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  1. Very nice work indeed! Somehow most of my tooling projects have involved miniature work so I feel your pain!
  2. Steampunk leg bag

    Nice work!
  3. Flintlock Cover "Cow's Knee"

    Thanks for the great description and background! I'm sure yours is much more historically accurate than mine but who knows, maybe rich, flashy military men would have had a cover like this. The single strap holds it securely but you can still easily rotate it off to the side to rapidly fire.
  4. Very nice work! I like seeing all of your unique projects. Not a lot of guys on here playing with nice, functional leather armor!
  5. Wow, super fast shipping, generous sizing and gorgeous leather for a great price, I'm very happy!
  6. Flintlock Cover "Cow's Knee"

    Thanks guys! It's a relatively uncommon but very useful accessory. Historically there is almost nothing to go on as "lock covers" are referenced but not described and I don't think there are any surviving examples. The idea with these covers is to create something that is accurate in design, materials, and style which didn't necessarily exist but could have. Here's a picture of it on my brother's longrifle.
  7. D&D Costume WiP

    Really really nice work!
  8. I finally completed this flintlock cover for my brother. The pattern is from Track of the Wolf, 3-4 oz veg tan lined with veg tan pigskin. The pattern is pulled from pictures of the stock of an original Pennsylvania long rifle made right here in Lancaster PA in the 18th century. The tooling got a little out of it's bounds but this was a speed tooling prototype.
  9. Re-enactment needle case

    Very nice work and great stitching!
  10. Black Powder Possibles Bag

    Good looking bag! I started into leatherwork over a year ago to make myself flintlock accessories. Over a year and few grand in tools and supplies and I still haven't made a possibles bag. :-\
  11. First pair of sabatons and greaves

    Beautiful work!
  12. Chamfron in leather

  13. Hair on Upholstery Scrap $2 per pound

    Haha Scott, I've had to buy multiple pieces of leather on extremely short notice to fulfill orders and trust me, hoarding is a little cheaper. :-)
  14. WTT some leather?

    And don't forget that Springfield Leather Company sells a number of different options cut by the foot. I know what you are saying though. I keep hoping to buy a whole side of Wickett & Craig but I hate to invest the money right now to have it sit around. At the moment I only have natural veg tan with the exception of an interesting piece of dyed goat and sheepskin direct from Morocco...