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    leather worker started working with leather when i was 17 use to take my income tax money and buy tools and leather every year. make belts and such every winter and follow the rock fests for a couple moths every year. lol started doing orthotic and prosthetic work in 83 [school] retired this year

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  1. never heard of #13 copper
  2. picture would be nice
  3. #14 look to be about the size that levi used in their pockets. #12 sounds like the one your looking for , #10 are a little heaver but the heads closer to a # 12 , #9 good all around size #8 and #7 we used to rivet stirrup braces on shoes. these are big dogs buy out west
  4. McPherson out of seattle same company
  5. #12 length always matters they are sold by the pound yes Montana leather carries them you need #12 3/4 inch with washers you want copper not nickel plated McPherson out of seattle same company
  6. you know how big #6 are the head alone is 5/8-3/4 inch and the shaft close to 1/4 inch . Montana leather billings Montana carry # 7
  7. try this place they been here a long time missed where you are at '
  8. theirs a guy in iowa that has i'd offer him 2000 good luck for both machines
  9. you can make your own rivet setter take a #8 bolt 1/2 inch and about 2 inch in length. . on the end of the bolt the threaded end drill a hole thats a little larger the the copper rivet you want to set. and deeper than the rivet you want to use. this will set the washer. you can also use it to dome the rivet by setting it on a pc of 12 iron thick leather . as for the setter just take a 6" pc of hardened ill rod 3/8 and at one end drill a shallow divet i'd use a 3/16 drill bit then grind a long tapper to almost to the edge of what you drilled on the end re harden it if you think you need to and your good to go so if you have a drill press and a belt grinder go for it
  10. i've seen it over the years . never used it though
  11. those are hollow rivets Ohio travel bag
  12. so you buy one or two pounds of the stuff . keep it in a plastic coffee can. make up enough to fill a qt squeeze bottle. plastic and your good to go. I buy it from Montana leather billings mt
  13. oxalic acid is fairly cheap I get from Montana leather out of billings MT
  14. wow I watched the barkeepers friend video never know the they are both the same. I've always bought by weigh never knew that the other is oxalic acid . that said I was told that the water will only absorb only so much of the crystals. I always keep it in a plastic squeeze bottle with a spout. add a little water add some crystals. you just need to make sure you rinse the thing your cleaning well with clean water and set to the side to be molded or just dry. me I'd mold the leather wipe it down and block it so the surface smooth clean it with the acid then rinse it and let it dry . at least that's how I was taught.
  15. lol and I thought I was first in line