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  1. Thanks! Hopefully it goes well. There are some really great crafters out here!
  2. I am not an expert and have never refurbished a leather piece but my thought is to maybe redye the whole thing? Perhaps there is a spot that has been rubbing that hasn't been re-coated. That might end up costing quite a bit though. Perhaps the inside needs re-dying and re-coating with acrylic resolene? Are the smudges only coming from the edges of the jacket? Or is it coming from the inside?
  3. I personally think of what the use of the item will be, the conditions it will experience , and pricing. I am trying to make a bunch of key fobs to get rid of some scrap so I don't want to spend a ton of time/effort on these. They will be cheap so why use my good rivets on them? Is the purse I am making something I want to last a lifetime? If yes then I will use brass or copper rivets. That will increase the price though. Since you live in Ireland you have those weather conditions to deal with so that may actually limit your choices. I live in dry/hot conditions so I really have a lot of options. So if you sell locally and not internationally that may limit your choices as well. I personally haven't seen much difference between rivets and stitching, except when I screwed up putting a rivet in. That being said, I feel like items that I have screwed up the stitching on have still held well. I have a pair of tabi (ninja boots) that I made and they see the harshest conditions I can put an item through. They are stitched and have held up even when portions of the stitching have failed. They were like the second thing I had made out of leather and really didn't know what I was doing. I have a belt I have made and held together a part of it with contact cement and rivets. One of the rivets has popped out and the cement is starting to give a bit. So long rambling cut short, if you are making an item that will last years I recommend either brass or copper rivets and on cheaper/less important items use the jiffy rivets.
  4. I have a press from Harbor Freight. It doesn't have a hole yet and it has served me well. I have a set of stamps from Tandy as well as others. If I end up using a stamp repetitively I will definitely want to drill a hole into it but for now I infrequently use stamps so haven't taken the time. If you do a search on youtube there are a bunch of vids showing you what others have done. For example:
  5. Any fellow crafters in the Tucson and surrounding areas: The local Tucson Tandy Leather has offered their space as a meeting spot for leather crafters to start a guild for the Tucson area! They are inviting crafters to the first meeting next Tuesday, May 23, 2017 from 6pm-8pm. I think it would be great to meet with people and see what they have done. It's like a in real life! I am pretty sure I will be able to attend and I will pass on this site to anyone who would like more information. I truly appreciate all of your input! Here is the info from their flyer: Tandy Leather Factory 3455 S Palo Verde Dr. #167 Tucson, AZ 85713 Please RSVP: 520-519-0750 Please bring a project that you have finished or one that you are working on. We will be meeting to get your input on developing a leatherworking guild for the Tucson area. This is a great opportunity to share skills and knowledge with fellow leatherworkers of all skill levels from beginner to professional. If you are interested in leadership please let Kathy at Tandy know. Please know that Tandy would love to house all future guild meetings, but that this guild will be established and maintained by those who attend. Tandy will be open during whatever hours your establish for guild meetings.
  6. Welcome Ron!
  7. awesome! I will see if I can get ahold of some of that stuff. Right now my biggest concern is the smell. It has disappated some but do you know if that will go away? Does the lubristretch help with that?
  8. Has anyone attempted to tan their own snake skin? I've been researching through youtube mainly and found that practically all the tutorials are on rattlesnakes. I recently purchased three python skins from a taxidermist who only wanted the bones. I am attempting to tan them myself. So far I have only started with one to see if I can figure it out. Has anyone tanned both a rattlesnake and a python? The skins I got were not exactly "tube peeled" and so there is a very large band of tissue running down the spine. I tried to flesh it as best as I could. I got the fascia off for the most part but this band seems to be something else. At times I was able to get a bit lifted up and peeled off but in some areas no matter how much I scraped it would not come up. It was getting to the point where I began cutting some holes in the skin. I ended up leaving it on and I'm hoping that it works out. I put it in the tanning solution (50/50 isopropyl/glycerine), shook it twice a day for a week, and just pulled it out today to dry. In the video I watched the guy mentioned that when I pull it out I shouldn't smell anything but the isopropyl alcohol. I smelled the alcohol but there was also a hint of ... a death smell... not rotting, but dead. Have I totally messed it up? Should that smell have dissipated in the alcohol/glycerin solution? Here's the vid I watched on the solution portion:
  9. Are you here in the United States? It sure sounds like the US regulations.
  10. Awesome! Thank you! I would love to get into saddle making but I do not ride and I'm not part of the culture so I don't know that I'd ever make them to my satisfaction... plus I know nothing of saddles other than they are made of leather, have padding, and are beautiful. I appreciate the input! Awesome thank you! I will go see if I can find some leather that my dad has and see what that is like. He is horrible at maintaining things other than his truck and lawn mower lol.
  11. Hello Everyone, I am trying to find a decent and easily accessible leather conditioner to perhaps start selling along with my products. I have personally used Chelsea Leather Food over the years and I feel like it works. I do not have your vast experiences, how decent is it? Also, since I don't have the time/knowledge at the moment to make my own beeswax/oil conditioner is there one that you personally use? Does anyone know of a wholesaler that I can buy small quantities from? I am not doing this full time yet. Thanks for the assist!
  12. Also, being a newbie to this I don't know that I could tell the difference between leather that has been taken care of the proper way, and leather that has been mistreated/conditioned improperly. I would love to give a lifetime guarantee too, but I don't know that I am at that level yet. Does it just take experience to know? How would I even start researching what it looks like?
  13. Awesome NV thank you! However my question pertains more to the finishers/sealers that I am using. So for example would I use the same process you describe regardless of whether I use resolene, super shene, or carnauba creme? I have been using acrylic resolene on my masks to try to give them some waterproofing. Does the resolene seal the leather off so thoroughly that it will take some time/use before any neatsfoot will even soak in?
  14. Hello All, So I am not sure quite how to word my question but it is something that I haven't been around long enough to know the answer to. As my leather goods that I make age, is there something that will prevent a customer from using saddle soap and other products on the item? ... I guess what I am asking is what advice I should give them for the care of their product over the years. Is it the same for all leather finishers/sealers or does it change for each one? I mainly use acrylic resolene, some super shene, and on a few items I use carnauba creme. Is the method for caring for items the same for all of these or is it different?
  15. That actually is a great idea that I didn't think of! Hahahaha this is actually a bracelet. I haven't figured out how to make the drinking horns just yet. It is on my list of projects to do soon! Did the link to the moccasin tutorials work for you? I wasn't sure if it worked.