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  1. A lot of good ideas here, thanks! Quick question, what do you all do for nicely skived backs with no fuzz on a wallet? Do you seal them or leave them raw?
  2. That strap tho. Very nice work!
  3. Most service guys do take the hourly approach plus primary material usage. So $100 and hour plus primary material used, such as pipe, wire, etc. The $100 an hour covers time, fuel, small parts, tools, wear and tear, utilities, billing and customer service time, taxes, etc, etc, etc. This is a dead simple way of pricing your business but it takes quite a bit of time to figure out average costs to utilize the simple hourly billing approached.
  4. Agreed! I'm going to need to try that some time, it adds a lot of dimension to the project.
  5. A little salty perhaps but Justin is a great guy to deal with and this is two of the colors.
  6. Great! I've been thinking of getting some of theirs. The only laser cut template I own is a custom one from Makesupply and I love it.
  7. very nice! My only critique is his lower jaw and lip look a little out of proportion but I really like it overall!
  8. Beautiful work! I love the notebook cover with the downtown streets on it.
  9. I believe you are asking about the Oldschool lettering, correct?
  10. Very nice!
  11. Very nice! Is this MakeSupply's pattern?
  12. I'm currently building the first one with elements from this pattern:
  13. Definitely looks like a stamp to me, if you want to pay for it you can get just about any size of custom stamp made.
  14. If you ever make more of these beautiful burnishers I would love to see them. Funds are a little tight at the moment so I hesitated and now they are gone. $36 is a very reasonable price for the nature of the product and I love seeing tools and supplies for sale on this forum so I can purchase from another craftsman.
  15. I started with a super cheap import and it still performed fairly well. If I understand things correctly the biggest difference between a good blade and a cheap one is how long it holds an edge and whether it comes sharp. The basic Tandy filigree blade has worked very well for me with regular stropping.