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  1. [CONTACT] messages

    Hello, I am trying to retrieve a message I sent. Where do I look? Thanks Tom Name: Tom UserName: Renaissanceman IP Address: Email Address:
  2. Carolina's Shoutout...and region

    Will do, just to let you know the other 2 areas that are looking to start up will be in Asheville and probably the Triad (I believe this is closest to you). There is a person, Steve Carter (Nice guy) that may have more information. He works with Kevin Adams (Hides to Art Guy) Hope this helps? Tom PS: Would like to get back up to Zack's have not been there in a while, let me know when you/others may plan a trip..
  3. Carolina's Shoutout...and region

    Hello RDB, We have spoken in the past (I have picked your brain with too many questions-LOL). Thanks again for all your help! Not sure if I ever mentioned on this forum about a Leather guild we started last year in Charlotte, NC. Here is a post I put out last Dec to the I would offer an inviatation to any/all to come to a meeting, even if you are just visiting, Thanks Tom PS: Our next meeting will be 2/18/10 NORTH CAROLINA LEATHER GUILD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meeting Location: Tandy Store - View Map 4424 E Independence Blvd #A Charlotte, North Carolina When: 3rd Thursday of the Month Time: 6:00 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR YEAR IN REVIEW: I am happy to announce that our first year as a guild has been a success!! We set out with some moderate goals and have surpassed them. First and foremost, our membership started out as a fledgling 5 member group that has emerged to a steady following of at least 11 or more (on average) members showing up/contributing regularly to every meeting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some points of interest: We have had numerous members contribute to Guild demonstrations, Scout groups and assisting new members with any projects they may have questions on. We have held at least 2 competitive contests (with prizes) We have started preliminary plans of starting affiliate NC Guilds in 2 other areas of State. We have had demonstrations featuring Jim Linnell, Jeff Mosby and Bob Beard (Bob will be returning to teach 12/26 &12/27/09). We have been working with/contributing articles to Hides to Art. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Future plans for 2010: Plans are in motion to join the IFOLG and attend a show (2010 or 2011). Increase our membership even further. Have more leather demonstrations from master leather Craftsman. Further promote Leather Craft in our area -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please contact me for further information Thanks Tom
  4. Carving Oak Leaves

    Clay, I just re-read your tutorial and actually you had already answered the question, by using a thinner shader, you were able to keep the outline consitant. I guess, I should have read it more thoroughly!Thanks for the other information, I will check out P. Burnett's site. Enjoy the weekend Tom/Renman Hi Tom, The thin line was created by keeping the shader away from the edge of the leaf, is that what you were asking? Pear shading should be done when the leather is getting drier. Paul Burnett does a series of free online lessons and the latest one is on "walking" tools. One of the previous lessons was on proper moisture content for different tools. You should check both of these out. He gives a lot of really good info in all his lessons and will probably explain it better and in a lot more detail than I can. I dont have a problem with going over an area more than one time if it is choppy, but with proper moisture, you will probably get better results the first time. It just takes a lot of practice.
  5. Carving Oak Leaves

    Hi Clay, Somewhat of a newbie here, I have a question on "walking the pear shader" I noticed you have a nice thin line around the outer part of the leaf. Is this done with the heel of the tool, keeping it fairly narrow? My shade is always choppy, then I have to re-go over. Also how moist should the leather be when shading?This is a part of tooling that I am having trouble with. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks again for a great "how to" Tom/Renman
  6. Skulls to tell time by.....

    Hi Frog, Thanks for the info, I agree with you about carving, there are so many different ways to achieve great results. Looking forward to your tutorial/additional posts. Thanks again R-man/Tom
  7. Skulls to tell time by.....

    Hi, Great work on the clock, Love the pattern. I wanted to ask a question (some what of a newbie here) I noticed on your leaf petals you have a nice looking pear shade (something I am always struggling with), do you "walk the tool" or is that just one hit? Mine always seem to look misshappen. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Tom