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  1. I have 1/2 of a large bottle of the old Super Sheene. The last few projects have seemed to take on a Tacky finish. So, I'm guessing Super Sheene can go bad. I think I bought it pre-2010. Isn't that when Tandy changed formulas?
  2. What is the opinion on Springfield Leather's Finish Pro Clear? It is advertised as similar to the Old Super Sheene, which I adored.
  3. Bushcraft 8 By Ron Edwards

    Ramskull Publishing no longer sells wholesale. They only do direct sales from their Australian Site, so I no longer am able to sell this books. Sorry.
  4. Good Morning, do you have facebook?

  5. Here in the Lone Star Leather Crafters Guild area, we are told to put a bit of Lexol into the water you use to case and carve with. That way the leather doesn't dry out quite so bad or fast. It also makes carving a bit better.
  6. WOW!!! Where are you getting kidskin & cowhide that thin? Or are you splitting yourself?
  7. Had someone ask me about Super Sheen going tacky this week. I didn't have what I felt was a really good answer as to why it went tacky or what to do for it. Anyone have any hints? I personally like using Super Sheen. Occasionally, it does go on bubbly. I've found that it can be removed in those areas with a cotton swab dipped in Nail Polish Remover. Of course, that trick works best the sooner you go at it and I'm usually on top of the project due to the way I work and the fact that I'm doing miniature scale. I buy it in the big bottle, but pour out to a smaller working bottle to keep it from drying out as I don't go through it super fast. Any other good tricks?
  8. I've tried to sign in to the Directory to add my business with my forum membership. It's refusing it. Do I have to have a separate business account for the directory? Name: Melody Snow UserName: unicornwoman IP Address: Email Address: melody.d.snow@unicornwoman.com
  9. I finally need enough Ron Edwards books to justify the shipping costs, so will be reordering first of next week. If there are any of them you are interested in, LMK. The listing is on my website. Prices there are the OLD prices. Looks like the new ones will be about $3 more per book for the $18 range books. Ask about the more expensive ones. Price change is due mostly to the US dollar falling. Email me here or through my website as I probably won't have time to cruise over here again this week. Ron Edwards Books
  10. Braided Snakes

    No, don't ask me how I tripped over this--I doubt I could explain it. How to make Braided Snakes. Braided Snake directions
  11. In miniature saddlery, we need super thin leather. Since Tandy stopped carrying skiver/pliver, it's been a bit of a challenge finding the stuff in decent quality and a reasonable price. Joni of the Jacksonville, Florida Tandy store is working with a fellow tackmaker to try to swing an order of Natural Skiver/pliver in. She can only do it if she has 3/4 of the minimum order amount spoken for by pre-orders. If you would be interested in some natural skiver/pliver, you can call her to place your reservation. As best I can figure, the pricing is as follows: authorized Tandy dealer: $4.50/sq foot Business with Sales Tax permit: $5.60/sq ft wholesale club $6.40/sq foot regular retail $7.99/sq foot volume pricing for 100 sq foot: $4.50/sq foot Number to call is 1-904-751-1050
  12. Having Colored Leather Made to Order?

    I have some unusual colors of 1/8 Kangaroo in stock by yard, 25 yd, and 50 yd. It doesn't sound like what you want, but you can look and email me privately if it is. Don't go by the color chart as that doesn't have the weird colors on it! Roo
  13. What do y'all know about dying with RIT? I ask because of this auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...sid=p2759.l1259 Does it set well or does it run on leather?
  14. I've got a brand new copy of: Volume 15: Plaiting Names in Whips and Other Leather Projects by Ron Edwards Take your braiding to the next level by braiding names and words into flat or round braids! This book explains how to plait names in whips in the traditional method. Also explains how to do chain braid, sawtooth braid, 8 strand centre-weave, Lee's plait, repairing a broken whip, repairing a broken whip keeper and a tying hitch for a whip. Paperback. 28 pages and 157 drawings. US$18.00 plus appropriate shipping/handling. Send addy with inquiry for correct quote.