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  1. Wallet Templates

    Well said, battlemunky!
  2. Advice on cutting a side up

    Here's the guide I use for deciding what sort of leather to use for a project:
  3. How do I properly use embossing plates?

    Fred, so what size are the largest plates you do, using this press?
  4. I saw 'How to measure for a padfolio' somewhere

    Zulu, look at the top bar in the posting screen. To the left of the quotation marks, you will see what looks like a link in a chain. Just click on that, and paste your link into the box that pops up. Easy peasy... :D
  5. I saw 'How to measure for a padfolio' somewhere

    Making the link live for you:
  6. First "stupid" question ;)

    If you have a microsoft machine, no doubt you also have MS Paint, which has a picture resizing option. You can choose either pixels or percentage, and once you resize it in one dimension (height or width) the other dimension will automatically be resized by the same amount. I use the mail it to myself option for resizing photos on my phone.
  7. Carving Lesson 102?

    I have to say I'm honoured you think I might be capable of producing work like that... Who knows, maybe someday I will ! [Yeah, in my dreams!]
  8. Sewing with a machine - the basics

    Glad I took 2 years of Home Ec. in school, plus my mom taught me how to use her machine... Still, it's been a learning curve!
  9. Cereal box patterns

    Ohh, never thought of doing that! (I'm not a big soda drinker, and I need the beer boxes to take the empties back) :D I do use Cheerios boxes for patterns though.
  10. Need help with my swivel knife

    Yes, decorative cuts need to be done AFTER stamping, as otherwise the pear shaders, crescent shaders, etc. will close up the cuts. The swivel knife work looks pretty good to me, though some of the cuts could be deeper. It looks like you have good control of your blade, though. How did it feel when you were cutting with it? If the leather is properly cased, and the knife properly sharpened and stropped, it should just glide through the leather, like a hot knife through butter. If it sticks, either it isn't sharp enough, or the leather is too dry.
  11. Hand Stitching a Belt

    For a project like this, I imagine a stitching pony would be a real help, too. Some ponies have magnets on them, so you can put your needle there and not get things tangled up when you need a break, or if you need both hands to help sort out a problem!
  12. storing oils/dyes/paint

    LOL, Scoobie! Yeah, I've had a lot of problems opening some of those bottles! And sometimes the darn things spill or leak during the struggle! I've now gotten into the habit of wiping down the bottles and caps before re-sealing them, as that seem to help keep the caps from getting seized up.
  13. storing oils/dyes/paint

    When I buy a bottle of dye or some other liquid needed for leather work, the store always seals it in a ziplock bag. The bags are big enough to hold 3 bottles of dye. So, I keep them in the bags. The bags are then stored in a Rubbermaid container that is just a little taller than the tallest bottle. Currently, one container is so full the bottles can't fall over, and I have a second that contains the non-dyes, and it's getting pretty full too! Even if the containers do fall over, the bags will contain any spills/leaks. You'd think the companies that make the dyes could design a leak-proof container but noooo.....
  14. Tandy edge kote

    Putnam, can't help but notice in the topic title you say you were using Tandy Edge Kote, but in your text you say it was Fiebing's. Which one was it?
  15. Carving Lesson 102?

    Immiketoo, are you kidding me?? That wasn't me, that was Al Stohlman!! You need to read my post more carefully! Yeah, I took that into consideration when I posted, then decided regardless of HOW he gets the content, it's free. And it came with a boatload of advertising, too! The paid content on the site looks to be a good deal. He was an excellent teacher.