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  1. Noble Person's Coin Pouch

    From the album My Creations

  2. Cutting surfaces?

    For me, nothing beats a self healing mat. The feeling as I draw the knife is superior. They do need to be replaced every so often though. I find deals on Amazon sometimes.
  3. Red Marijuana Leaf

    Lol Itch is that you dressed as Santa? Nice belt too.
  4. Red Marijuana Leaf

    I know, Canada can be such a touchy subject right?
  5. Red Marijuana Leaf

    Yes lol, it's a Canadian Maple Leaf cross Thank you Itch.
  6. Tooled 20ga Ammo Slip

    From the album My Creations

  7. Bifold Ammo Belt Pouch

    From the album My Creations

  8. My First Project

    That's really impressive for a first project!
  9. Dangler Knife Sheath With Snakeskin Inlay

    Thank you Kiwi!