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  1. WTB Chicago Tan Chromexcel 1" strap

    Never mind I found a 12"x60" piece rolled up in a bin. Mods you can delete this post if you like
  2. I know it is a long shot but if anyone has some "Chicago Tan" chromexcel and could cut me a 1" strap it would really help me out. Had one set aside for a shoulder strap on a satchel i started a few months back and used it for something else not paying attention. 5/6oz and 48" long would suffice.
  3. I too have spent a considerable amount of time looking for these in brass and they just aren't out there in mass production. The ones I've seen in brass are more of whats called a "Footman Loop" that is attached with 2 rivets but all of the ones that are mass produced don't have a tall enough opening to work.
  4. Using Tallow To Condition Leather.

    I bought tallow and lard from a natural food store close by, they were on sale for ~5.00 for 16oz jars. Doubt it will make much or any difference but for the next batch I'm going to try duck fat instead of pork lard and see how it does.
  5. 1 1/2 inch conway buckles

    Weaver Leather Supply has 2 different styles available in brass and stainless steel. You may have to scroll down but they have them in 1-1/2"
  6. Ok. Let's see' em........

    Thank you! I'll humbly admit to have been blessed with the ability to do and pick up different skills quickly. One of the main reasons I started in leather work was to have something I could do inside the house instead wood/metal stuff until I had my own shop built (my parents have a 4k sq ft shop just down the road that I used). Still working on the shop for my metal and wood working projects but i do have 2/3 of a 450 sq ft shop dedicated to leather working now.
  7. Ok. Let's see' em........

    The argument could be made this is my second item but it was the first project I started and it took me about 2 months to finish it and in the mean time i did something else small but I can't remember what it was. Leather camera bag with removable insert.
  8. Maverick 'n' stuff

    I've ordered from them 5-6 times in the year I've been into leather working, they are great to deal with. I've only had one side of bison that I was unhappy with, it had been marked down and I didn't realize it had as much surface damage as it did. I called, not to try and return it but just to clear up on future orders how to avoid getting something similar, they were great to talk to about it and all is well. My only complaint is the shipping cost, I've yet to have shipping be less than $30 but yet it hasn't been more than $40 so I try to wait until I get a bigger order to make a purchase.
  9. Splitting?

    I hope this isn't off topic or bad form but if you are needing smaller peices split I found a place called McCarty Manufacturing in Michigan, he can split up to 16" I think he said. I sent him out a bunch of odds and ends earlier in the year to be split down to make wallets with, if I recall his rate was $40 an hour or a $25 minimum.
  10. SLC free shipping nope

    Can't say that I blame them as I was actually surprised when they started offering it , both UPS and FedEx had price increases this year and if I'm not mistaken they changed what is considered "over-sized". Pretty sure you can't ship a box big enough for a rolled up side of leather for less than $30-35.
  11. Thank you I'll give that a try. I've been meaning to get one set up for burnishing edges as well
  12. Have been wanting to try a couple of these, aside from getting my stitching process messed up on one side of the brown strap I'm pretty happy with them. Black chromexcel SHF and a Horween Dublin that I had split down to 3oz.
  13. I did not use any stiffner, the only place that it could really use it would be on the front and maybe the lid but the wide flange on the lid really help it hold it's shape. The liner is a lamb or goat that I found at tandy, it wasn't big enough to get a one peice cut so next time I'll take my templete with me to make sure. Which edges are you referring to? I added a 5/8" 2oz veg tan strip to the inside edges to cover where the liner stopped and to be able to burnish the edges of the opening, I didn't dye the edges but they are burnished with wax. I'm not asking to be contrary, any critiques are appericiated as I would like to improve anything that I can.
  14. I got the insert off of amazon, if you search for "Ciesta Flexible Camera Partition" there are quite a few other ones but this was the largest that I could find and it was $37 I think and was so much nicer than trying to make the insert. Thank you, having to work on everything after it is shaped makes it a fairly slow process Thank you!