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  1. Does anyone know if a Juki 2516N overlock machine will cover stitch upholstery leather? About 2 to 3 oz. If not leather what about patch type material. Looking to do some patches for vest and jackets
  2. Have an opportunity to purchase a Consew 732R-2 locally. Anyone know how old this model is? I searched and seems the current model is up to 732R-5 or 732R-6. What size motor would I need as this one does not include a motor. It appears this thing will sew very heavy items. Currently I am only sewing light weight but thinking about getting into heavier leather such as very thick dog collars. Any thoughts or opinions greatly appreciated!
  3. Juki 1508N Top Thread

    Thanks Wiz! I am an embroiderer by trade and know Rayon and Poly for the embroidery business. Leather is new to me. Do you mean to not use bonded nylon?
  4. Juki 1508N Top Thread

    Thanks again for all the advice guys. Wish you had been the salesman I worked with. I think I will try and stick with the 138 for now. I have only used 69 so far and don't know what the 138 will look like or how much the stitching will stand out. My hope is the 138 will have much more visual effect than the 69. Thanks again!!
  5. Juki 1508N Top Thread

    Got it. Thanks Wiz. I am only sewing thin material 3.5 to 4 oz. leather, so the height is not important to me.
  6. Juki 1508N Top Thread

    You can modify the N to an NH? If that can be done easily I would be interested.
  7. Juki 1508N Top Thread

    Thanks for the info! My 1508N is brand new. I think I got sales bamboozled! I asked several times what the difference was between the N and NH model and never got a good answer. I found out the NH can handle heavier thread too late. Oh well live and learn. Actually 138 may do the trick for me. I am currently using 69 but it doesn't stand out enough for my liking. Thanks again guys!
  8. Top Thread Size

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback! Aesthetic is exactly what I am after. I have Juki 1508N (Not NH) and my understanding is the bobbin can only go up to 138 thread. I have been told the 1508N will handle 207 on the top. Will give it a try! Thanks again
  9. I am trying to achieve a visual stitch look on a purse and need a larger thread on top. I have a Juki 1508N. I know the machine is rated to use 138 in the bobbin but was wondering if I could step up to a 207 on top and keep the 138 in the bobbin. Does anyone ever use different thread weights between top and bottom? Is this a bad idea?
  10. Top Thread Size

    Does anyone ver use a different size thread on the top and a smaller thread in the bobbin? I am working on purses and seem to see this on commercial made units. Thinking about 207 on top and 138 bobbin.
  11. nice looking bag!! What machine was used to make it?
  12. Stitch Length

    Thanks for the info guys. My question is more technical in nature than aesthetic though. My concern is the minimum requirement of stitch length needed to sew 2 to 4 oz leather. Does a 5mm max machine get it done? Thanks again for the comments! Appreciate all of them.
  13. I currently have an embroidery business and will expand into making leather bags and purses. Have been researching what machine would fit best. Will mainly be using 2 to 4 oz. leather. Looking at Consew 227R, Juki 1508 and a Techsew 2700. The Consew and Techsew only go up to a 5mm stitch length. Any opinion if this is a long enough stitch for the weight of leather I plan on using? Any opinions greatly appreciated
  14. Currently have an embroidery business and plan to expand into leather goods, so I am a newbie at leather. Will make purses and bags and will be using 2 to 4 oz leather for most projects. Have been studying Consew 227R, Juki 1508 and Techsew 2700 machines. The Techsew only goes up to 5mm maximum stitch length. Any opinions on stitch length? Is 5mm enough for this weight material? Any opinions greatly appreciated
  15. My wife is going to start making purses and is deciding what machine to purchase. Can you tell me if these were made on a cylinder arm machine or a table?