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  1. Dwight Thanks for the time and effort you put into the drawings, I now fully understand. All the best Forester
  2. Thanks Dwight Some good information there, just what I needed. I would never have thought of gluing the entire length apart from the money section. Doing it that way I imagine makes it easier to sew up. Still a bit confused how you attach the belt keeper though. Regards Forester
  3. Hi All A customer has asked me to make a John Wayne suede out money belt, having not made one before I thought I would ask all you kind people. What thickness and what kind of leather should I use, do you soak it first then fold in half and let dry, would you oil the suede side as you would a normal belt, and is there any other thing I should look into before I start making. Thank you all in advance. Regards Forester
  4. Hi Oldnslow. The wrap around strap is sewn on, if you look at both sides of the sheath one has 2 layers of leather the other side 3. Regards Forester
  5. Hi All Took me a while but this is what I came up with. Made from 2 parts as I did not like the bulge when the sheath was bent around the belt. Will fit a Leatherman Wave or Rebar. Regards Forester
  6. Hi All Tried to get it as close to the rig he wore in the film. Regards Forester
  7. Hi Lisardo I looked every where for Josey Wales style buckle, could not find one, so used a chap buckle instead. Thanks for the nice comments. Regards Forester
  8. Hi All Colt Dragoon Gun Rig with influences from "Josey Wales" (Holster) and the "Good the Bad and the Ugly" (Belt). Holster will also fit the Colt Walker. Regards Forester
  9. Hi All. Just a few more bits to do (Hammer thongs and leg ties). Plus new gun belt to go with Colt SAA basket weave holster.
  10. Hi All. This is mark 3, Le Mat Holster, similar to the one worn by Ed Harris in West World. Still not 100% happy with, but not far off, yet to be Dyed black and edges burnished. Regards Forester
  11. Hi All Four new holsters designs, all yet to be finished. Could not find a pattern for these, so I looked at lots of pictures of holsters and then came up with my own. Made from 6-7oz leather, back to back. Regards Forester
  12. Thanks for all the input guys, its appreciated. Regards Forester
  13. Hi All Thank you for your replies, will keep trying. Regards Forester
  14. Thanks Red Bear, I have that photo as well, I have been scratching my head thinking how its put together. Forester