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  1. Friend, Color me ignorant—But which Legion do you refer? The French or Spanish Foreign Legions are the only ones that come to my mind. …..RVM45
  2. Friend, You aren't going to convince someone whose mind is made up but I'd think a soft leather would be MORE damaging to the finish over time. Note a barrel cleaning rod should ideally be of a harder or at least equal hardness to the barrel. Grit adheres to the softer metal and then is drug abrasively over the surface of the harder metal. When I first got into pistols the late 70s, I noticed that practice draws quickly wore the bluing off my Blued 1911A1. The Satin Nickel on my Commander was somewhat more durable but still wore away. However the Bright Nickel on my S&W Model 29 was quite durable. Don't want your finish to wear? Get a gun that is Bright Nickeled or Bright Chromed. The Arm Chair Commandos think that subdued finishes are "Tactical." Think about it. When a gun is holstered and concealed it really doesn't matter if it is covered with Rubies and Flashing Multicolered LEDs. Once it is in your hand it is very noticeable anyway. If you think that you will often have to do room clearances or pursue armed clients into dark alleys—maybe subdued makes some little sense. Even then note that the old Texas Rangers preferred Bright Nickeled firearms—even their Double Shotguns. They wanted their client to stare at their weapon like a rodent entranced by a snake to the exclusion of other tactical factors. Over the years my aversion to subdued finishes has grown a great deal... To the degree that I've coined the term GLOB—Gun-Like OBject—It just missed being a Real Handgun by virtue of not being Bright Nickeled [I'm quite open-minded. I'll also accept Bright Chrome, Gold, Copper, Silver, Colored Case Hardening and highly polished Stainless…] And yes, A friend had the entirety of a 1911A1 Color Case Hardened. {Gold is very soft. I've heard of plating a gun with Copper or Brass to be a poor man's gold finish. You really have to polish Copper and Silver a great deal to keep it from corroding—but a gun with Corroded Copper Plating is still a gun while a Parkerized near-miss is STILL a GLOB!} …..RVM45
  3. Friend, That is a very well-made holster. I have a question about Pancake type holsters in general and anyone who knows fell free to enlighten me. What precisely is the purpose of the extra bulk of leather fore and aft? It seems unnecessary yet many folk both build or order such holsters. A high riding Western Type holster, the old Chapman High Ride or the Milt Sparks Summer Special got by without the "wings" fore and aft. Even the Askins Avenger only has ONE wing. Pancake holsters are not the most extreme example of this. Some of the newer inside-the-waistband holsters have training wheels or sideboards or whatever you wish to call them several inches fore and aft. What gives? RVM45
  4. Friends, I saw a video on "U" Tube where that crazy guy from England made a working copy of the forearm-mounted blade in the Assassin Computer Game. I was underwhelmed at the practicality... But it got me to thinking. Anyone old enough may have seen the TV Series "The Dirty Dozen." One character had some sort of rig that would instantly pop a long bladed switchblade into his right hand. They never explained it of course. The old gamblers used a Jacob's Ladder affair to secrete a card—but they couldn't bend that arm lest the hidden card pop out—and I question how robust the mechanism would be for a much heavier small pistol. One can mount a friction retainer that will release with a hard thrust—Jeff Goldblume had that type of holster in "Silverado." It is not very secure or reliable. Anyone who watched movies may recall Travis Bickle's odd wrist holster in "Taxi Driver" or Andrew Dice Clay's elaborate wrist device in "Ford Fairlane"—and even in the movies that carry system let him down. Does anyone know of a Real World system that allows fast one-handed access to a small knife or pistol mounted on the wrist? {Yes, I'm not being insensitive to that significant and ever growing minority that doesn't believe that there is such a thing as "Reality."} This is just curiosity. There is no crying necessity for such a device. I'd just like to see how it might be done. …..RVM45
  5. Friend, That is a fine holster. I question why someone will buy a Polymer Framed, Boxy and Ugly Pistol and then invest in a Fine Holster to carry the GLOB*in. Kinda like putting a Silk Dress and a nice String of Pearls on a Pig... …..RVM45 *Gun Like OBject
