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  1. Can you post some picks from the customer. Yes, 3-4oz for the shoulder straps for concealment so they don't show through a suit coat. Is the drop (vertical distance) on the suspension harness adjustable from the top of the shoulder to the holster? Is this a field rig for a hunting handgun or a concealment rig? Weapon?
  2. I just purchased it through Amazon for $56.00 so, you done good. I also picked up Blued Steal & Gunleather by John Bianchi and Guns Digest book on Holster and Related Gun Leather.
  3. A friend of mine has a latex allergy so bad, her lips will swell if a dishwasher handles plates coming out of the dishwasher with latex gloves. Cowboy Dan: Have you considered neoprene wet uit material for the upper support band?
  4. Ons, do a google search for + trapper hat. Theres a few leads on hats, hat makers and patterns. Wolfwoman does some nice work with your pelts or hers. Also, maybe closer to you is is glacier wear in ME who will also make a hat for you with yours/their pelts. Trapper man though is the place to root out a pattern, just need to see how deep the hole is to find it. I know there is at least one pattern on there cause I read the thread this past January.
  5. Nitrile Wardrobe Malfunction

    Try Thickster gloves. I think 14mil. They hold up well for industrial painting.
  6. Moving The Shop Out Of The Home...

    As previously stated, 20' or a 40' shipping container. The 20's are easy to move around on a flatbed tow truck (rental house), can be wired for AC, window installation for natural light and ventilation. Can easily be insulated and finished out. The frame can be modded out for big swing open doors ect. I'd opt myself for two 20's and place them side by side and have a walk through cut out.
  7. Ruined Jar Of Contact Cement.

    Looked at the MSDS for the AP Barge cement and the main solvent is Tolulene 30-65%. The MSDS for the general purpose thinner is MEK 90-96%. Saves hunting for hen's teeth.