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  1. Rivet Press

    This one worked for me... decent price, good quality, easy operation.
  2. Getting started: first handbag

    I'm finding this post very inspiring...
  3. Leather Craft Shows

    Here's a link I found online, listing the shows referenced above and more, including international shows:
  4. Not knowing where you are located, I'm not sure this will be much help, but the Hide House in Napa, California is a great place to find a variety of upholstery leather. Wide selection of colors and types of leather.
  5. Electric Tooling

    I just love all of the comments about this being an ancient craft, yet we use the internet instead of carrier pigeons to communicate with each other. How far back do we need to go in order to honor our tradition? Electricity has been available for 100 years, so why not use a labor / effort saving electric mallet? The only one inconvenienced is the leather worker whose power goes out.
  6. Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    I frequented Maverick Leather Company (were in Petaluma, CA... now in Bend, OR). Wonderful people, good product line (Horween CXL, more). 877/845-0080. Now I shop at the Hide House in Napa, CA. Fantastic selection of leather, great customer service. 800/453-2847.
  7. 'painting' with dye

    Might try leaving the lid off for 2-3 days.
  8. How can I get these patterns ?

    You can purchase some of those patterns as PDFs here:
  9. I own a 100 watt Chinese laser cutter, and use it successfully for engraving and cutting leather. You might find the smaller 40 watt unit not worth the trouble. Plus the work area on the 40 watt really puts a limit what you can do. I would take 480Volt's advice and see if you can rent a laser cutter (maybe at a "maker-space" if you have one nearby). There is a fairly steep learning curve to the software (I use Adobe Illustrator), and there almost always seems to be some technical issue with the files when marrying my designs to the laser cutter's software. The thing that I've learned in doing this for the past year is that even when leathers are the same weight, they can certainly have a varied response to the laser beam (cowhide, bullhide, buffalo; chromexcel, veg tan; stuffed leather, etc.). Some of these materials take several passes to make the cut.
  10. What do you think this fastener is?

    It looks like a small single-cap rivet, much like the ones you will find at this link:
  11. Weaver Leather Craft Supply Videos

    For any of those who may have a question about how to distinguish between chrome tanned and vegetable tanned leathers, here's a video in this collection that explains their differences... well worth watching
  12. photo HELP!!!!!

    I resize photos using a program that comes with Microsoft Office called Picture Manager. Using this program you can reduce a folder filled with photos all at the same time.
  13. Line 16/segma snaps - wtf?

    I have found that not all snaps and snap setters "sync" with each other, so you might want to try a different supplier for your snaps, or a different brand of snap setter.
  14. How to properly cut leather strips?

    I've had pretty good luck with this Tandy Lace Cutter. May not work real great with heavier leathers, but it cuts lace like a breeze.