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  1. Thanks! Sadly I think I will have to pass... I would like around 10 square feet but I don't think I should go for a whole side since just paid my wife and I's tuition.
  2. Free is always good

    Oh, I went to a hardware store/ag shop and picked up 1/2" Closed Cell Foam and that is a great base for my 1" hunk of marble. The stone is thick enough that the foam doesn't affect tooling but it really cuts down on the sound.
  3. Free is always good

    Absolutely check out a counter top place. Most of you probably have one within driving distance and they're happy to give you some nice pieces.
  4. Correction, I use the 002 but its a little large for .8 thread. I was actually using the Tandy's size small.
  5. Hmm, does this mean the legendary @Dangerous Beans does in fact lurk in the shadows of this forum?
  6. And there you have it, the best advice one can give. Use the materials appropriate for the intended purpose. I think the reason so many people use art paper is because they are creating a rustic/fantasy looking journal often in earthtones but good quality, heavy printer paper would be ideal for a more refined product.
  7. I believe most people use decent weight art paper from large art tablets.
  8. Military Veterans and Tandy Leather

    Not to dredge this debate back up but both Tandy and Weaver's now offer first responder discounts.
  9. Dragon figure carving

    Incredible use of color and tooling.
  10. WTS: Latigo Bellies, Straps, & Leftovers

    What Tannery?
  11. I'm assuming you're not interested in selling the concave bevelers separately?
  12. What projects do I begin with?

    Leodis Leather has excellent videos including one on tools.
  13. Hello!

    LOL, right on. I started out because I wanted to make about $50 worth of flintlock accessories... a few grand later...
  14. stamps as suggestion

    Gorgeous work! I must say, I don't think I have ever seen someone do this with stamps but it's incredible!