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    leather worker started working with leather when i was 17 use to take my income tax money and buy tools and leather every year. make belts and such every winter and follow the rock fests for a couple moths every year. lol started doing orthotic and prosthetic work in 83 [school] retired this year

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  1. repair

    i sent some knives off to have them sharpened and polished. i sent them insured . as long as they are in his hands i feel they are responsible. until they make it back here. in my hands . but we live with a bunch of cheats. who will do whatever to make it sound like its my fault. the red flag should be they asked me to send check. i did.
  2. Finally Got A Claes Patcher.

    only been around 1 and it didn't last . someone tried to do way to much and it broke down. my 30-70 adler far better ,but just me. you just need to glue the leather be for you try sewing. if your doing patch work with walkins i'd go with the jump stitch . good luck with your new machine.
  3. Glue pot

    if your going to use it every day or most. i stick with the all metal and teflon. if you need to put a way for a time. just pour out to gal. can unscrew the brush and clean the brush out and let dry. after a day or 2 pull remaining glue from the pot. they all have a purpose some are easier to keep clean.
  4. Vacume Forming Leather Goods

    one other type of vac system is one that runs off of air . can't quit remember the name. its starts out cheap but by the time you get all you need it can even cost more. because in the end for that to work you need all the bows and whistles . the compressor and the check valve the control box . where as the gast is a rotary type and they aren't sealed so you can open them up to replace the rotors or just clean them w/acetone drop of oil and put back together
  5. Vacume Forming Leather Goods

    so simple it's scary
  6. Vacume Forming Leather Goods

    vac table is easy to build if your vac kevlar you should run through a holding tank first. i'd us a pc of 8'" or so plastic pipe. cap the ends drill and tap one hole for the check valve and the other for a shut off valve. you can reheat kevlar if it wrinkles just don't burn it you want to get vac fast
  7. Vacume Forming Leather Goods

    not sure of the vacuum system your using. and it depends on what you want to spend. 1 type is gast i got one off ebay for 80 a while back this was a 1/4 horse. plenty. you can set it up direct or run into a holding tank using the tank you get vac fast. you will need a check valve. so it doesn't bleed back when you turn off the motor. if you put a vac regulator on it [spendy] 145 you set the inches of mercury and it kicks on when the level drops. i've used this for years and wondered way no one else did. i made custom leg,arm,foot braces for years. all you need to remember is you need a wick as in pull a womans nylon over what your going the mold. i'll explain more if you need it gast is the best and you can work on them
  8. birkenstock buckles

    sounded like you had the attitude . i just forgot with everything else going on.
  9. birkenstock buckles

    this any better some time i wonder . if you are looking for the buckles or you just want to look at pictures take a long look if you were looking all you had to do was ask
  10. birkenstock buckles

  11. for a guy that getting ready to hang up his swivel knife and hammers i run across a lot of birkenstock buckles. may sizes and colors. don't remember where i picked them up but if someone's in the market. and is building or reconditioning them this is what yo will need let me know what you think.

    that name sounds like a carp send money and its ready to ship lol

    if your looking for working tools . i will be bringing what i'm letting go of in may at the sheridan show. if they don't want me there. i'll talk with doug at montana leather and see if he will sell them out of there. i have 50 plus years of stuff i've acquired over time. i have a singer 111 w155 adler 30-70 ,cowboy 4500 stitching horse. systems plus bench grinder. 11 hole osborne rein rounder. head knives and and others. its getting to a point where i'm getting ready to let it go. 100 plus craft aid stamps and others
  14. Looking for an affordable walking foot machine

    you still looking
  15. A New Find

    a true gem.