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  1. Air Brushes

    Mainly for Dyeing leather Ive got a few questions for some others who might have some experience with it. Single action vs Dual action Internal vs. External mix from what I understand the single action just has one flow of air and paint with a single trigger that you can use to control it. While a Dual action lets you adjust the paint and air flow with a 2 trigger system. Im not sure about the internal v external mixture however in regards to application possibilities. any insight would be appreciate..or any brushes to avoid ir that are particularlly good for a beginner. thanks again, JC
  2. Dumb Question

    Im trying to hand sew some leather... I wont be using a sewing awl despite the fact that I own one. I prefer doing things by' I cant explain it. so I'm looking for a tutorial or some answer or a name or anything on how to do the following stitch shown below. I really appreciate any response, I have a project I'm trying to get completed here in the next few weeks....this stitch would make it perfect
  3. Making a Leather Bottle

    I'm looking at bottle making and will be using this tutorial as my bible to do so, just a fewquestion however... 1) Only does that stand up to hot/warm beverages? 2) Thoughts on Paraffin wax? 3) I heard mixing the 2 waxes...Paraffin and Beeswax increases strength.. have you found this to be true at all or simply an un-needed step in the process? 4) brewer's Pitch seems to be the only sealer of sorts for hot there an alternative ?
  4. Leather Mugs and RIngs

    thanks!. I usually learn by the brail method, that is I tend to be a more hands on kinda guy. Despite my bachelors in computer science I love to get my hands all dirty and in the thick of things. what Im looking for specifically and perhaps you addressed the answer and Im just overly tired when sewing a costrel or a leather mug you just back stitch 2 places and then cut the cord..if Im understanding correctly. the end of the sinew or cord, do you knot it or tuck under something or how does it go un-exposed? thanks again, JC
  5. Leather Mugs and RIngs

    Greets, my name is Jeremie... Im still sorta playing around with leather working. Right now all I've done is what appears to be some very basic work...Belts and some bracers (I'm a larper) Im looking at moving up my skill to encompass the likes of Leather Mugs, Bottles and rings.. the issue is that I've searched google and gone back a few pages here and I cant seem to find a tutorial or something with some good pictures or very explicit instructions on knotting. I can sew the leather but at the end do I just knot it or... ? the Larp I participate in has A&S (Arts and Science) competitions and so I compete..usually I win but I really want to be a more rounded leather worker.. below is a bracer Ive done