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  1. Several years ago I purchased a side of their rawhide from Maverick Leather Company, so you might give them a shout. They advertise here on the site.
  2. I have some nice yellow latigo that I purchased from Maverick Leather when they were in Petaluma. They are now in Bend, Oregon and have expanded their operation. They always had a good selection of latigo.
  3. In the Adobe Illustrator software program, you can scale up the size of the images in a PDF. If you want, you can send me the PDF and I'll do that for you.
  4. You might consider using an "edge paint" like Fenice. It will provide full, even coverage.
  5. To get that look you can apply Fiebing's Medium Brown Antique Finish Paste with a soft rag (like an old T-shirt), laying down thin layers, going heavier toward the edges.
  6. Check this out at Campbell Randall. Hot Iron Glazing Station, $225; edge creasing tip $42.25 more.
  7. One way might be to find a used purse at a flea market or thrift store and take it apart. That would give you a sense of the overall dimensions like length, width and height, not to mention the stitching and hardware.
  8. When I saw my first filetuese manuelle it appeared to be a rather exotic piece of equipment, and because I was led to believe it was not available in this country, it seemed out of reach. But then I found an American equivalent in the "Hot Iron Glazing Station" at Campbell-Randall (over there in Texas), with assorted attachments available, including creasing and glazing tips. I found the price to be more affordable than any other source, and am more than happy with my purchase. Here's the link for anyone that might be interested:
  9. Very good question. From reading various posts on this site, some people seem to have trouble posting their photos.
  10. That's good information. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Maybe you could try this: Since all of the tubes have the same size threads, remove a tube that you don’t often use and replace it with the tube whose hole has been damaged.
  12. FYI: According the Mavrick Leather website... GLOSSARY There are quite a few different terms that are commonly used to describe different aspects of leather. Below are some of the most common to expand your leather knowledge! Full Grain: Leather that’s original grain surface has been unaltered. It is the most genuine type of leather. It can also be referred to as Top Grain.
  13. You might consider picking up a variable speed Dremel moto-tool. I've been using their cordless model for about two years to both burnish and sand 3/4 oz Chromexcel. If you Google leather burnishing tool dremel you will find a wide selection of burnishing bits.
  14. You might want to try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It will help greatly with the smell and the char on the edges.
  15. How about "leather artisan"?