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  1. neatsfoot oil

    During my horseback riding days, when oiling old horse's tack that had gotten very dried out, I'd always warm the leather with my hands as I applied the oil, as the warmth would help it penetrate better. I never thought of warming the oil, but this proves what was said above! This is also the reason neatsfood oil is often sold as a compound, mixed with other oils that are more liquid at colder temperatures. Unfortunately, these oils are usually petrochemicals that eventually rot stitching!
  2. Over 80 Books and Patterns For Sale

    Me too! I just paid the plumber $356 today, and I likely need my fridge replaced sometime soon. I shouldn't even be LOOKING at buying more stuff! But ohh, those are some NICE stamps!!
  3. Gasoline and Leather

    Thanks, Fred!
  4. Gasoline and Leather

    The other day, a friend was fixing my snow blower. When he was done, I picked up a plastic cap, unaware he'd used it to catch some gasoline he'd had to drain out of the carburetor. I now have gas on my favourite pair of kid gloves! How can I clean them?
  5. Mice!!!!!!!!

    i had a real problem with mice when I ran a kennel. I couldn't use poison, because if a poisoned mouse was caught by a dog, it could be deadly. Snap traps worked pretty well. Electric traps worked even better, and were necessary when a couple of rats moved in!! I hate glue traps. There are inhumane. When the mice moved into the house, I caught 12 mice in one month. Then I got a cat. The only mice I saw after that were dangling from his jaws... But yes, ALL food must be secured in rodent-proof bins!
  6. Sew I bought an older Singer 211G155

    Love your pun! I do know Singer parts are probably the most widely available of all parts, if you need them. Will let the experts weigh in! :D
  7. Celtic Bag

    Gorgeous, and nice use of the Tandy Celtic craftaids! I have those two, but haven't used them yet.
  8. Does anyone make traditional clicking patterns?

    And here I thought a 'clicker' was a press for cutting out pieces for leatherwork... :D So, this is just a template, and not the actual cutting die for use in a press, right? And you have to use your knife and punches to make a belt blank and get it ready for tooling?
  9. Looking For Flogger Patterns

    Please note the date of his last post. Also please note that under his name it says 'RIP' I assume that means he's no longer with us.
  10. Practice Flower Done

    That is certainly LIGHT YEARS better than my first flower! Very nicely done!
  11. First aid kit cover

    Awesome! As my Dad would say to console us when we were kids, and he gave us free rein in his workshop, "You hit the wrong nail, did you?"
  12. New Year's Resolution

    Found on FB today - LOL!
  13. Another Homemade Stitching Pony

    Thank you, Mick and Bikermutt!
  14. Another Homemade Stitching Pony

    Where can I find knobs like that? I'd like to try to make my own pony!
  15. Recommended starting stamps

    The tools you need depend quite a bit on what type of work you are going to do. If you want to do Sheridan carving, you'll need seeders, mulefoots, veiners, camouflage stamps and pear shaders. If you just want to do borders or geometric stamps you'll need basket weave stamps, crescent camouflage stamps, and other tools that look good on borders. A tool that's indispensable for doing flowers is the undercut beveller, Tandy B 60.