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  1. Shell Cordovan

    Thank you very much for your order and feedback, next time please shoot us a message and we will make a discount for you.
  2. Shell Cordovan Italy

    happy new leathers! This is amazing time right after Christmas and NYE long holidays. We could not find a better time to present our new shell cordovan colors and Avancorpo leathers. Together with FREE shipping for all orders over 250 Euro, this makes shopping with us as good as you can imagine. We are exclusively offering three amazing shell cordovan colours straight from our tannery located in the heart of Toscana, Italy: Royal Purple, Brown, Olive. Click here to find out more about these colours. Avancorpo - is our exclusive article - vegetable tanned horse fronts leathers carefully produced and well treated, finished for your best leather craft experience. Our new hit is PULL-UP Avancorpo - it is a special article of wax and grease finish which gain silky feel and unique antiqued effect. Brushed Avancorpo in two colours: Whiskey and Graphite. This is vegetable tanned aniline drum dyed horse fronts with the smooth shine finish, brushed for more tough grain and rich shine. Please read more about our tannery and watch our videos here.
  3. Shell Cordovan Italy

    Yes, this is the final step. We split down to 3oz free of charge.
  4. Shell Cordovan Italy

    Thank you! We sell a lot to US, so hopefully someone can be found. More examples and customer's photos in our Instagram:
  5. Shell Cordovan Italy

    Hello everyone. We have new website launched, welcome:
  6. Shell Cordovan Italy

    Here are some examples what I have. I was trying to explain you why I don't have more product photos now, don't see the reason for furthering excuses.
  7. shell cordovan

    Hi! Its shell cordovan made in Tuscan, Italy. Im proud to offer this leather for sale directly from tannery. For inquiries please PM, or hello at horsecordovan com
  8. Shell Cordovan Italy

    dear Nrk! Im on duty for few months only, so it is not enough time to get photos of ready products from costumers. also most of them prefer to hide the source of cordovan, so each time I have to ask permission even to make the repost. I understand your mistrusting, please check our IG - there you can find feedbacks and some costumers experience. Thank you very much, I appreciate your attention!
  9. Shell Cordovan Italy

    Some of other colors we make: racing green, navy blue, classic black.
  10. Shell Cordovan Italy

    Thor, thanks for your recommendations. We use mostly FedEx express international. Within Europe average 30 Euro. Australia and Asia average 60 Euro. Africa 80 Euro. I would like to underline - that are average costs for average shells amount. Thank you
  11. Shell Cordovan Italy

    "Our tannery is the family business, more than thirty years we supply row material for other tanneries and made to order highest quality shell cordovan for limited shoe makers. Times change, and today we decided to enter the wide markets with famous shell cordovan, offering a product based on a wealth of experience and professionalism earned two generations of tanners». Our colors are: classic black, unique whiskey, elegant brown, french burgundy, race green and navy blue. The average size of each shell is 0,20 - 0,22 square meter or 2,5 square feet. The average thickness is 1,5 - 1,6 mm or 4 oz. We can make it less or more upon request. Price is USD65 for 1 square foot ex tannery. Shipping to US for 1-5 shells is USD50 (partly paid by us). We accept either PayPal or bank transfer payment. There is no minimum order, so you can buy al least one shell to try it out and come back for more. Will be glad to answer your questions or get inquiry either here in PM, or hello at horsecordovan com
  12. This also happens if you stretch cordovan by hands, for example. I suppose it can be cured with strong wax polish or 'liquid leather'.
  13. Dear Ferg, I'm sorry, you can definitely write to me at maxim.yasnyi (at) or to private message, I'm getting notification instantly.
  14. we sell itailan shell cordovan. same quality, cheaper and no waiting.