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  1. Custom Heavy Duty Squeaky Toys

    Looks like you used two strands of thread? Was that to give it a lower profile. What type of thread? Come on just one picture of a ball with tooling, after a weeks use. Please...
  2. Skiving Machine Ripping Leather, please help !

    Why are you skiving on that side of the leather? From what I see in your pictures you should be skiving on the other side of the leather.
  3. The bull frog you spoke about must be the yellow and blue picture under the turtle? I've worked with cane toad ( some people call it frog) but never seen anything like that! Is that something only available in UK or is it available in the US? Great looking stuff your making!
  4. Oakenlander Prototype Briefcase

    Given the color of leather. I think black tread would have looked better. Still a nice looking case!
  5. Your right that's some serious work! I'm sure your sister is really proud of it and of you. I've been looking everywhere (swap meets etc,) for little irons, like the two you have pictured with handle for the your purse. Do you have a source for them or just pick them up some where. So much nicer then chunk of cast iron to weight patterns / leather down. Keep up the good work!
  6. First Purse

    I use oval hole punches when doing this type of lacing! It helps to flex and tug the two pieces of leather your joining and the lace to snug your stitching up.