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  1. Bag lever closure

    I think Ohio Travel Bag has what you are looking for:
  2. where is a good place to buy thread?

    You might try Maine Thread Company, they carry turquoise waxed cord in assorted weights.
  3. Help how to download pics from Android phone

    When I email a photo on my IPhone, a dialogue box pops up, allowing me to scale the image to a smaller size. So if you are using an IPhone, it looks like you can shrink the photos by simply sending them to yourself, so there is no need for an app.
  4. Transfer images to leather

    My wife silkscreens onto wet clay, so I'm sure you can silkscreen images onto leather in the same manner.
  5. Sounds fantastic. What software do you design with?
  6. Backpack/Rucksack patterns

    I've seen quite a few backpack patterns available on this site:
  7. Serge Volken flip top lids?

    Here is another possible source, 250 lids for $28.95:
  8. Did I get a good deal?

    The deal is only as good as what you make with it, or what you can re-sell it for... but it looks pretty good from here.
  9. I tend to believe that Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are only available for American products. This product seems to be Canadian.
  10. Attaching shoulder armor

    Short of removing the rivets and re-riveting the Velcro in place, you might consider stitching small pieces of Velcro between the rivets. Using very light weight cream colored thread. It wouldn't have very many stitches, like 3 or 4, just enough to tack down the Velcro.
  11. Designer leather

    I have several Horween hides with backs like that, just part of the tanning process, probably when the hide is stretched out over something with a mesh pattern, like a screen.
  12. Work Order

    Dwight, you are a saint to provide us all with such specific steps to success. For a "drying box" I have found that using the "sweater rack" in our gas clothes dryer works very well.
  13. Stuff dry leather

    Maybe you could take a picture so we could see the what kind of leather you have and what the discoloration looks like.
  14. Troublesome Boss

    Since you continue to have a relationship with him, just tell him you are not ready for such a project. Your mental health is worth more than any paycheck, and it sounds like you would be suffering more that this project is worth, either to you or to him, so just let it go.
  15. I use various types of conditioners, and don't know which one will work best on your leather, but you can probably figure that out. Cleaners/conditioners like Lexol work pretty good for some leathers, but I always clean my leather with saddle soap before I start a project. Then I will usually condition with a dressing like Montana Pitch-Blend All Natural Leather Dressing or something similar containing bees wax and mink oil. This dressing does, however, have a tendency to darken the leather, so it might not be your first choice. There are many other cleaners and conditioners to choose from, so you might search this site to see what choices others have made.