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  1. Tandy Printable Tracing Sheets listed it on eBay
  2. Prices and pictures would be cool...
  3. BUSMC #6 HM (Head + Bobbin winder) - I can ship

    A stunning machine! Beautiful work, sadly I can't justify a sewing machine right now but I couldn't help but comment.
  4. Tandy Printable Tracing Sheets

    $6 anyone?
  5. Maple leaf This has a great maple leaf design on it with a tip sheet with the tools used. My first real tooling project was the pine cones from this pack. This pattern is a great one for a corner.
  6. 1st time tooling (Viking Serpent)

    Definitely a big improvement!
  7. Tandy Printable Tracing Sheets

    Haha, thanks for the suggestions! I've been using vellum with good results. $7 shipped?
  8. Azmal Armor

    Digging into old archives I came across this post. Your work is truly out of this world! Looking at your website it amazes me that you can find people willing to pay $10-35,000 for a suit of armor but it is so cool to see what you are creating. As someone who works with leather and used to build high end custom kitchens I'm thankful for people with the money to allow artists and craftsmen to spend the time required to make truly stunning functional works of art like this.
  9. Tandy Printable Tracing Sheets

    Great suggestions, for the record I am trying to sell these, LOL.
  10. Gotcha, I got confused with which color the last picture was. I will send you a PM next week sometime.
  11. Tandy Printable Tracing Sheets

    Yup! I use vellum as well and it works great but I typically can only use it once or twice at best. I would have liked to have been able to print some of my more popular designs for something that would last a lot longer.
  12. Leather suggestions please

    Correct, but the neatsfoot doesn't seal the dye it just hydrates the leather. Think of the dying process like soaking your hand in rubbing alcohol, you need quite a bit of hydration afterwards or the leather is too dry. For a heavy duty application like this, I suggest something like multiple coats of Resolene as it will be used in a punishing environment.
  13. Leather suggestions please

    If you have veg tan available that works well, just remember to lightly oil with neatsfoot right before you use the dye, I think the Feibings Pro keeps the leather a little more supple, and then do another light coat of oil afterwords. For this application stiff leather is not a bad thing.
  14. Leather suggestions please

    Bridle is a little expensive but would be an excellent material for these holsters. Otherwise, I would probably use a latigo since you want a stiff, weather resistant material. A lot of guys do use veg tan since a lot of guys looking for custom radio straps also want it tooled.
  15. Welcome aboard! As a new leatherworker and a junior paramedic, I can say that the quiet, focused handiwork of leathercraft is a welcome change from the loud, fast-paced world of paramedicine.