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  1. Ya sorry it's a large pattern so it makes 6 pages
  2. I searched for "corner" in their search box Oh and that circle tool is neat Demetra Gayle - just ordered one! I have plastic circle tools which work great when drawing out a pattern, but this is perfect for direct cutting.
  3. They still make this product:
  4. I used to cut them out by hand, but now have corner stamps. In attachment some rounded stamps from Amazon and a corner stamp from Zelikovitz Leather's out of Toronto. The Actual corner stamp is >90 degrees and works very well.
  5. Yes, I feel like the more I make the better they get! I've sold quite a few of them, mostly to Australian clients...
  6. Bar Earrings (Packaging Open)

    From the album My Creations

  7. Bar Earrings

    From the album My Creations

  8. A true work of art...
  9. That is amazing!
  10. Here is a pattern for a Rossi Ranch Hand Boot Holster. The PDF should be opened in Acrobat and printed as a "poster". Here are some examples of what it makes: rossi-ranch-hand-v2.pdf
  11. Happy New year!