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  1. Würth hhs 2000 aerosol form liquid grease lubricant. Im thinking to use it because its stays on surface not flow down. My consern is lubrication anyone ever tried?
  2. Need help. Which machine is this.

    Dealer also give me normal foot is it change feed dog agresiveness isue ? or is there any other way to prevent that
  3. Need help. Which machine is this.

    Ty soo much , i will replace it with servo motor with speed control i have it on my current Taking Tk335, i think it will help with speed. its got 750watt power
  4. Need help. Which machine is this.

    Can i use it to sew 4.5-6 mm veg tan leather ?
  5. I found this one really cheap, its working and dealer gives 1 year guarantee. im thinking buying it but cant found which model is this. Dealer told me its union but thats all, no model info.
  6. WALNUT shoes!

    Looks great. i allways want to make shoes