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  1. Purse for my mom

    I'm over on the East side, where abouts are you?
  2. Purse for my mom

    Nicely done sir!
  3. Fire Helmet Shield

    That looks amazing! I say leave it! The details didn't get drowned out like I thought they would. Love it!
  4. Fire Helmet Shield

    That video was specific to finishes...... it's been awhile so I can't remember if he also talked about paints and finishes....
  5. Fire Helmet Shield

    I mainly use dyes. I've made a few things with acrylic paint, not the leather type of acrylic but just regular acrylic paint. A few of them came out nicely, but for some reason the white paint cracked. Which from what I hear is a common issue. I use acrylic resolene to seal it. I haven't heard back from the owner so I have no idea how well it has held up. I bought some Eco-Flo Cova-Color during a Black Friday sale but haven't played with them yet. Since this is actually going to go onto a helmet and will see all the hell that fire fighters deal with daily, I would recommend not using acrylic paint at all. In that case the total black would last longer. From what I have seen, experienced, and heard in my research is that acrylic resolene is the closest you can probably get to a "waterproof". I've also heard the same with wax/oil mixes. Maybe Red House Shields is willing to share what they use. Here's a looooooooooooooooong video but I thought he did a good job of showing the properties of each finish.
  6. Nice. So the black diamonds along the bottom just come from the way the Mexican braid is done?
  7. Do you remember the website? I am looking to make my own not for others.
  8. Nicely done! Would you mind sharing how you went about getting your measurements? Please
  9. Nicely done! I like the design you made along the trim with the lacing. Could you get a close up shot of it or did you already give it to your brother?
  10. Fire Helmet Shield

    I like the design! I think you should be able to redye it with black, though in my opinion that would drown out your details. Maybe you could do some antiquing? Or apply a second coat of the Eco Flo smoke and that should darken it some more. To me (though I'm far from professional/expert) your tooling doesn't look too bad. I would say the biggest thing would be consistency of depth (something I'm working on too). The bottom middle right of your triskelion is an example of inconsistency. Your letters are lined up fairly well though I'm having trouble trying to figure out the look you are going for. They aren't centered, and I personally feel like they should be, but maybe that isn't the look you were going for? Overall I like the design and symbolism. What did you use for your blue-ish and red?
  11. First Leather Binder

    Thanks! Ya he was a new guy so I'll cut him some slack, hopefully I'll get the same since I'm a newbie too
  12. First Leather Binder

    This is a perfect explanation! Awesome! Thank you so much! I just had a request for a journal cover and plan on using this for it! Thank you!
  13. First Leather Binder

    I did everything but skive the edges. Thanks for the info. I thought sanding and scoring it with my scratch awl would be enough but obviously it wasn't. I will skive the next one. I did have luck with one side of it though because I clamped a metal ruler over the whole thing and left it over night because I was tired and went to bed. It held long enough for me to get some holes in it to stitch. I thought about 45-ing the edges and I agree it would probably be better. Any tips on 45ing corners? I didn't go the extra mile on this one because it is for a friend of a friend who didn't want to pay big bucks for a leather binder, but wanted hand made. So I took it as a learning opportunity, but wanted it done so I didn't spend a gagillion hours on it.
  14. First Leather Binder

    I will keep that in mind though with this thickness/oiled hide I was even having trouble with the contact cement. It didn't want to stay down when I turned/rolled the edges. I had to clamp it down for a long time before it would stay. Maybe rubber cement will work better?
  15. Hi Everybody! Here is my first binder I've ever done. I like it a lot, though as always there are things that could be done better. For example one section of my stitching wandered a bit, but through the power of censorship I didn't include that in my photos . It is made of two layers of some sort of calf skin. It isn't veg-tan, and it's not an oiled hide... well it kind of is.. I am not sure it feels like it's somewhere in between. Maybe stone oiled? The guy at Tandy didn't give me too clear of an answer, at least not one that stuck in my head hahaha. This is my first rolled edge project as well and it was definitely a learning experience... I got a little too liberal with the contact cement in a couple spots. Any and all comments or critiques are welcome. Yes, I know I'm not supposed to ask for critique here but I didn't want to do two separate posts and I really do feel like showing this one off. Let me know what you think! ..... wait... is it called turning the edge or a rolled edge?