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  1. Incredible use of color and tooling.
  2. What Tannery?
  3. I'm assuming you're not interested in selling the concave bevelers separately?
  4. Leodis Leather has excellent videos including one on tools.
  5. LOL, right on. I started out because I wanted to make about $50 worth of flintlock accessories... a few grand later...
  6. Gorgeous work! I must say, I don't think I have ever seen someone do this with stamps but it's incredible!
  7. What do you want for the concave bevelers and what sizes?
  8. Very nice work! What did you use to glue the lining in?
  9. It looks like a John James Harness Needle #002 is about the size that I'm using with the .8 or 1.0 thread. This guy has a great selection of small quantities of Ritza Tiger Thread if you want to give it a go. Very fast shipping and good prices:
  10. Very nice! Does it have multiple chambers or is it just one odd shaped bag? It looks cool.
  11. I typically just use a wing dividers and scribe a nice line in damp leather or else use an adjustable heated creaser like with these wallets. I didn't polish mine but they could use it. Nigel Armitage used a buffing wheel on his and that seemed to help. I typically don't wax them because I'm stitching before the final finish is applied but it definitely helps. The wallets in the picture were done with 1.0 mm Tiger Thread and think Tandy's medium size needle but I have three or four types of needles mixed together and I just grab the one that fits the best. I can double check when I get home. I could sell you a few of the Tandy ones if you don't want a whole pack. I also use a bone folder laid flat on the top of the leather to help me pull out the chisel easier and with less distortion.
  12. It's a chunky chisel so I tend to use .8 mm tiger thread with mine or if I want the stitching to be the primary focus, a 1.0 like in this photo.
  13. Thank you so much! I just got it today and it is awesome. Beautiful wood, perfectly balanced, and such a lovely smell. It was shipped promptly, packaged very well, and included a handwritten note of instructions for best practices.