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  1. First pair of sabatons and greaves

    That looks amazing!
  2. Oops...

    I'm starting the project over, and will make them even better this time. Thanks for the comments!
  3. Oops...

    From the album My Creations

    The first shoe upper I've ever tried making and my knife slipped, cutting straight through the topline. Devastating mistake!
  4. Painting Small Letters

    If you apply liberal amounts of paint to the lettering depressions then wipe the excess away with a square sponge or towel on a block, it leaves paint in the depression. Similar to applying antiquing paste.
  5. Baby Moccasins (6-12 Months)

    From the album My Creations

    Found a free pattern online and decided to try it :)
  6. do you recommend tumbling nat veg tan?

    That tumbling is quite different to the milled leather I've purchased. Gives it a much more distressed look to me.
  7. do you recommend tumbling nat veg tan?

    It's the first time I hear of tumbling to soften leather! Could you take a picture of the finish?
  8. Dark spot on leather?

    You could always re-dye the belt black if it bothers you
  9. Yes, this is common practice. Nothing wrong with the construction of this belt.
  10. site chat

    We should probably set it up on the "dark web"
  11. Vinegroom stinks!

    Will Ghormley uses a water based rust tank to make grey to black leather: (scroll down) Probably smells much less...
  12. WALNUT shoes!

    I totally want to make myself a pair of shoes now... Can you share titles and authors off the old books you have!?
  13. Swedish bandolier

    Those period buckle clips are very hard to find indeed! Do you know someone who can fabricate it from a small piece of brass sheet such as a silversmith or jeweler? Anyone who works metal should be able to do this for you.