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  1. Looking to sell smaller projects

    I have been using Etsy to sell my items with a fair amount of success. I have also tried farmers markets with some success as well. Etsy takes a small percentage of each sale but they give some security to selling online. I feel that whatever path you choose word of mouth will help you the most so make sure the quality is there but more importantly make sure your customer service skills are as honed as your swivel knife!
  2. About split rings

    All metals will corrode, even stainless steel, in certain conditions. I would go with brass but I also recommend doing your own research. Use both and put them through the same conditions and observe the results.
  3. What's going on here?

    I tried tracing out the parts and dying them as a whole and that seemed to work fairly well but I think I'll follow your lead and never use sheep for a wallet again. I do like the suppleness but it was too much of a pain to use for wallets.
  4. What's going on here?

    Nice, I didn't think of that! Thank you! I will definitely try this out. I don't really have much room/plates/weights to put on my pieces. Thank you! This is 1.5-2.5 oz sheep skin that I got to try on the inner pieces to try to take out some of the thickness. I normally work with 2-3oz at the smallest but thought I'd give the thinner stuff a shot. I may stick with it and try all these suggestions, at least until I'm out of leather then maybe go back to the 2-3 or maybe just get 1-2 in cow (if I can find it). Thank you!
  5. What's going on here?

    I'll experiment and see what I get! Thank you! The glass idea sounds good but I think I'll have to wait until I have an actual shop space/room instead of my teeny space I have at the moment.
  6. What's going on here?

    Would NFO before dying help prevent this? Sounds like it's worth a try! I used some Fiebings Pro Dye (which I'm assuming is there newest recipe for oil dye) on another wallet and it got some waviness/slight curling, but not like this. Concrete curls?!?
  7. What's going on here?

    Hello Everyone, So I bought some Eco-Flo Range Tan Leather Dye from Tandy to try out. I am working on a long wallet and the exterior piece is 2-3oz veg tan and the interior pieces are 1-2oz sheep veg tan. I put two coats of the leather dye on (not drying in between) all the pieces and let them dry. A few hours later I get this curling happening. I also think that I have some shrinkage that happened because my exterior/interior pieces, which should be pretty much the exact same size, are about 1/8" size difference. So what is happening? I did not wet the pieces down before hand, which I thought later that maybe that would help it all dry at about the same rate. Is it the Eco-Fo? Or is it the leather itself? Is there a big difference in behaviors between sheep veg and cow veg?| What did I do wrong? Thank you for the help!
  8. My First Holster

    So for friction fit holsters it's more about the stitch line and the molding correct? About how far should the stitch be? My thoughts being if it is too close to the trigger it will end up tearing the leather? Thank you and I actually am working on the belt for him as I read this hahaha! Will do thank you!
  9. My First Holster

    Thank you! I've played with decorative stitching before but not like this one and I am very pleased that it came out so well. I will ask him to practice with it and give me feedback and if I need to redo it I will.
  10. My First Holster

    Thank you! Ahh man... I forgot that little tab on the side is the release... it's been so long since I've handled a gun haha. The reason why I brought the leather up higher is because I was worried about getting enough friction to make sure that it will stay in securely as it is friction fit. Do you have any tips for finding the optimal balance of leather amount for friction fit for holsters and sheaths? I've done similar things with my sheaths as well because I've made one before that exposed more handle but then I lost some grip. Thank you very much!
  11. My First Biker/Long Wallet

    Thank you for the info and the offer. I think that I will use up the thread that I have and as I get near to the end I'll try out these two options. Getting a small spool of Ritza isn't expensive so thank you for your offer but I'll pick up one sometime in the near future.
  12. This is a holster I made for my uncle for his Kel Tec PF9 Holster. I am not an avid marksman/sportsman so I am a little worried about how well it will draw out and sit on his belt, but I will definitely get feed back on it for sure and make it better if need be. The copper rivets were a good challenge for me to think through because I didn't want to other end to be rubbing against the pistol, so I used two 3/4 oz pieces and put them together. I really had to think through the process repeatedly to make sure I was doing it right. I'm pretty happy with it but worried that it will not draw out as well as I hope. I know this is Show Off but I'm always looking to improve so if you see something let me know please! What I've seen/considered: 1. Stitching on the inside may get worn/frayed/fall apart over time and I'm not sure how to get around that 2. Stitching too close to edge 3. Maybe the piece around the trigger guard is too wide? I have a huge hand and it was kind of hard for me to draw it out nicely, but this is for a 2 inch belt which I wasn't wearing so there was some slop Anyways, here it is
  13. My First Biker/Long Wallet

    I've only used Tandy because it's quicker/easier/cheaper for me to get so I know nothing of Ritza. I'm at the point in my crafting that I'm ready to branch out and try some new stuff to find what I like better. What is the knock off brand?
  14. My First Biker/Long Wallet

    I'll give it a look! Thanks!
  15. My First Biker/Long Wallet

    Thank you Fire88! I didn't even know they made a #1 beveler, I'll have to pick one up. On paper the template has 1/8" on either side of the card so I think that it is the thread. I bought some thinner thread from Tandy. I wanted to try tiger thread but it's rather expensive for a small timer like me. I'm thinking I'll pick up a small spool and try it out to see if I like it. I think I need to invest in some better diamond chisels, or maybe even try pricking irons and using an awl. I don't use my awl as much because I hate how it pushes the second layer away from the first.... maybe I need to sharpen my awl? Do you sharpen awls? .... hmmmm I need to learn more about awls! hahahaha