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    leather worker started working with leather when i was 17 use to take my income tax money and buy tools and leather every year. make belts and such every winter and follow the rock fests for a couple moths every year. lol started doing orthotic and prosthetic work in 83 [school] retired this year

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  1. i had a new timing belt replaced ,old one had a chunk missing. and since it sat for a time had it gone through and oiled and adjusted. it will come with a clutch motor an table w/ bobbin winder and a light and also a after market thread tree. i've set this up to sew 138 thread and it does a great job. should sew chaps and wallets till the cows com home.only reason i'm selling is i've had to move a don't have the room. so if you have the money or you think you have something you think i need let me know. asking $500.00 and i could use a few french end driver punches or a portable machine that will sew canvas weight. i'm located in central iowa and might meet you half way. this is all contingent on where your at. the machine head is in side and the table is in storage like i need to say what it is singer 111w155 compound feed no reverse
  2. Landis 5 in 1

    you find one
  3. Adler 30-1 help

    check with Ralph's industrial sewing machine in denver
  4. Leather pool table cover

    radon leather Michigan carry full hides
  5. Farrow Buckles

    you would be better off if you would post what it is
  6. Leather Unlimited ?

    not for years and years 30 plus years they were good then and there still open
  7. Adler 30 70 Leather Patcher

    a great buy
  8. good used sewing machine

    sorry guys for sale singer 111-w155 asking 600 with table
  9. Is there a supplier for poly cutting board?

    buy local. go to a plastic dis. regal plastic. st Louis . lots of offices across the country , American plastic. texas try orthotic prosthetic shop that builds their own stuff. you want to use low density poly ethylene 1/4 -3/8
  10. located in Iowa. had it just gone through . new timing belt and tuned and oiled. extra lg table , has org. clutch motor with custom small 1 inch pulley . sews relatively slow. asking 600 if interested let me know and l'll send pictures. I'm in the possess of moving and don't have room for all 3 machines lol this is a walking foot machine
  11. Holster "Kits" coming soon

    jeff you opening a new door
  12. Rice Thread

    ralphs industrial sewing mach in Denver has the largest variety of collors in stock depends on what weight your looking for D-E which is #69
  13. Rice Thread

    gone for years now think Coats bought them out
  14. chicago screws and copper rivets

    never heard of #13 copper