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  1. Very clean work, I like!
  2. Beautiful work! I don't suppose you would mind sharing where you found the tooling pattern or did you sketch it out yourself? I have a customer who wants a tri-fold wallet tooled in something nice for her husband who loves to hunt deer and turkey.
  3. You do lovely work! How many holsters do you make in a month anyways?
  4. I'm assuming the errors must be in the small details if they exist because this picture looks very well done.
  5. Very nice work indeed, I echo the comment on edges, they are beautiful!
  6. Dang, if Weldwood isn't as strong smelling as Barge than I don't want to smell Barge...
  7. What size are the bevelers?
  8. Beautiful work! That reminds me, I need to make a holster set for my M&P Compact.
  9. Beautiful work!
  10. Yeah, I had a #1 grade pre-cut that was a #2 at best and they just refunded the entire cost.
  11. I have 31 5/8 x 3/4 Brass Plated D-Rings I'm looking to sell for $12 delivered to anywhere in the USA.
  12. On a slightly different note, what are your thoughts on "stealing" someone else's design idea? Do you typically contact them and ask them if you can use it or is reverse engineering based on photos considered ok? For example, this Carving Thumb Guard is a cool idea that looks fast and easy to make with a good profit margin, is it ok to basically rip off the design since it is so universal?
  13. The issue is if someone claims credit for a "pin", the nature of Pinterest is finding and saving all types of cool stuff and does not in any way mean that you created the content. But yes, watermarking images in today's world is probably the best bet because stuff is constantly shared but it's easy to lose track of the origin. Case in point, I saw a really cool tattoo design that I wanted to use for leather work so I followed the links until I ended up at an origin site that had nothing to do with an artist so I gave up on using it since I like to get permission if its an original creation. I ended up "pinning" a few cool designs and my wife just made up an even better design based on the inspiration.
  14. Interesting, as mentioned, it might be a reaction with the eco-flo dye as was mentioned since my experience with Resolene is that it is one of the most water resistant finishes available with a high gloss. Stunning tooling BTW!
  15. Stunning work! Welcome to the site!