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  1. I was hoping to give it another go this weekend, I filtered through all that stuff and really did not find anything but looked at so much Paisley I got a few ideas to try.
  2. Did a search but I am not seeing much to help with my dilemma, the patterns are too busy to try carving and don't translate well into what tools I should be trying to use for the fill spent the whole day ( my work shutdown for a blizzard)messing around and maybe came up with one or two that were close to being okay.
  3. I have been asked to do a paisley pattern and it is kicking my but I can get the "coma" shapes alright but I am having trouble decorating the insides any suggestions/hints/
  4. Just my experience but most guys in the trades like the leather loops they get sick if the click clack from the hammer on the loop.
  5. Thanks anyways, I decided to cement it as a liner and the fold lines pretty much disappeared.
  6. Nice work I really like your color work.
  7. Beautiful
  8. Back awhile ago I bought some pigskin lining leather that has been folded for years is there any hope that I can get those foldlines out? There was a post back in 2014 that suggested dampening and hanging to remove lines has any one tried this or does anyone have any other suggestions?
  9. Nice work!
  10. A couple of years ago I made a journal cover for my son's girlfriend at the time I used transfer sheet like you would use for fabric and covered it with satin sheen.
  11. WOW love the little portriat
  12. Mine is a piece of plexiglass with a diffuser for fluorescent lights to even out the lighting.
  13. Funny I have been wanting to make one of those but did not know a name for it so I could not get a picture to go from. Thanks for reading my mind nice job.
  14. something I put together for my nephew the belt is adjustable from around 20 inches to 30 inches a close up of the sheath and the knife sheath