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  1. Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    If you are seeing halos around lights, get your opthalmologist to check you out. Could be the beginning of cataracts!
  2. Self inflicted wounds

    Tried to catch a box cutter knife I dropped once. ONLY once. Have a permanent split in my right thumb nail after damaging the thumb nail bed when a knife slipped (yes, I'm left-handed). But the best story of all is the one about the guy who decided to test the sharpness of a round knife with his thumb. I disremember who the owner of the round knife was, but he's on this board, so maybe he'll chime in! Yes, numerous stitches were involved!
  3. Tooled Guitar Strap

    I find I need to adjust my guitar strap depending on whether I am playing standing or sitting, so adjustable isn't a bad idea! Very nice piece of work!
  4. Ancient Greek Armor

    AWESOME! Curious to know about the construction. What is underneath the scales? Boiled leather? Or just heavy weight hide?
  5. WIP. Portrait of a Scottish gentleman

    Need to bleach my eyes after seeing that one! It just goes to show that even very well known actors can make mistakes in their choices of roles! AB, amazing work, as always!
  6. Show your Shop

    Thanks, Ferg. Hey, your leather room had a lot of machines in it, but you could get around and it was well organized! You know my biggest problem right now? This century home is so small, I am running out of places to put the moving boxes! I don't want to start putting them in the basement because the stairs are so hard to negotiate (narrow, uneven, and you have to duck your head.) The garage isn't safe either as water leaks under the foundation on the west side, and the only upstairs to the house are the two bedrooms and 'powder room', which are already chock a block with furniture! Century homes had REALLY small bedrooms, and no closet space, so by the time you put a bed, a dresser, night table AND a wardrobe on the room, there's hardly any space left! Well, the old place needs some work done before it goes on the market, so I can get it cleaned out at my leisure. It will be more marketable with some of the furniture gone.
  7. Show your Shop

    Yin Tix, that's something that worries me, too! The former owner passed away at age 96. A friend of mine lives across the road from her, and tells me her children filled 4 dumpsters with her stuff when cleaning her house out. This doesn't count the stuff they sold at two yard sales, or took home with them! I don't want to leave that sort of problem for MY executors!
  8. Latest music project - "Jazz Juice"

    In case you haven't noticed, most stringed instruments in the orchestra don't have frets! Violins, cellos and of course, bass fiddles!
  9. Show your Shop

    And in case you've forgotten, here is my current tiny, perfect work station! It shares the room with my desk, a file cabinet, washer, dryer, large dog crate, a large library of books and my Seiko sewing machine!
  10. Show your Shop

    The purple room is the basement bedroom just across from the craft room. I could shoot the person who put the shelves up BEFORE finishing the wall. Yes, they are VERY firmly attached to the wall with many screws! The room with the red door at the end is another room adjacent to the bedrooms and the craft room. The red door at the end is the entrance to a cold cellar. In addition to this, there is another unfinished room on the other side of the basement that is completely lined with shelves!! Also, one half of the garage has been turned into a heated, insulated area where the previous owner had her pottery kiln. I imagine working with clay creates too much dust for it to be done inside the house. Even the smoke alarm in that room is protected by a dust cover!
  11. Show your Shop

    Left side of craft room Cupboard at one end of craft room
  12. Show your Shop

    On December 3rd, if there are no last minute hitches, I will take possession of a new house. The former owner was a very crafty lady, and did sewing, stained glass and pottery. There is an entire room in the basement that was devoted to sewing, and this is going to be my new leather working room! Here's some pics: Okay, need to resize them so I can post more than one at a time! This is the right side of the room.
  13. Anyone know what these are or want to buy them?

    God, NO! What you are thinking of is a hoofpick, and it does NOT look like that! A blacksmith's knife is something else again. It's used for trimming the sole: Here are a number of different hoof pick designs: I can tell you from years of experience the one for sale on Etsy for $58. is s piece of crap, while the most traditional ones are the best ( the one selling for .75 cents!) for getting the job done. If you've got a hoof that is packed solid with clay, you need something that will give you some leverage to get it cleaned out, and a straight pick does it much better than one that's curved, which will tend to just slide off!
  14. My hobby room

    Can't wait to show you my new leather working pictures today, but no time to post them right now! Yes, this means I am MOVING as of Dec. 3. The lady who owned the house had 3 different hobbies, and much of the house was converted to suit her needs. There is a HUGE sewing room in the basement with counters on both sides of the room. The room adjacent to it has one whole wall of shelves..there are SHELVES EVERYWHERE!! Her other two hobbies were pottery making and stained glass. She had half of the garage insulated and heated so she could do her pottery out there. Pictures later, got to run! This change is coming none too soon. I picked up a 3/4 oz. veg tan side at Tandy's on the weekend for just $40, and my current storage space is TOO SMALL - it won't fit in! So, I will be going from a century home that has almost no storage space, to a house that has more than I'll know what to do with!
  15. Maker Mark

    I need to get a stamp made. I am just wondering if this would work as far as the sort of artwork I need to submit.