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  1. techsew 3850

    I may be interested and we can talk on the phone about it
  2. I got the buckles from Weaver
  3. First bible cover

    Thank you!
  4. This was my first attempt at a leather Bible cover. Overall, I am pleased that my Bible fit perfectly; however, I would welcome comments on how to improve my toling.
  5. Singer 211g157

    I finally figured out it is an EPS now I just have to figure out how to make it work
  6. Singer 211g157

    I think you are right on it possibly being a three phase converter however it does run without it on single phase not sure how that works but it does I just found it interesting because it looks like it's a factory solution for something because it has singers name on it and I've not seen another machine set up like that one The way it is set up with two pulleys I think I will use it for a speed reducer if nothing else
  7. Singer 211g157

    The drive belt goes from the clutch motor to this box and from the box to the sewing machine but it will run without the box being turned on there are two small motors inside the box one with the fan on it it has a small belt that ties into the same shaft that the Drive belt is on The bill that attaches the other motor to the drive pulley is missing
  8. Singer 211g157

    I just bought a singer 211g157 it has a 3 phase motor and runs on 120 volts single phase. It has box on top and I'm not sure what it is and the wires coming out of it have been cut. Any ideas what the box is/ does.