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  1. I use a laser for cutting and engraving all of my leatherwork. The homemade CO2 100-watt laser will easily cut leather (have only cut up to 8 oz.), and after some fine-tuning have been very happy with the results. I don't know if this kind of machine is available where you are, but the parts are imported from China, and are available through dealers here in the states. The laser leaves some smoke residue on the leather, which can pose a problem on some softer, lighter leathers, but can usually be cleaned off with a damp cloth (I don't cut veg-tan leathers). There are threads on this site that discuss this issue. Here is my latest piece as an example of what can be done...
  2. Black Leather Hide

    Too bad. Not knowing what type of leather you have, maybe you could clean it up with what they call a Magic Eraser. That is a sponge put out by Mr. Clean. You add water to the eraser and rub it over the surface of the leather. It will pick up excess residue but can leave the leather with a somewhat "flat" look (again, not knowing what kind of leather you have), to which you might want to apply a conditioner.
  3. Website Critique

    You may not be interested, but there are various ways to gain access to Photoshop and Lightroom at a reasonable price. This link shows several options. Check the Students and Teachers section for discounted student pricing.
  4. I have had success using a heavy mesh style interfacing along with "HeatnBond UltraHold Iron-On Adhesive." For me it has worked better than spray on adhesive, which tends to be both messy and uneven.
  5. Gluing leather and fabric

    I have successfully used HeatnBond UltraHold Iron-On Adhesive (ordered from Amazon) to glue fabric to leather. You iron the fabric onto the back of the leather. There will be no bleed-through.
  6. Looking for free clipart

    When you scan images, you can save them in various file formats. The file extension ".jpeg" (or .jpg), the file format for Joint Photographic Experts Group, has been around a long time (in computer years) and should be around for many more. Some of the file extensions mentioned above are designed for very specific applications and find themselves outdated.
  7. Is there a font for Ivan Alphabet stamp set 8132-00

    The amount of shaving needed will vary depending on the letter pairings. This table demonstrates the kerning attributes of various letter pairs, where you can see, for example, that VA uses different spacing (-123 / tighter) than VT (+16 / looser). Hope you find this helpful.
  8. The contemporary "Greats"...

    From an early age, Bruce Grant has been my inspiration.
  9. Santa Fe Inspiration

    On a recent visit to Santa Fe, NM, I was inspired by some Chaco Indian designs that I saw there and decided to incorporate them into a bag. The leather comes from the Hide House in Napa, and the pine needle pattern is from a linoleum print my niece created.
  10. Any Sussex leatherworkers here?

    Just type "Sussex" into the search box on the home page and you should find a few folks from your locale.
  11. Bag lever closure

    I think Ohio Travel Bag has what you are looking for:
  12. where is a good place to buy thread?

    You might try Maine Thread Company, they carry turquoise waxed cord in assorted weights.
  13. Help how to download pics from Android phone

    When I email a photo on my IPhone, a dialogue box pops up, allowing me to scale the image to a smaller size. So if you are using an IPhone, it looks like you can shrink the photos by simply sending them to yourself, so there is no need for an app.
  14. Transfer images to leather

    My wife silkscreens onto wet clay, so I'm sure you can silkscreen images onto leather in the same manner.
  15. Sounds fantastic. What software do you design with?