus. Larger sand/brown elephant. most pieces 1' plus. asking $75
  11. several lots of exotics for sale

    all buff pieces are 100 total.
  12. More Elephant lots.

    Scrap bin. Most pieces are 6''x6''. elephant, caiman, ostrich, croc. Asking $100. Black lot # 3 Black lot # 2
  13. several lots of exotics for sale

    Listing them otherwise Sir.
  14. I am listing several pics of elephant lots. Most of the pieces are anywhere from 6''x6'' to 14'x14', maybe a bit more. Brown/tobacco #2 $75 Gray elephant. Asking $50 Black elephant. Asking $60 Browns and tobacco. asking $75 Sand elephant, 10 pieces, asking $75 for all.