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  1. Leather Scrap/Remnant Chicago

    SLC's remnant packs are true, quality leather scraps for much better prices than anything you'll find at the hobby shops.
  2. Leather Scrap/Remnant Chicago

    Springfield Leathercraft has some good scrap packs that are worth the money. They also sell most leathers by the square foot so you can order as little as a single square foot of leather which is much better than most scrap packs since you get larger pieces without a lot of investment. I typically don't recommend the Tandy scrap packs as you barely get anything large enough to use for the price.
  3. Springfield leather has some very nice veg tan pigskin that you can buy by the square foot.
  4. What leather are they using for...?

    My bad, I didn't realize that some oil tan is first veg tan. A lot of modern oil tan is treated chrome tan if I understand the process correctly.
  5. Viking raiders WIP

    Beautiful work!
  6. What leather are they using for...?

    Looks like a heavy oil tan to me. But a nice heavy bridle would be more authentic since oil tan is only a few decades old.
  7. Beautiful eagle! I really like that pattern and it has been a best seller for me. I might need to steal the feather on the back idea.
  8. Crafttool 3D Stamps

    Please move to SOLD. I'm donating these.
  9. Do you happen to have a close-up or link to pictures of the font and size of the letter/number set? Thanks!

    $85 is still a steal for those three beautiful mauls.
  11. duck tote or carrier

    Never used one myself but I would think 1/2" would be plenty wide for the straps.
  12. A few tips: Go easy on the glue! There should be a very thin film of tacky contact cement on your pieces and then press the edges together and hammer down with a flat, smooth hammer to set. Leave a little extra leather in your patterns so you can trim the edge after gluing. This allows you to have a perfectly smooth, flush edge cut with a razor blade. I personally don't sand much if any when I leave extra and cut it with a sharp knife. The edges should be already perfect.
  13. Crafttool 3D Stamps

    Like new condition Tandy 3D stamps. asking $10 for all three shipped in the CONUS.
  14. It's literally over 200 years old!