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  1. David from W Gainsville, Fl , HELLO. and welcome this site, IT is an endless source for information and sharing ideas to better one's work, DO NOT hesitate asking a question you may get a 100 responses or just a few, use the search bars in the forums to find answers, Remember WE ALL stood where you are, so just take the first step or JUMP in head first and do it. All the questions you are going to ask have been probably asked and answered here and you might get directed to a previous post not because people don't want to answer but that post has most if not all your answers. SO get to work Congrats on the fostering and thanks for caring for the animals,WELL DONE,,, I have about 60-80 rescues stopped counting and my leather work helps add to the care cost for them. db
  2. My favorites are Fla. Alligator, wide range of textures patterns and finishes nicely as well as edges cleanly, Elephant is as versatile requires more edge detailing and work but a wealth of variation, from the hides flank pieces, deep texture , and areas closer to legs offer different pattern, trunk offers small deep texture and patterns inner and outer ear vary to each end of the spectrum, Ostrich is great but edging requires more time and detail IMHO,,Shark is supple and is a joy to work, edges beautifully. ostrich leg also is easy to edge and inlay, Buff works like leather from what I've used, Snake is temperamental, scales scale direction but edges well,,Stingray is sometimes a battle best for Inlays my thoughts,,,Those are most common we see
  3. If above fall through Ill buy
  4. BUt some times a little direction is always helpful not to waste a whole side on F.U.'s Thanks for your shaing it has made my waste box smaller, even when I personalize the patterns to my liking David
  5. Thanks Josh thats what I was palnning on doing/ trying to do, I just wanted to know if there was some special set up, but what you are saying make mores sense to me. Thanks David
  6. Do you know the correct name for these,
  7. Any one know where to get a similar locking set screw to Andrews McDaniels belt loop holders MacDaniel II Belt loops are mounted on a locking swivel for more carry options. looking for similar locking screws to do adjustable attachment points Thanks David
  8. Welcome and hello fellow Floridian, I'm im Gainsville,will be at some of the gun shows in your area after the first of the year and some horse events, You will find a wealth of info here and just ask, you will get a variety of expereience and a lot of good insight as to doing things David Greystone Leather
  9. here a sheath I made for a, Tom Enos, blade @18"
  10. got the bends very nice and a good value, priced fairly thanks David
  11. pancake holster with rear tunnel belt slots
  12. try some dive gear shop or manufactures
  13. Need some direction as how to tune up my roon solution started with 3 gal of white vinegar and a dozen cleaned steel wool pads and strained for un dissolved particulates let set for @10 days with stirring and have had good results, but now leather is not black but getting a chocolate hue and some is getting a steel grey shade I rinse and wash w/ baking soda @ 1 tbsp per gallon, form ,dry and I oil after after and finish out the item Do I need to start over with new mix or add another gal of vinegar or more steel wool I stir before each use and have been getting a rust red sludge build up on the bottom of the bucket I'm thinking more vinegar as the sludge build up on the bottom of the bucket?????? HELP or advice??? A thanks to everyone here as this is the BEST Leather forum to learn and get help for the best results David
  14. texas die made me one 3/8 x 1 5/8" works good @$90
  15. I'm still working with a machine shop, to turn some aluminum burnishes, but they are backed up and switching out their cnc with a new larger unit , and so this is still in the "round to it file as soon as get caught up" profit Paying work ticket file,, he is a gun parts manufacture, and understand what I'm looking for. db