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    Leather carving/tooling, leather braiding, pyrography, anything crafty really (my husband says I have too many hobbies)

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  1. Thank you! I will try that.
  2. So I bought a chap/chink pattern pack from Tandy and was wondering the best way to alter it for a youth? I was wanting to build a pair for my 3 yr old, so the size difference is pretty significant. Is it better to just use a pair of his worn out jeans and cut them to make a pattern? The part that really need to know is the yokes.
  3. Idaho is too pretty to trade! nice looking bag, I have been contemplating doing something similar but haven't worked up the courage. what part of Idaho? I'm a southern Idahoan
  4. Looks like the you let the cat out of the bag haha but on a more serious note, looks great
  5. How do you tan snake hides? I was wanting to learn how, because my husband kills western diamondback rattlesnakes sometimes when he is out fixing fence. He always skins them, but unfortunately we don't know what to do next, so the hides eventually go to ruin
  6. Thanks, I actually reused the conchos from my old belt
  7. Just a few of my recent projects. Feel free to critique! It was my first time working with acrylic on the one.
  8. Thank you, I was pretty nervous about the coloring, because the first stain was supposed to be a mahogany color, but looked completely purple, so I used my light brown and that seemed to help out a lot. I think it turned out pretty decent.
  9. thank you
  10. They look too nice to be work boots! If they were mine I doubt I could bring myself to work in them.
  11. Only meant to post this thread once, I kept getting an error sign, then it finally posted(but 3 times!). Anyone else having similar problems getting it to post and how do I delete the extra threads?
  12. First leather rifle sling I made for my dad for Father's Day. I think it turned out alright.
  13. First leather rifle sling I made for my dad for Father's Day. I think it turned out alright. Next time I might try to carve some wildlife into it.
  14. It's beautiful! I plan on trying to make something similar when I get a little more experience. I actually just bought a vintage handbag kit pattern, so it's great to see an excellent example such as this fine display!
  15. There isn't any pictures?