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  1. Cobra 4 backstitch problem

    I believe you have a tension issue. When you back stitch, the threads now have 2 threads in the hole, instead of one. It will take some practice, but I corrected the problem by adjusting the top tension tighter ONLY when I am coming forward by my back stitch. I have a CB3200, and adjusting the first tension wheel on top does the trick.
  2. For lighter tooling, pattern marking, snap/rivet setting and small punching, I use a 1# dead blow hammer from ... drum roll please ... Harbor Freight! I use a 3# dead blow from the same reputable dealer for slot punching and maker's marks. Cheap, fairly durable and easily replaced. The faces do wear out, but it takes some time. I make gun leather with minimal stamping so I stay more to the orthopedic end of the leather working spectrum.
  3. None of your beezwax!

    Prepaid shipping boxes from USPS. The big ones make a great work surface for the bench.
  4. Wet Forming Exotics

    I just got a snake skin from Tandy on their web specials and am planning to do a holster for a friend. These skins are pretty soft and seem absorbent. I was wondering if there is a process for wet forming leather gear that uses non or less absorbent exotics, on things like holsters. Does the veg tan simply absorb enough to still tool and bone the items, or is there some step I'm not thinking of?
  5. Blackhawk Paddles

    Here's the back side ...
  6. I've had requests for Paddle holsters, and it always seemed daunting, working in leather. I figured out a way to make a standard patch that fits the Blackhawk paddles, which can be had separately. Just line up the holes and sink t-nuts in position through the applique'.
  7. Tooling question.

    Yeah, my FIENDS realize that. That's also Tandy's price on the same item. It's a tough call for them, having that much "idle assets" sitting around. She told me the finishing is worth more than the material at that point.
  8. Tooling question.

    I just picked up a piece from fiends of ours who sell counter tops, etc. He suggested quartz for the durability (I broke a piece of marble with a 3# dead blow hammer.) In talking to his wife, they pay several thousand a month to toss them in the dumpster because of the weight. It's a bad spot for them, the pieces usually aren't worth the cost to finish the edges (they finished mine on barter) and there isn't demand in most cases. They had 12x12x1.5 pieces cut and in stock, with a retail price of $50 ea. They have their newer finishers work on them for experience and to evaluate their skills. I'm looking forward to using it, as a work surface and my photo backdrop (it sparkles!).
  9. Couple Years in

    Some of my gunleather work after some practice
  10. Finally Took The Plunge Juki 1541s

    I imagine they realize you are buying a new item that might cost more than your car. Good customer service people are mindful of that and respond accordingly. I know I was excited when I got my Cowboy and a lot of others on here will relate. Congratulations, and let us know where to send the shower gifts!
  11. Chuck at Weaver gives a great explanation. "leather dyes" are a powder based colorant, "pro dyes" are an oil based colorant. He even explains the similarity in color results.
  12. Odd Custom Requests

    Do you ever want to talk a customer out of their custom order/idea. At the last gun show, I got a few doozies. One fellow asked for a 3" wide belt ... 3" wide. He wanted to wear it over his hunting gear. I measured him on my sizing belt, I asked him a second and third time, "Three Inches??!!" Yep. "You realize that's essentially a weight lifting belt." Yep. "You realize that's wider than any duty belt." Yep. I had to get the buckle from Weaver, and I'm sure it's intended for use as a Draft Horse tack. I applied a reasonable upcharge and just finished the belt .... I'll keep you posted. Another guy, who just took delivery on IWBs for a Charter Arms Bulldog 44 and a Ruger Security Six promptly ordered a crossdraw IWB for a full size 1911. You may not think that's odd, but this fellow stands about 5'2". I wondered to my table mates if he ever sits down. Of all the orders I had last month, NOT ONE did I have a pattern for. Two required using a live firearm (fortunately, the same Glock 40 (yes, an IWB as well!)) and I'm now, apparently in the bodybuilding industry. Is it just me, or is this par for the "Custom" course?
  13. Just a little curious...

    49, but like most guys ... still 23 in my head!
  14. CB3200 "Click"

    So I ran the machine with no thread, perfect with no click at all at any speed. I ran it empty with an empty bobbin, no click. I threaded i and it was much quieter, with only an occasional click when the pick up arm was in the top position, but it's hard to tell where the exact click is, but still much better. Maybe I just needed to post the question and that seemed to fix it ... kinda like feeling better once you get in the Dr's waiting room. Maybe I'm getting old and hearing things.
  15. Where to buy holster/magazine patterns?

    MCD, making the patterns is truly part art/part science. I have, literally, hundreds of "sketch" holsters. I keep them all for reference should I need them. I use scrap bundles that I get from a local muzzle loader/rustic shop. A lot of latigo scraps and laminated leather. Early on, I bet I tossed 4-5 sketch holsters to finish one, but it comes along ... and it's STILL coming along. Find a source for chap, nasty, I-plan-on-throwing-it-away leather and start with your trial by error process. The pictures you have posted above took a lot of tie, but man it's worth it when you get there ... eventually.