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  1. Threepersons Done!

    Beautiful work!
  2. Hi All It took me while but this is the version of John Wayne's Suede Belt gun rig i am happy with, belt is made from sand coloured premium suede split with a 3-4 oz veg tan inner core to give it a bit of rigidity. Holsters are made from 6-7 oz veg tan leather, back to back, both sized for a colt with a 4 and 3/4 inch barrel. Hope you like. Regards Forester
  3. Hi All The holster is lined so the stitching at the bottom could be there to secure the lining, just a thought. Regards Forester
  4. Hi All Thanks for your input, i think i will insert a toe plug. As for the question on the stitching line, i was going to put it just shy of the camouflage stamping which makes it just under a 1/4 inch or 5mm, should be enough, have done it with less. Attached picture is what i have been working off. Regards Forester.
  5. Hi All Work in progress, this is my take on President Theodore Roosevelt's colt .45 holster, to fit a 7.5" barrel. My question is, does anybody know if this holster had a sewn in toe plug or was it open. Regards Forester
  6. Hi All A customer asked if i could make this gun rig but he wanted it so his friend could also use it , the customers waist size is 42" and his friends waist is 46". After a bit of head scratching i came up with this, longer billet with more holes to fit both, with 2 holes each way for adjustment. Has anybody else had to do this? He also wanted 2 holsters to fit a Colt .45 with 5" barrel and a holster to fit a Scofield with a 7" barrel ( my schofield sticks out a bit because it has a 8" barrel). By the way the rig is not finished, just have to burnish the edges, fit straps on the holsters, hammer thongs and a final polish. Regards Forester
  7. User manual for Cowboy CB 4500

    Hi Singermania It was £500 cheaper that way. Regards Forester
  8. User manual for Cowboy CB 4500

    Hi Singermania You can now by a CB4500 in the UK now, i bought mine from the Franklins group main shop which is in Colchester UK. Regards Forester
  9. User manual for Cowboy CB 4500

    Hi All Took some doing but now up and running, just got to get used to it now. Regards Forester
  10. User manual for Cowboy CB 4500

    Did it one step at a time!
  11. User manual for Cowboy CB 4500

    Hi alpha2 and brmax. Yes i had to carry mine upstairs as well and i nearly busted a gut doing so, some pictures would be useful, thanks. And when i say flat packed i mean it came on a pallet in individual boxes, not assembled. Regards Forester
  12. User manual for Cowboy CB 4500

    Hi alpha2, got it flat packed, it was cheaper by nearly £500 than if i had it built by the supplier. Still scratching my head on a few parts, lots of e mails and calls to the supplier. Regards Forester
  13. Hi All. Does anybody have a user manual for the Cowboy CB 4500. I got a new machine today and the instructions manual and illustrated parts catalogue i got with it is a waste of time, there are parts on the machine i don't know they are used for. Plus i am building it from scratch, which is a bit difficult. Regards Forester
  14. Hi All Holster sold with one happy customer, this is his feedback 'Holster came this morning. Beautifully made and fits perfectly. Couldn't be happier.Thanks.R.
  15. Hi robs456 and Dwight just finished some sheaths with the retention strap just above the guard, strap can be flicked off with right thumb then knife extracted. Regards Forester