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  1. First Gun Show

    one table stack high go vertical don't let freeloaders tell you its cheaper over there,,,, let them go there,,, its a buyers flea market attitude,offer good info and build on your quality ....db Clean no excess clutter, but have it there to show
  2. retail sales price $39.99,,, your cost to buyer $20.00 No I won't do it either,,,,, db no clicker, no kick press, no way IMHO
  3. WTB Black Alligator small belly pieces...

    message me I have extra black gator of EMail greystoneleather at g mail
  4. A sneak peak at a WHOLE LOT OF COLOR on its way out. Almond Ostrich, Black Alligator, Chocolate Alligator,Lilac w/ purple stitching, Plum w/purple stitching, Black Patten Leather,Silver w/ silver stitching,Chili Red w/ red stitching, periwinkle w/ Blue coral stitching Matching Spur straps for each belt made,,,,,,,
  5. New guy from Florida

    Hello from Gainsville fl David
  6. Hello From Central Florida

    Hello from Gainsville ,,David
  7. WTS: 13 Blue Guns & Red 1911

    would like the K frame Oh hell will buy balance $240 send me payment info Thanks David
  8. Adler 30 70 Leather Patcher

    very interested trying to see if I can get friend in Puyallup to pick up and ship for me or can you meet Half way? do you have original box or shipping packing Thanks David VERY interested price is fine,,,
  9. Need Sleigh Bells

  10. dot 24 snaps

    What are you screwing them to Tee nuts or ?? Pics....
  11. 3 more clicker dies

    What are the finished cut sizes? A. 8x10" ? B. 8.5x 6" ? C. 6x 8" square ?? length to points ? OAL.?""
  12. Duncan Customs Dummy Guns FS

    Received thanks db
  13. Cobra class 4

    LOL. SO WELL DONE.... db
  14. Florida Speck

    Very Nice .db
  15. Wickett&Craig ENglish Bridle 3/4oz pieces

    Have all the colors in 8-10 , but nothing that is not going to a specific project to spare will be reordering soon how often do you need and what is the $ range for the pieces you are looking to get some one might order extra and can yo split a thicker piece? db