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  1. My B-bender Esquire project

    that is over the top, love it...
  2. Tribute Pick Guard

    looks like its for a Nashville or modern players tele, I like it...
  3. i do believe a lacing chisel will give you a straight line as opposed to a slant or diamond shaped hole, I think Springfield leather as well as others suppliers sell them...
  4. what are we calling ourselves ?

    I like leathersmith, hence my pinterest board...
  5. That's really cool, great lacing job, and the colors just pop...
  6. A Couple New Seats

    Some of the best I've ever seen, amazing...
  7. New French Clip From An Oak Leaf

    very nicely detailed, but what do I know, I'm new to this stuff to, I just started back a few months ago as well...
  8. I would have to say I like it...
  9. New Buck 110 Sheath

    very nice indeed...I like the color
  10. Tan

    I used fiebings saddle tan cut down with denatured alcohol, took a small jar, put a couple inches of the alcohol in it and then added the dye, just a few drops at a time of until the desired color was achieved, then finished it off with a light coat of wax , I learned on this website when I was having the same problem, easier to control the depth of color you want to achieve when you start out light, each coat will slightly darken.