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  1. Former nurse here - the worst time for a patient to need something is change of shift. The outgoing staff are busy charting everything they did on their shift, and can't wait to bugger off and go home, and the incoming staff are taking report in the lounge, and you could be swinging from the rafters or dancing in the hallway, and they'd never know it! But they SHOULD try to keep noise to a minimum, and be considerate of patients while they are doing all this. Can't blame you for being P.O.'ed!
  2. Dyeing Porcupine Quills

    It's not too difficult to find porcupines dead on the side of the road where I live. I carry a pair of pliers in my car just in case. The first one I found died during the winter up at the military base where I walk my dogs. I managed to get him just as he was thawing out, and before he started to decay. You can buy the quills on the net, but why do that when you can get them for free?
  3. Dyeing Porcupine Quills

    What I really want to know is how safe is it to heat the dye? I'm thinking it's something I should probably do outdoors, as the fumes aren't going to be the safest thing to breathe in! Instructions say it MUST be kept below the boiling point or you will ruin the quills.
  4. Big changes around here

    [likes Mike's post...]
  5. Dyeing Porcupine Quills

    Have any of you ever worked with quills? They suggest you heat the dye to help the quills absorb it. Of course, I have LOTS of leather dye, but since it's mostly alcohol based, I am not sure if heating it is a good idea! What are your thoughts? I COULD just use regular fabric dye, but it doesn't make sense to buy more dye when I already have so much leather dye!
  6. Big changes around here

    Like I was saying: Where else could you get this sort of help, and so quickly, too?
  7. Big changes around here

    Lobo, you mean you've retired from leather work? Because, for most of us, retiring means we have MORE time to devote to leatherwork! I see new people coming on here all the time. It's still a great place to learn!
  8. On line classes

    Just found this awesome thread about carving horses!! What area of leather work interests you? It is SUCH a broad subject! Holster making, wallets, belts, figure carving, handbags, tote bags, harness making are all very different in the skill set required!
  9. On line classes

    Try the 'search' function. It turned up several posts, and I am posting the links that I know will be the most helpful: Nigel Armitage: Ian Atkinson - some videos are free, some you have to pay for: And our own Mike (Immiketoo) who is a moderator on this board:
  10. Rune bags & some questions.

    Wet leather stretches, and it's very common for this to happen when it's being tooled, especially if the piece is on the thin side. The only way to get around it is to fasten it to a non-stretchy backing piece with either rubber cement (which can be peeled off after) or tape.
  11. Wallet Pattern

    Okay, I've got it figured out now. The top two sheets are for a wallet with pockets on each side. The bottom two sheets is for the longer wallet you show above, with pockets on only one side! I didn't realized they were two separate wallets, so I was REALLY confused!
  12. Wallet Pattern

    I am still trying to figure out how to do pockets. Is the bottom of the pocket attached to anything?
  13. It finally happened...

    Fun story I thought I'd share: Last year, I gave away a beautiful hand-crocheted Queen-sized bedspread my late mother had made, to a family member, because I couldn't bear to sell it to a stranger who was offering me $20 bucks for it. What really made me mad was the person who wanted it knew how to crochet, so she KNEW exactly how much work something like that took! (We really need a decent 'burning mad' smiley for this board. The one I used above doesn't BEGIN to express my feelings!! 20 bucks wouldn't even have covered the cost of materials...)
  14. Purse - learning by doing

    What do you mean about your one regret being the metal rings and brass button? Did you want the whole purse to be made out of leather? As far as appearance goes, they look fine! Also, lots of videos out there to help you neaten up your stitching. That and the angles (as said above) are the two things that would help improve the appearance.
  15. Wallet Pattern

    Thanks, Tom! And thank you for the patterns!