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  1. Western Rig

    That is so beautiful.....tempted to try doing one for my peacemaker ....WOW!!!!
  2. Hi all , from Alberta Canada

    Thank you :)...I will be doing that . been meaning to visit your shop for some time now...
  3. Hi all , from Alberta Canada

    How cool is that....maybe we can do coffee sometime if I'm home , I work away gone lots...I have posted some already in the "critique my work" section...
  4. Hi all , from Alberta Canada

    Just south of you , Claresholm... Thank you...
  5. Hi all , from Alberta Canada

    I have been lurking for a while here and thought I'd better say hi:)....I started working with leather as a hobby a few months ago , now hooked. Looking to absorb as much knowledge as I can and there seems to be a wealth of knowledge here for sure.