  6. Yeah and the holster left most of the Barrel out in the open—kids naked. …..RVM45
  7. Friends, Does anyone remember the OLD Fury Shoulder Holster for big frame Revolvers? I tried to get an Image but all I can dredge up is some sort of Kydex Lobstrousity nothing like the one that I mean. This holster carried an 8 3/8ths inch S&W Model 29 upside down. Presumably it worked on tension on the frame and cylinder as there was no sort of latch or strap. Oddly, just a bit—maybe 3/4ths of an inch of the muzzle end of the barrel would actually be touching but in front of the anterior deltoid. I never got to examine one in the flesh. Presumably the small bulge on one's shoulder would not be a give-away since so few folks carry a long barreled Revolver that way. I wondered how "makable" the design might be—but as I say, my Googling produced zip, zilch, zero and nada... …..RVM45
  8. Friend, I hate to show my ignorance—but where is George B.'s Site? He doesn't seem to have a link attached to his Signature. …..RVM45
  9. Beautiful work. But you already know that. …..RVM45
  10. A wee might too high? Perhaps. Someone once said that we rotund folks have trouble reaching around ourselves for a gun in a shoulder holster. Nah, I can slap my arm pit or my latissimus dorsi just fine. What is problematic is reaching a gun on my left side that is as low and as far back on my hip was a left-handed strong side holster or left hand Buck Knife would be. The old "Dirty Harry" Shoulder Holster was a grand and glorious thing for six and eight inch S&W N Frames, but for some squirrelly reason the four inch version dropped the butt of the weapon two inches. If I wanted to wear a distant side cross draw and a pair of suspenders then that's what I'd shop for. At any rate, that's a nice looking holster. …..RVM45
  11. Friend, I'm trying hard to picture a ".32 caliber Colt Sheriffs model"... Are we talking about a .31 caliber Cap-and-Ball?, a Peacemaker in .32-20? A .32 Colt Pocket Positive or a .32ACP 1903 Semi-Auto? I'm drawing a blank mental picture. ​…..RVM45
  12. That is a clever design well executed. …..RVM45
  13. Friends, I have quite a few Handguns and very few Holsters. A quality Holster can cost almost as much as a good used Handgun. I have no quarrel with that. A workman is worthy of his hire... But the raw fact is that I cannot afford them. {The only way that I've found that a Poor Man can have nice things is to buy one or two with every windfall and then grimly refuse to part with them during hard times—even if that means sitting around hungry in a house with the lights cut off…} Be that as it may... I'd like to make Holsters. That means scrimping for a very long time to buy materials and if any mistakes are made, it will be a long time until they can be rectified. The candidates are: #1} A Double Shoulder Rig for a pair of S&W 5906s—Horizontal carry with Thumbreak—The Pistols carried Cocked like Single Action Autos... Probably a bit Ambitious for my first project. #2} A pair of Holsters for the 5906s approximating the old Chapman High Ride—I've discussed this Holster before, but I'll include Pictures. #3} A pair of High Riding Holsters for two Ruger Blackhawks with 5.5" Barrels. I have a Pair of Ruger .22 Pistols—one a Standard Barrel MK I; the Other a Bull-Barrel MKII—I'd like for each of them to have a nice High Ride Holster. Then there is a Walther PP, a Colt Police Positive Special, a 4" Ruger Redhawk, and a Pair of S&W .38 Specials—one a 2" K Frame the other a 2" J Frame. They're all whining and wanting Holsters of their own. Some want High Ride Holsters. Some want "Summer Special" type Holsters And a few are holding out for both types of Holster. I have a Stitching Awl, and couple books and a handful of patterns that I downloaded or that kind folks have sent me. I don't have a Leather Cutting Knife, but I do have several various Razor or Craft Knives. What sort of Leather weight and size would I need to make a pair of Holsters for #2 or #3 {or #1 IF you think that is the way to go…}? Are there any other Leather Working Tool that I really ought to have? Thanks. RVM45
  14. Friends, This may not occur to someone—lying down to sleep while wearing one's holster… Which might seem reasonable when camping or crashing in places that you don't trust 100%... Will ruin many holsters—especially shoulder holsters—in short order. …..RVM45
  15. I really like that. Maybe I should build one like that or my 5906s... As if... …..RVM45