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  1. Leather Carving Styles....

    ROTLOL! I like the Tudor roses. That's going to be my next project! I think it would look great on either a wallet or a belt bag like the one I did recently with the Celtic horse design.
  2. Just Had To Do Something!

    Very nice! Just curious to know how you cut the oval window? Did you have a die or punch of some sort?
  3. Sheridan Tooling pattern needed

    Just a useful tip for you. Many patterns you get will be in PDF format. This makes it easy to adjust the size to fit the piece of leather you are using. Here's how to do it: Pattern must be in PDF form. If not, scan it and save as a PDF Click on pattern to open it Click printer icon Select ‘custom scale’ and enter percentage you wish to resize it to. To save on toner, select ‘save ink/toner’. Print pattern If size is what you want, select ‘save changes to PDF’ when closing document. I found this out when I had a pattern in .jpg format I needed to resize. No matter what changes I made to it, and what changes I made to my printer's programming, the printer would ALWAYS scale it back to the original size!
  4. Arm Guards

    [fist bump back] BTW, I have Robert Hardy's book on The Longbow. I just checked it out on Amazon, and it is out of print, and a good used copy is selling for a minimum of $143.00 Canadian! Won't be parting with mine anytime soon... They had just discovered the longbows and arrows from the Mary Rose at the time it came out. What a marvelous time capsule that ship was!
  5. Arm Guards

    Leder, I no longer have that recurve bow. My husband gave it away to my nephew. I now have a 'broomstick' wood laminated bow, made by Checkmate Archery (used to be in B.C., has since gone out of business.) No gewgaws or gimmicks - I don't even use a sight, and it would be a cold day in H*E*L*L before you'd catch me using something with pulleys and wheels on it!
  6. Ebook Cover - Laser cut, dyed with vinegaroon

    Stormdevil, chemical reactions are highly dependent on temperature, so it's quite likely that's what slowed down the chemical reaction of your vinegaroon solution. Your window sill is probably pretty chilly at this time of year!
  7. Ebook Cover - Laser cut, dyed with vinegaroon

    Here's the answer to your question. I had to use Google, as the search function on the site only returned this same thread!
  8. Ebook Cover - Laser cut, dyed with vinegaroon

    Very nice! Is the eagle done with paint or dye, and did you do it before or after applying the vinegaroon? And how did you apply the vinegaroon? We wants DETAILS!
  9. Arm Guards

    Cyberwolf, it's been a long time since I've smacked my elbow with the string. I was just a beginner at the time I made this arm guard. My bow had about a 20 something draw weight. My current bow is 40 plus. That would be on VERY serious 'ouch' if it happened now!
  10. Scraps, mostly free!

    Hi, can you ship to Canada? Would like to get some thinner stuff, 4-5 oz or so to practice on. Thanks! Edit: e-mail sent.
  11. SB Foot 4.5-5oz Olive Sids $2 per foot

    I'll take a side, please! Just got my new sewing machine, and that stuff would make nice bags!
  12. Arm Guards

    Leder, the pain in my fingers helped reduce the pain and bruising I got on my arm from that bowstring, so it was worth it in the end! (This is obviously NOT the arm guard I made, and yes, I'm a southpaw...)
  13. Arm Guards

    My archery arm guard and leather finger tabs were the first leather work I ever did, back when I was 12 or 13 years old. Both were made out of a pair of old leather calfskin gloves, For the tabs, I just cut the ends off the fingers, and for the arm guard, I sewed the palms together to get enough length, and attached it around my arm with elastic sewn to the leather. (You know, the sort of elastic used in waist bands and sleeves, not elastic bands!) I used to whack myself on the inside of my elbow, so the guard was full length, and the elastic above my elbow had a dome fastener in it that I snapped closed for a snug fit. All of it was hand-sewn with my mom's sewing needles and some button thread... A thimble came in VERY handy for pushing the needle through the leather! I wonder if I still have them tucked away in a drawer somewhere... :D
  14. Arm Guards

    Amen to that!!
  15. Like New SEIKO CW 8B for sale

    Machine is sold and now (FINALLY!) in its new home.