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  1. My intent here was not at all to insult the seller. He will take the table back, if I want to send it, He did not have the machine I wanted but was willing to order it for me and there was not a table specifically for it. This is what there was, and I would like to make it work. I have neither the tools nor the skill set to build one, I just need to make this one work. I’m really oping that some of you here have adapted your tables in some way that might help me with ideas. To dicman, the was a bit of room with the knee lift, as was also suggested by the seller, and I’ve since made that adjustment. I’ve have one suggestion to attach legs to the table, maybe pieces of pvc, so it will slide on and not have to be attached exactly at the points where holes are in the table. I’ll still have to do a little cutting and sanding on it, but I don’t see any reason YET that it wouldn’t work that way. My embroidery machine has a table that slides on in a similar way. I’m still open to other constructive suggestions, and if my leg idea works I’ll post the results back here.
  2. This is the showing the contour of the cut out, and the contour of the table not matching.
  3. This is the bolt leg interfering with the knee lift.
  4. I have a new cylinder arm machine and the flat bed accessory purchased at the same time. The table doesn’t fit very well and I’m afraid of ruining it completely if I start cutting on it. It’s hard to get a good photo of the fit issues, but can you see anything obvious that I’m missing? I know I need to cut off the back side near the belt, because it’s actually touching the belt. The left-most bolt in the front interferes with the knee lift. There are a couple places near the point where the arm joins the body of the machine that there is a cutout that doesn’t follow the contour of the machine. I guess I looked and lusted after Uwe’s tables too much, but I really expected this one to be more useable than it is. Any tips and observations appreciated before I left my husband start cutting on it tomorrow. I think I’ll have to add each photo separately. This one is the back of the machine, where the belt rubs on the table.
  5. Cobra Class 26 machine

    Thank you for the additional information, Wizcrafts. I got an opportunity to see a Cobra 26 in person.Monday night. It was set up with 138 thread I think, and a fairly long stitch. Quite different from the domestic machines I’m used to. Looking forward to exploring this, and finding a machine that will suit my needs.
  6. Cobra Class 26 machine

    Thank you Wizcrafts. My head is spinning over all the info and comparing specs and all. Going to try to see the Cowboy and the Thor in person in a couple weeks, but I’m not sure that will really clarify anything for me. But I will choose one then.
  7. Cobra Class 26 machine

    So when the website lists the range for thread sizes as 69 to 210 for Thor 1341, and the threads sizes for Cowboy CB341 is listed as 33 to 138, is it just the way each company sets up their machines? Sorry, I know it must get irritating to explain the same thing numerous times and ways.
  8. Cobra Class 26 machine

    Thank you for this info, Wizcraft and Steve. This above is the correct info on the Cobra then? It does not have the ability to sew up to 5/8”? I’m assuming at this point that was a typo or some other error. I’m expecting to purchase a machine in the next two weeks or so. In trying to compare the Techsew 2750, the Cowboy CB341, and the Cobra 26, I expected the same capabilities but either there is some difference, or there is misleading or incorrect information out there. There is a lot of knowledge on this forum and I appreciate all of you.