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    leather worker started working with leather when i was 17 use to take my income tax money and buy tools and leather every year. make belts and such every winter and follow the rock fests for a couple moths every year. lol started doing orthotic and prosthetic work in 83 [school] retired this year

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  1. theirs a guy in iowa that has i'd offer him 2000 good luck for both machines
  2. you can make your own rivet setter take a #8 bolt 1/2 inch and about 2 inch in length. . on the end of the bolt the threaded end drill a hole thats a little larger the the copper rivet you want to set. and deeper than the rivet you want to use. this will set the washer. you can also use it to dome the rivet by setting it on a pc of 12 iron thick leather . as for the setter just take a 6" pc of hardened ill rod 3/8 and at one end drill a shallow divet i'd use a 3/16 drill bit then grind a long tapper to almost to the edge of what you drilled on the end re harden it if you think you need to and your good to go so if you have a drill press and a belt grinder go for it
  3. i've seen it over the years . never used it though
  4. those are hollow rivets Ohio travel bag
  5. so you buy one or two pounds of the stuff . keep it in a plastic coffee can. make up enough to fill a qt squeeze bottle. plastic and your good to go. I buy it from Montana leather billings mt
  6. oxalic acid is fairly cheap I get from Montana leather out of billings MT
  7. wow I watched the barkeepers friend video never know the they are both the same. I've always bought by weigh never knew that the other is oxalic acid . that said I was told that the water will only absorb only so much of the crystals. I always keep it in a plastic squeeze bottle with a spout. add a little water add some crystals. you just need to make sure you rinse the thing your cleaning well with clean water and set to the side to be molded or just dry. me I'd mold the leather wipe it down and block it so the surface smooth clean it with the acid then rinse it and let it dry . at least that's how I was taught.
  8. lol and I thought I was first in line
  9. I think some of that stuff after its been here a while I would think you could contact a finding company. big enough one might just buy it all if the price was right . just give us a chance first
  10. keep me in mind when you start posting. are you only going to post here ?
  11. you bought the pallets of hardware
  12. you can post the things you have here or I know of 2 sites on face book that people post on one is leather tools and patterns for sale or trade and the other is leather tools for sale are you very knowledgeable on what things are called
  13. I remember seeing it and not seeing. what type and weight. and how much per side you talking skirting ,bridle, oak tan lining ??? sheep 1/2 nap think you need to list what you have
  14. that's true I never ordered from shamrockarts . the other place SLS are not to be trusted . now I'm gun shy from ever ordering a set of lasts in my size. every place I talked with either order a full run or they don't have what I want. and it was a stock item if I can or could believe them. you know anyone looking for a 111w155 w/table @ clutch motor might deliver in the Midwest for a fee but like a friend says its not eating anything. as for lasts and there type. I wear size 11 d width want a round toe and 3/8 or 1/2 heel like a roper heel would like it hinged and with a heel plate I think a moccasin last I what I asked for could of been the fisherman last I waited 2 months before I got most of my money back. WTF never again
  15. this just a thought. with s/s you can torch it and it will change color blue if you know what your doing . and you might know some one who does electro platting I think the stain glass workers have stuff that applied to brass turns it black. not sure how permeate it is.