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  1. I would also agree about phoning in orders, instead of web purchasing. I haveheard doing business with any

    company you are better off calling. Web order shipping prices are almost always more expensive. ASK THEM what shipping will be.

    You will see quite a difference.

    Hope it helps

  2. Wow Tom! A lot sure has changed since last we spoke. Sounds like you've got a good thing going on down in the Fill us in on those possible subsidary clubs when you can. Any newsletters/mailings, or websites?

    Will do, just to let you know the other 2 areas that are looking to start up will be in

    Asheville and probably the Triad (I believe this is closest to you).

    There is a person, Steve Carter (Nice guy) that may have more information. He works

    with Kevin Adams (Hides to Art Guy)

    Hope this helps?


    PS: Would like to get back up to Zack's have not been there in a while, let

    me know when you/others may plan a trip..