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  1. 33 Barry King Stamps FOR SALE 22 are brand new 11 are about a year old but in perfect condition I'm selling to get money together for Christmas presents that's the only reason they're going anywhere. About 15 Geometric About 10 Border About 8 Tooling (Seeders Bevelers Baclgrounders) Send me a message and I will give you my email and send pics thank you
  2. I'm selling 33 Barry King Stamps and a Barry King Swivel. 14 stamps are brand new, rest are perfect, used about a year. Comes in handmade wood storage box with antler handle, just a little bonus. $1020 shipped Lots of Geometrics, Border also background, bevelers more
  3. and two seven seed border tools.... right at 300 if bought in store, ill sell all for 210 shipped
  4. Selling a group of Barry King tools 2 Concave Bevelers 2 Round Bevelers 2 Flower Centers Barry King Glass Slicker with Case also have more if your interested
  5. Barry KING TOOLS FOR Sale

    I am selling a Barry King glass slicker, 2 concave bevelers, 2 round bevelers, 2 flower centers, crescent shell and filler.... so i still have some to sell
  6. Most are brand new These are all of the tools I'm selling Barry King Swivel Knife with BK blade Beader Blade Rope Basket Weave 3 Tri Hex Hollow 2 Pointed Scale 3 Bar Grounders 3 & 5 Hole in 27 and 40 (4 total) 20oz Tapered Head mallet Email me if interested
  7. Email me at I have many more I'm about to sell. 11 BK stamps, BK swivel knife with blade and Beader blade
  8. Yes, let me try again, last time it said the picture was to big.. There we go. Had to change resolution of the picture. My email is if you have any questions. thanks, Michael
  9. Looking for a TangleBoss Swivelknife

    I was curious if you were still looking for a Tangle Boss... if so my email is I have the red one in your picture there. Just email and we can talk Thanks, Michael
  10. Schwabe Model D 25 Ton 14" Swing Arm Head Hydraulic Clicker Press - Baldor Motor Asking $4,500 Email for Pics Click out Patterns in the thinnest or thickest leather, Kydex, Plastic & tons of other materials in seconds with the press of 2 buttons! The head swings side to side with just a finger push. If the Die fits on bottom table(About 45"x20") it will Click it out Every Saddle, Gun Holster, Knife Sheath or Tack set will be exactly PERFECT and uniform making much more professional products. Open to Partial Trades. Great Machine that is a great addition to any shop. SAVES TIME Instead of spending HOURS Cutting and it never comes out perfect, same amount of work in Seconds even have holes punched or anything else SAVES MONEY With a Clicker and Dyes you can lay them out to get the ABSOLUTE most out of your leather, no need for trim, every piece will be exactly how you want it and you can make every inch count! Can be moved or unloaded with Bobcat or Forklift Freight would be determined on distance, also could pick up from my shop or I could deliver if it was no more than 400 Miles from Greenville, SC Email me for Pictures
  11. Im looking to Buy some Barry King stamps or hand tools, edgers awls and such. i have cash in my PAYPAL ready to go, if you would like to part with them just let me know. thanks!
  12. Almost $200 of Barry King Tools(w/Shipping) >NEW BK 20oz 2inch Flat Mallet - Got in week or so ago. played with but decided to keep my Smaller one >BK Lined Flower Shader - Great texture around center & Use round end for end of petals >BK #27 - 7 Hole & 3 Hole Bargrounders - instead of using normal Matte tool these fancy it up. 7 hole for big areas, 3 hole to get everywhere else >BK Long 1/4" Stylus/Molder - Great for Tracing onto leather or molding tight creases. Everything is in New or Great shape and are AMAZING tools. Once you use this quality you can never go back. $7 Shipping (Overnight Available)