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  1. I took in my DD-214, You can also use your VA card or CAC or military ID. I also have to drive 2 hours so I took multiple forms of ID, but it's quick and painless I already have my discount card and the discount was applied to my purchase that day
  2. First things, Thanks goes out to Tandy for offering Veterans and Military this fine discount. Second, this conversation should have been kept elsewhere, but I'm not a moderator so I guess I can say my 2 cents. LOL Third, being a veteran, I can say that I'm sick of hearing how EMS and FF people think that they are the same as our Military. They are NOT. Stop trying to be and please stop putting mutilating our national flag with that "Blue Lives Matter" stripe. Seriously ALL lives matter. I don't see soldiers returning from the front trying to put their unit colors across the American flag, While I do respect other folks views on this subject, they should also respect mine. Normally I don't say much but this subject is a very aggravating one.
  3. Sounds like a wonderful win on the auction, I'd be interested in items also. I sent you an email on this subject.
  4. I'm restarting my leather hobby work after letting it go for more years than I care to remember. So it's kinda like starting all over again. I knew making my purchase with amazon for a cheap 20 piece stamp set would be disappointing but it got me going again. Tandy has been great and so has springfield leather. If you do your research you'll find that top dollar tools aren't the answer, but practice is the answer. I've gotten a few remnant bags at our local Michaels, well some of that leather is definitely not ideal but it's great for practice. I know this next statement will cause groans from the veteran leather workers here, I bought a purse kit from Tandy. Except for one piece of leather in the kit it was awesome. I had a piece I was trying to tool that had hard spots. But I got through it. This kit is practice for more projects. There's a common theme here,,,practice and research. Read everything watch videos and practice. Hope it works out for you, I'm very happy to be tooling around with leather again and I'm sure you will also just stick with it and practice.