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  1. Farrier Chaps

    They look just grand so they do These photos are looking like those trick photos which were on internet a while back; in the first photo the pockets and big patches look dark blue. but in the other photos they look medium brown!
  2. Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    I've been buying from LePrevo for 17 years - never had a problem with any leather. I tell them the thickness, square footage and type I want and let them send it to me. Only twice did I ask for a small sample first Hardware; do you mean rivets, buckles and such or tools? I used to get all from them as they were the only ones who would post to N.I. Now I buy rivets from China. I still get buckles from them as I like their range of brass ones. I usually/normally only use brass fittings and Le Prevo have good prices. Tools; I bought my first ones from them. Most are good, but they're limited in what they have. I bought a load of tools from Tandy last year, I also got some from China [via ebay] - eg a pair of special pliers which punches 3 lacing holes £35 plus P from Tandy, £9 from China; exactly the same thing cos they make them for Tandy You're probably paying an arm and both legs for delivery from UK. Have you tried that Parcel drop-off service? It sort of uses a N.I. post code to a place which then forwards it to a pick-up depot in Ireland - I think thats the gist of how it works
  3. Notepad cover

  4. 1. Two questions there a; any type you want to use, from any animal. The more exotic the animal the harder to get leather and more expensive it is. But leather from some animals is forbidden b. Soft leather. Soft leather can be thick or thin. Harder [stiffer] leather can be wet molded to make features on doorcards or dashes, or even a head-lining 2. Tandy keeps some. Sometimes they have leather that looks like its from snake or alligator, but its a lot cheaper. If you search on here you may find a list of leather sellers closer to where you are 3. What do you mean by this? More explanation please. For patterns just cut card or heavy weight paper or whatever, just whatever you do for cloth
  5. Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    I get my leather from LePrevo
  6. Historically correct Western chaps

    A thought. Ask "Scottsdale's Mueum of the West" in Scottsdale, Arizona. They are supposed to have one of the best collections of Chaps
  7. I use a simple test. Burn a bit. Take a bit about the size of a quarter, hold in pliers, apply a flame. Real leather will scorch and smell like burnt meat, bonded leather wil start to burn, give off black smoke with black particles in it.
  8. looks like a stuffing needle; for pushing stuffing up into tight places
  9. How can I repair pool pocket tops

    Probably not a boot / shoe cobbler, but ask in equestrian and gun stores if they know a leatherworker. I reckon you're best bet will be through a gun store; they'll probably have contact with a holster maker. Holster makers work in lighter weight leather and generally don't mind to do it; saddle makers work in heavier weight leathers and may not have what you need As for samples to get or retain; I reckon you'll need three - the middle side and one from each end. The end pockets may not be exactly the same but made a bit 'lop-sided'
  10. How can I repair pool pocket tops

    H'actually, thinking about this, I think the pockets have been made of cheap PU leather with a sprayed on finish. It takes a lot of rubbing to get through properly dyed quality leather. It takes months of regular hard use to make it start to show up, not two weeks. The saddle and holster makers on here will confirm this Whatever you chose to use, it will only stay on the surface. I'm not sure a leather dye is right on this occasion, it won't soak in properly and a lot will come off easily.A lacquer paint might be better
  11. Infestations ..

    My ex- was conned into selling my Cadillac for £100. Guy forged a letter. He was to buy some spare parts kept in the trunk. By the time I got home and told police guy was across the border Junk mail - dunno if this would work for you; I pack up the junk mail, with old newspapers and stuff and mail it to the company. Only I don't pay the postage. I mark it 'Urgent papers inside' so the company feels compelled to receive it, thus having to pay the mailing charges. [return address is that of the company] I include a note; 'you stop sending me your carp and I'll stop sending you mine'. Works every time sock; yup, all black socks for me
  12. As long as the plastic is HDPE it'll be ok. Here methylated spirits and other alcohol is often sold in HDPE bottles
  13. 'painting' with dye

    I shall not get into the arguement and observation. To answer the OP question; what can be used to thicken it? I have not tried this with leather paints but with acrylic paints in general; Artists Medium, available in gloss, sem-matt and matt. Its a gel specifically for thickening artists acrylic paints so they can be applied by spatula or when by brush it leaves the brush strokes in it; making the smooth flowing acrylic paints work like oil paints. It does however slow down the drying time considerably and use of too much will actually stop the paint from drying at all
  14. Free Leather - UK & Ireland only

    Watch this space for further developments
  15. Leather pool table cover

    Reason for not being able to get one; probably two - 1. plastic ones are dirt cheap, 2, no-one has thought of making them Ask a general purpose leather worker to make it for you. It could be made up in upholstery leather. But leather has a finite size so the cover will have to be sewn up in two or three sections for the top depending on the size of your table