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    Leather carving/tooling, leather braiding, pyrography, anything crafty really (my husband says I have too many hobbies)

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  1. Quick barrettes

    I did use my pear shader. Maybe I need to be a little heavier handed, though? I’m always nervous that I am doing too much. Also I was able to find some hardwood dowels, so they will be a bit nicer, now.
  2. Quick barrettes

    No honestly, I really appreciate it. Boise is about 2 hrs away. I’ll definitely see if I can find someone and I will look into the link and go with my best option. This is fantastic!
  3. Quick barrettes

    Wow, that’s gorgeous!!! Love how you used the cow horn!
  4. Quick barrettes

    Unfortunately, I have no idea... I am not sure if there are any around, as the only lumber mill around here that I know about burned in the summer from a wildfire. I’ll have to ponder this and see if I can figure something out.
  5. Tooled flask

    Thank you for all the kind comments!
  6. I made these for all of my sisters-in-law for Christmas and think they turned out well. I’ve been contemplating the idea of selling some on Etsy to earn a little income, since I’m a stay at home mom. If anyone has any advice on selling or making your own business, I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. Made my first tooled flask. My husband requested one for his brother for a Christmas gift. I messed up in 1 spot on it but it still turned out ok. Any critique is appreciated.
  8. Lots of firsts

    Thank you! I emailed it to myself, so hopefully it works now.
  9. Lots of firsts

    I tried to originally, but it said it was to big. I’ll try again
  10. Lots of firsts

    First pair of baby moccasins I have made and first time hand sewing leather.
  11. Pattern size reduction

    Thank you! I will try that.
  12. Pattern size reduction

    So I bought a chap/chink pattern pack from Tandy and was wondering the best way to alter it for a youth? I was wanting to build a pair for my 3 yr old, so the size difference is pretty significant. Is it better to just use a pair of his worn out jeans and cut them to make a pattern? The part that really need to know is the yokes.
  13. Hello everyone

    Idaho is too pretty to trade! nice looking bag, I have been contemplating doing something similar but haven't worked up the courage. what part of Idaho? I'm a southern Idahoan
  14. Looks like the you let the cat out of the bag haha but on a more serious note, looks great
  15. How do you tan snake hides? I was wanting to learn how, because my husband kills western diamondback rattlesnakes sometimes when he is out fixing fence. He always skins them, but unfortunately we don't know what to do next, so the hides eventually go to ruin