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  1. J.D Randall Krebs style splitter

    Have you sold it?
  2. Hello from VA

    Hello from SouthSide Virginia! welcome...
  3. Looking for anvil/steel plate

    Harbor freight has a 55 lb anvil for 65.00 and a 15 lb anvil for 18.00. wait for the 25% off coupon, problem solved. ive been using the 55 for years.
  4. Brother A-7200b-405

    Thank you all for your input. After further investigation of 4 wires on the cord, going into the control box the black wire was a dead end, so that left me with 2 hots and a ground, after I connected the plug, off she went, great machine powerful and will sew anything I put under the foot including firm leather. Thread trimmer, thread wiper, auto back tack, programmable etc etc. I was worried it was 3 phase even though it said single phase on the control box! It had a 3 phase sticker above the box? The NEMA 6-20P plug worked well.
  5. Brother A-7200b-405

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate your input. George
  6. Brother A-7200b-405

    Hi Y’all i just bought a Brother A-7200B-405 sewing machine, it says on the control box single phase 220-240. I’m having a problem with the cord configuration, it has a green, blue, black and brown wires. I’m not sure what kind of plug to use. Do they make a 4 wire plug? I have a NEMA 6-20P plug, it’s right configuration for the outlet I have but only has 3 studs in it. thanks in advance ; George
  7. Alternatives to poundo board/matt for punching

    Walmart white plastic cutting board, 12 dollars give or take. i use them every day and they hold up for years, no tool dulling that i can see. great to use with round knife, andipound on them all day. If you know someone with a planer, 1 pass and like new again.
  8. Need western stirrup leathers shortened

    Hi Tielz, I,m located in South Hill va. I can do the repair for you. Unionlevelleather.com George
  9. Hemming foot?

    Does anyone make a 1/4" hemming foot for a Consew 206RB5? Ive searched high and low and can't seem to find one. I need to hem Cordura and canvas. thanks in advance. George
  10. WTB Weaver Master tools Leather Creaser

    Want to buy new or used weaver master tools leather creaser machine. thanks in advance... George
  11. WTB

    Want to buy Weaver leather creaser with attachments.
  12. Cowboy 4500 for sale

    I had a Cowboy 3200 with table and it fit like a glove. it takes a while to adjust, I'll give you that, but all in all it was a good fit. this post was about selling a machine, not to criticize.
  13. Heritage 22 holster

    I can tell your from Canada, you've been doing this for 3 long years! wow!
  14. Heritage 22 holster

    Maybe I have carving and tooling confused. i made this fo myself, sort of a practice piece, so I use what scrap I have laying around. I like contrasting colors on my pieces anyway, sort of artistic license ;-) Thanks for looking...
  15. Heritage 22 holster

    Let me know if this picture comes up.