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  1. Tools From My Grandfather - When are they from?

    Craftool is the Tandy brand. The brownish block is a whetstone for sharpening the swivel knife. These six tools are the basic tools needed to start leathercraft as a hobby: a backgrounder (104) beveler (198) camouflage stamp (433) seeder (the small round stamp) veiner (the narrow crescent shaped tool) and pear shader. The tool numbers keep changing, so I can't match the last three up with a stamp number.
  2. Carving, what am I doing wrong?

    I don't know how, but I got that bassackwards! I use the mallet in my left hand and the stamp in my right!
  3. Carving, what am I doing wrong?

    So glad to hear it! Looking forward to seeing your new work! As for your question, I am a lefty, and use the mallet in my right hand and the stamp in my left. I use the swivel knife in my left hand, of course. But the other way around for the stamps would also make sense for me, as placing the stamps correctly requires a fair bit of dexterity. So, basically, it's whatever YOU feel comfortable with.
  4. Operating height for cylinder bed machines

    Alpha, that's definitely something I could use myself! :D
  5. Carving, what am I doing wrong?

    That's because I had trouble finding the right picture! I've found it and posted it now. And yeah, I fully understand what you said about not telling your other half!! I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on this hobby! The hammer that comes with that kit is a piece of junk. I used it as kindling in my woodstove, and replaced it with the one you see in the above photo. That and the stamp with the defect on its face were the only things in the kit that I can complain about. The kit came with 8 weeks of free lessons, and by the time the 8 weeks was up, I was completely hooked on leatherworking.
  6. Carving, what am I doing wrong?

    Raksha, that is exactly the same kit I started out with a couple of years ago. I am still using the tools it contained, though I have added just a few more stamps to my collection... One of the pear shaders had a small defect on its face, and Tandy replaced it with no questions asked! Yeah, just a few more stamps....
  7. Carving, what am I doing wrong?

    That does look somewhat better. But I agree about needing a better knife blade. Something looks odd with those swivel knife cuts. Compare them with the ones above by ABHandmade, and you will see the difference.
  8. Help salvaging a project with USMC black?

    Needless to say, I don't think you will ever use this dye again. I've heard nothing but horrible things about it on this board!
  9. Starting another Briefcase

    I needed a specific weight of leather for a project, and the young guy at Tandy's who was helping me pulled out a leather thickness gauge, and made sure I got what I was looking for! NO EXCUSE for not being able to give a customer that information!! And a gauge can be a lot simpler and a lot cheaper than the one shown above! C.D., that green alligator print looks really cool! Can't wait to see the finished briefcase!
  10. Carving, what am I doing wrong?

    1) Make sure your knife is properly sharpened and stropped. A dull knife will stick in the leather 2) The moisture content of the leather could be part of the problem - the knife will stick if the leather is too dry 3) When beveling, the beveler has to go with the edge right in the line you've cut with the swivel knife. You should tilt it a bit so the whole tool face doesn't touch your leather and leave a mark 4) Suggest you check on line for basic leather carving videos that can help show you proper technique. Nothing beats actually seeing someone else do it. This one will give you a good start: 5) It takes quite a bit of practice to learn how to control the swivel knife. Get a few pieces of scrap leather, and use them to practice on. Don't give up - anything worth doing takes time to master!
  11. What do the nationalities Make

    But of course! Verry nice work! (Had to roll the 'r' to imitate a Scot's accent... )
  12. What do the nationalities Make

    Since schutzhund is a sport I enjoy and take part in, I should probably concentrate on that as my niche. Most people who do dog collars do the fancy ones for small dogs, and that is not something that interests me. Still trying to find my niche, though. I really enjoy the creative aspect of leather carving, and that's not something you can do with collars, leashes and harnesses!
  13. What do the nationalities Make

    I have zero interest in guns, having never owned one, if you don't count the cap pistols I had as a kid! (Dating myself here, I know...) So far I've made dog collars, leashes, coasters, wallets, belts, and bags. Planning to make a purse next and an eyeglass case. Oh, and my cellphone case didn't turn out as well as I liked, so a new one is in the works. When I get more confident, I may try wet-moulding some cases. I would also like to do a water bottle holder for hiking, and maybe try a 'bum bag'. The one I use when I am walking my dogs has several features I'd like to improve on! Also in the works is a dog harness for protection training, similar to this one:
  14. First attempt at utility case

    Although you need more practice with your stitching, and need to learn how to make nice finished edges, your carving and tooling are amazing for a beginner! There's a sticky thread on edge finishing here:
  15. Gaute Couture

    Glad to know that! I'm sure the goat doesn't care... I am a bit surprised you didn't put a D-ring in the collar. I guess you just loop a tie rope through the collar when tethering him in the trailer?