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  1. Arm Stuff

    Bracelets, Bracers, Watches, other things that go on arms
  2. Updating My Albums

    I've been a busy bee creating my own little world for the past year. I just realized I haven't updated my albums in a long time and I've created so much! I am having some problems uploading all the images but I will be adding what I can to my albums.
  3. Masks

    I love masks. The following are my attempts to add my mark upon the world of masks.
  4. Added Some Work To Gallery

    It's been a long time since I've shown anything here. In the past 6 months... wow it really has been that long... I made some deerskin bags and I really like how they came out. I know it's not the place for critiques but if anyone feels the need to point something out please feel free. OH and I was out hiking awhile back and came across the left over lunch of a mountain lion! I took the left over deer bones home and processed them. I then used them to make the "ring" and "strap ring" for the white satchel. Hope the link to the gallery works.
  5. Bags, Pouches, Purses, & Wallets

    Satchels, purses, pouches, bags of all different types.
  6. I really like the idea you used for the pen holders!
  7. Best Way To Apply Resolene

    how does angelus matte finisher compare to resolene in regards to water resistance?
  8. First Leather Binder

    Hahaha nice pun! I used double cap rivets. I had to pull off the first couple of rivets though, they kept bending on me for some reason. I really had to take my time on it. I can't remember what size I used, but they are long enough to work (maybe a little too long and that's why it bent). Sorry for the late reply. I've been going seven days a week and haven't had a break since September. Hope that helps! Good luck!
  9. Purse for my mom

    Nice! Sorry for the delayed response. I've been going seven days a week. Do you get your supplies from Tandy over on Alvernon? If so I will probably run into you sometime.
  10. Purse for my mom

    I'm over on the East side, where abouts are you?
  11. Fire Helmet Shield

    That looks amazing! I say leave it! The details didn't get drowned out like I thought they would. Love it!
  12. Fire Helmet Shield

    That video was specific to finishes...... it's been awhile so I can't remember if he also talked about paints and finishes....
  13. Fire Helmet Shield

    I mainly use dyes. I've made a few things with acrylic paint, not the leather type of acrylic but just regular acrylic paint. A few of them came out nicely, but for some reason the white paint cracked. Which from what I hear is a common issue. I use acrylic resolene to seal it. I haven't heard back from the owner so I have no idea how well it has held up. I bought some Eco-Flo Cova-Color during a Black Friday sale but haven't played with them yet. Since this is actually going to go onto a helmet and will see all the hell that fire fighters deal with daily, I would recommend not using acrylic paint at all. In that case the total black would last longer. From what I have seen, experienced, and heard in my research is that acrylic resolene is the closest you can probably get to a "waterproof". I've also heard the same with wax/oil mixes. Maybe Red House Shields is willing to share what they use. Here's a looooooooooooooooong video but I thought he did a good job of showing the properties of each finish.
  14. Nice. So the black diamonds along the bottom just come from the way the Mexican braid is done?