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  1. Black River Laser Phone Number?

    Spoke with them a few weeks ago, said they were slammed with Ebay orders.
  2. My Laser Cut Tool Rack

    I like it, planned out with room for change. Noticed a while back someone was using PVC pipe. I believe it was layered/angled and hung on a wall. Curious if anyone is using this type system and could share plans/pictures?
  3. Zack White - Where's My Order?

    I would also agree about phoning in orders, instead of web purchasing. I haveheard doing business with any company you are better off calling. Web order shipping prices are almost always more expensive. ASK THEM what shipping will be. You will see quite a difference. Hope it helps
  4. Question On Adhesives

    Hi Tboyce, I have used both and have found that the water based don't stand up as well. I use Barge on most pieces. Hope this helps? The Renman
  5. Have to agree with Eaglestroker, Pig split is soft and durable.
  6. Chief, Same here, I was asking him that I use a lot of barge (with dyes you mentioned also) on projects, mostly linings and he suggested using some Aussie, because my hands have been cracking. I guess we are "a hide" just like the Veg tan we work
  7. A little off topic, was in my local Tandy shop recently and the Manager mentioned that he even uses Aussie as a hand lotion. and puts on before he dyes/works with glue. Never used it myself these ways. Curious if any others have? RenMan
  8. I have tried a lot of adhesives on various projects. Have to agree with Matt T, Barge the best.
  9. Robust Patterning Material

    I would have to suggest They make sturdy acrylic templates at a reasonable price.
  10. A Pair Of Vambraces

    Kevinp, Thanks for clearing up the mystery. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.
  11. A Pair Of Vambraces

    Quick question to the group. I have been making bracers/gauntlets for a few years now and curious what is the difference with them and Vambraces? Is it the length, style or cut? Any comments welcome Renman
  12. Need New Supplier

    Hi there, I agree, American Leather Direct (leather is quality). Also try (lots and lots of all kinds of hardware). Good luck RenMan
  13. Belt Template

    I second BRL. Quality templates and Joyce is great to work with.
  14. Medieval Joker Custom Leather Armor Completed

    Prince, Your work is truly inspiring/mad respect...Curious are any of your pieces featured in movies, TV, etc.? If so would like to know (if you don't mind). Thanks for sharing RenMan