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  1. Cowgirl boots

    Really nice, do you tool before or after lasting?almost looks like after its so perfect,,,
  2. Tooled Guitar Strap

  3. Ancient Greek Armor

    Wayyy cool
  4. Sweet, modern day gunslinger!
  5. Last making without wood?

    The last are cheaper, but regular polyester resin would work for what your talking about
  6. Basket stamping curves

    Thank you for the info Bruce,,, much appreciated
  7. Oh truth, how funny though art....

    Thanks for the chuckles,,, sometimes ya just gotta have a sense of humor about this stuff, my favorite, is when they want you to buy a 250$ hide to make something they want tompay 30$ for
  8. And you WANT me to do this to you?@!

    Thats pretty funny,,
  9. Really?@!

    Hey bud,,, first problem, FAKEBOOK! second well pretty much thats the problem, your good, you already know LOTS AND LOTS of good reputable folks, just stick with them! just my .2768 cents
  10. The Join

    Your stamping/carving/coloring on all of these are awesome bud,, way cool!
  11. Field Notes Notebooks/Journal Covers

    Cool pieces, ditto on wondering about the dye job on the wallet, info please
  12. Some more of my work

    Nice holsters, any possibility of getting the shoulder rig pattern?
  13. Ditto on contacting Lisa, i got a logger last from her, is special order, got to contact her as its not on the site
  14. Last making without wood?

    Sorrel notions and findings, she has most in stock or can order if not