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  1. Hi All I have a customer that wants me to make him a holster for a Ruger Single Six .22 with a 6.5inch barrel, but it also has a red dot sight as in the attached photos. Has anybody made such a holster that would kindly be able to share the pattern/template. The extra problem I have is that he lives in Northern Ireland and I live in England, so I will be making the holster (if I agree to make it) for a pistol I don't have a replica for. I have replica's of Colt SAA's, are they roughly the same size. All comments and help are appreciated as usual. Regards Forester
  2. Hi Josh Brilliant work, could you please tell this ignorant English man what M&G is please, keep up the good work. Regards Forester
  3. Thank you mikesc Looks a good vid but can't seem to watch it. Regards Forester
  4. Just started making sporrans, going to a craft fair in Dec so will probably make a few more.
  5. Cheyenne Holsters

    Yes the tooling pattern was in the pattern pack.
  6. Cheyenne Holsters

    Hello kiwican The design of the Cheyenne stops that from happening, if you look between the 2 loops there is a bulge, if made correctly this will lock the skirt and pouch together. Regards Forester
  7. Cheyenne Holsters

    Hi dikman After I have stamped the pouch I try not to wet it again, don't want to lose any detail, I find the pouches bend into the slots which I pull up when damp, I then insert the pistol to reform. These holsters are made from Will Ghormleys Cheyenne pattern pack. Regards Forester
  8. Cheyenne Holsters

    Hi garypl True we can't own a real handgun, but a lot of people own replica's or blank firers. So I think mainly collectors or people who do re-enactment buy them. I sell on ebay, so I have sold quite a few holsters through the ebay shipping program, I have sent holsters to Germany, France, Finland and I have sent a Cheyenne gun rig to Italy, I have even sent a John Wayne gun rig to the USA. I also have a few replica's of my own as can be seen in the photo's and a Colt Umarex which is a .22 pellet air pistol, which I have sold rigs for in the UK. I don't sell as many as I would like but I do sell them. Regards Forester
  9. Hi All Prototype of Doc Holiday's chest rig. With pattern kindly provided from this thread. Regards Forester
  10. Hi All New Cheyenne holsters to fit Colt SAA with 5.5 and 7.5 inch barrel and Colt Navy. Regards Forester
  11. Hi AA3JW Keep at it, your holsters look serviceable and wearable, they will get better with practice. I was looking back at some of the first holsters I made and I can't believe that I actually sold them. Regards Forester
  12. Hi All Four holsters made from Will Ghormley's 1911 pattern pack. Regards Forester
  13. Hi All Another 1911 Holster, made a few weeks ago. Regards Forester
  14. Hi All This is my version of the Wild Bunch Holster, made a few weeks ago. Regards Forester