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  1. A few tips: Go easy on the glue! There should be a very thin film of tacky contact cement on your pieces and then press the edges together and hammer down with a flat, smooth hammer to set. Leave a little extra leather in your patterns so you can trim the edge after gluing. This allows you to have a perfectly smooth, flush edge cut with a razor blade. I personally don't sand much if any when I leave extra and cut it with a sharp knife. The edges should be already perfect.
  2. Like new condition Tandy 3D stamps. asking $10 for all three shipped in the CONUS.
  3. It's literally over 200 years old!
  4. Smell of Leather

    My brother brought some leather back with him from Morocco recently and man does that have a smell! Seems like they must use urine in the mix. It's decent leather but the back on the cowhide is so marked by fleshing knives that it needs to be lined.
  5. Vintage tools for sale

    Well I for one am not clicking on random docx files...
  6. I had never heard of this leather before, fascinating stuff!
  7. Working Chaps (Bison)

    Beautiful work! I'm curious where you source your bison? Has anyone ever come across veg tan bison?
  8. Kydex/Leather Gorget

    Very nice! I like the idea of kydex as the core of your leather armor, strong and rigid without adding much weight.
  9. It looks like the link is broken for the pictures.
  10. Awesome! I don't have any use for the blue right now but I will look forward to your next batch.
  11. Chest-piece Armor

    Stunning work! When I was a young teenager I dreamed of owning a suit of armor... now I just might have to give it a go...
  12. Just verifying that you are down to only the blue from this lot? I finally got to use the brown I had ordered last year and it is awesome!
  13. Big changes around here

    I just spent the last year in the hell of paramedic school but now that I'm done you should be seeing me around a lot more.
  14. Looks like there could be some great stuff there but I would like to see larger pictures.
  15. I'm confused, what's left for sale?