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  1. How I lace some sheathes

    So does Amazon...
  2. Tote Bag Leather Recommendation Needed

    My two favorite suppliers are Maverick Leather in Bend, Oregon and The Hide House in Napa, California. You should have pretty good luck with either one.
  3. Thanks for the lesson.
  4. Any updates to this adventure in laser cutting and engraving? I've been on the edge of my seat waiting to see something happen!
  5. Not knowing what the nature of the "dirt" might be, and since you can scrape at least some of it off with your fingernail, why don't you try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I've known people who have used it to clean leather successfully.
  6. My First Project

    It came close, but we made it through OK. Thanks for your concerns.
  7. My First Project

    You 'da man. Very nice work for your first real project as a grownup.
  8. Vernis Edge Paint

    I'd like to try that too.
  9. Chrome Tanned Wet Form?

    This is because chrome tanned leather does not absorb water; it's tendency is to repel water.
  10. Rivet Press

    This one worked for me... decent price, good quality, easy operation.
  11. I'm finding this post very inspiring...
  12. Leather Craft Shows

    Here's a link I found online, listing the shows referenced above and more, including international shows:
  13. Not knowing where you are located, I'm not sure this will be much help, but the Hide House in Napa, California is a great place to find a variety of upholstery leather. Wide selection of colors and types of leather.
  14. Electric Tooling

    I just love all of the comments about this being an ancient craft, yet we use the internet instead of carrier pigeons to communicate with each other. How far back do we need to go in order to honor our tradition? Electricity has been available for 100 years, so why not use a labor / effort saving electric mallet? The only one inconvenienced is the leather worker whose power goes out.
  15. Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    I frequented Maverick Leather Company (were in Petaluma, CA... now in Bend, OR). Wonderful people, good product line (Horween CXL, more). 877/845-0080. Now I shop at the Hide House in Napa, CA. Fantastic selection of leather, great customer service. 800/453-2847.