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  1. Thank you for the kind comments, they are greatly appreciated. As requested a few more photos. In terms of construction The closure is from 3DanSupplies on etsy - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/3DANsupplies, this one is made from the 14" frame. One of my summer projects is going to be trying to make them out of brass angle iron, if I can work out a method of making the clip closures. The leather is veg-tan (quoted as 7-9oz when I bought it) treated with neatsfoot then dyed with Feibing saddle tan pro dye and finished with resolene & good old boot polish. The thread is 0.8mm Tiger thread and the lining is a lose fit bag made of pig skin, suede side showing. I've used chicago screws for all the rivets fixed with the thread lock, mainly because I really like the finish they give, but also because I haven't found solid brass rivets yet. I'm looking forward to attempting the 16" and 18" versions assuming I can bring myself to sell them.
  2. Hi, I'm pretty new to leatherworking and have loads to learn, but I'm loving the journey & learning something new every time I come to this site. Whilst I know there are issues with it I thought I'd share my first major project as I'm rather happy with it as a prototype model and I'm already gathering the stuff for the next one.