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  1. Adler 267

    I got a chance to go check out the machines today and with my limited knowledge they seem to be in good shape. Where in service until about 3 months ago when the owners retired (he said they had 30+ machines) and everything looked in order. Got a deal of two Adler 267's along with a Singer 107w zig zag machine for $1100 and they are going to give me a quick instruction on how to use the machines Friday when I pick them up. I can't help but think of all the stuff I'll be able to sew now....
  2. Adler 267

    Thank you for the info I'm all but certain they are all 267-373 machines. From the pictures you can just see the paint wear but I hope to go check them out this week.
  3. Adler 267

    Came across 3 Adler 267's for sale at $750 each. I don't plan on doing much leather stitching with them but I have a few canvas project's and a boat to reupholster and it seem's like it would fit the bill. They are the grey body and still have clutch motor's. $750 doesn't seem like a bad price but I'd appreciate any info.
  4. Thank you! The back is a single later with a 2nd layer that comes down 1/2" - 5/8" just low enough that you can't see it stops from the front. It was requested by the customer but I really like how it adds structure to back of the wallet. A better view trifold 4 by michicks, on Flickr
  5. This was a custom order but I've really been trying to improve my tri-folds and bi-folds lately . I prefer to round my corners on bi-fold's to avoid the hard stop on the stitching lines but to me it just doesn't work well with the tri-folds. Made from Horween Dublin horse fronts and was my first project with my new #7 KS-blade punch chisels. Having a set of inverse chisel made adding the pocket to the back of the wallet a breeze. Edges still need a little work, I have trouble getting enough friction without rolling over the thinner leather. Trifold 1 by michicks, on Flickr Trifold 3 by michicks, on Flickr Trifold 2 by michicks, on Flickr
  6. Optimum Workshop?

    After spending the last 3 months "working" as a leather worker I've figured out what did and didn't work with my current shop space and here is kind of what I came up with and am in the middle of implementing. Bigger and taller flat surface, this is mostly done but it is 8'x8' with the work surface at 44". I have 4' clear on 3 sides with the other side against the wall an. When done it will work as an assembly line starting with layout/cutting, assembly/glue/ marking stitch lines, and then to stitching area. Half of the underneath is for leather storage the other half will be storage for templates, hardware and whatever else I've found my stitching pony's just didn't cut it for bags, I make my totes and backpacks from 1 piece of leather and fighting pieces that are 20"x40" up to 16"x60" killed productivity. I'm in the middle of design and making a table mounted swing arm stitching clamp with a 12" clamp surface. Once I get all the tools moved to the 8'x8' work table I plan to use my existing 2'x7' work bench for splitting, riveting, snaps, and getting a small press set up to get rid of the huge box of bulldog clips. I have a 14.5'x32' heated/cooled work shop and 14.5'x24' of that is dedicated to leather work
  7. Looking For A Splitting Service

    If you don't mind shipping McCarty Manufacturing in Fennville. MI . I've had Rick split things for me a few different times (not shell though) and I've always been pleased. The web site is
  8. WTB Chicago Tan Chromexcel 1" strap

    Never mind I found a 12"x60" piece rolled up in a bin. Mods you can delete this post if you like
  9. I know it is a long shot but if anyone has some "Chicago Tan" chromexcel and could cut me a 1" strap it would really help me out. Had one set aside for a shoulder strap on a satchel i started a few months back and used it for something else not paying attention. 5/6oz and 48" long would suffice.
  10. I too have spent a considerable amount of time looking for these in brass and they just aren't out there in mass production. The ones I've seen in brass are more of whats called a "Footman Loop" that is attached with 2 rivets but all of the ones that are mass produced don't have a tall enough opening to work.
  11. Using Tallow To Condition Leather.

    I bought tallow and lard from a natural food store close by, they were on sale for ~5.00 for 16oz jars. Doubt it will make much or any difference but for the next batch I'm going to try duck fat instead of pork lard and see how it does.
  12. 1 1/2 inch conway buckles

    Weaver Leather Supply has 2 different styles available in brass and stainless steel. You may have to scroll down but they have them in 1-1/2"
  13. Ok. Let's see' em........

    Thank you! I'll humbly admit to have been blessed with the ability to do and pick up different skills quickly. One of the main reasons I started in leather work was to have something I could do inside the house instead wood/metal stuff until I had my own shop built (my parents have a 4k sq ft shop just down the road that I used). Still working on the shop for my metal and wood working projects but i do have 2/3 of a 450 sq ft shop dedicated to leather working now.
  14. Ok. Let's see' em........

    The argument could be made this is my second item but it was the first project I started and it took me about 2 months to finish it and in the mean time i did something else small but I can't remember what it was. Leather camera bag with removable insert.
  15. Maverick 'n' stuff

    I've ordered from them 5-6 times in the year I've been into leather working, they are great to deal with. I've only had one side of bison that I was unhappy with, it had been marked down and I didn't realize it had as much surface damage as it did. I called, not to try and return it but just to clear up on future orders how to avoid getting something similar, they were great to talk to about it and all is well. My only complaint is the shipping cost, I've yet to have shipping be less than $30 but yet it hasn't been more than $40 so I try to wait until I get a bigger order to make a purchase.