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  1. Hairic

    Just starting! Need input...

    Thanks.. I need to post pics of my saddle bag still... Actually still need to dye it as well... I just used the last of my leather on a a sketch book I just started. What seams to be the best bang for my buck when it comes to leather.. Preferably vegtan but want to try some oil dyed leather soon as well. All tips appreciated.
  2. Hello everyone my name is Eric and I'm from Kansas' I recently started getting into leather work and have made a handful of items. I find it super relaxing and quite rewarding. Just wanted to say hi and share a few small items I have done and hope to get some feed back.. I have only done a little tooling and needless to say I have allot to learn. I have made several simple wallets a single saddlebag for my Harley a bag/purse for my wife and done some scrap practice tooling. Will try and post more pics soon. Let me know what you think thanks.
  3. Hello everyone and sorry if you get this question allot, I am considering getting into leather working, I have toyed with the idea for a little over a year, I have a problem with starting a new hobby and getting bored with it pretty fast, So I have learned to sit on the idea for a while before actually starting a new hobby, I do not want to jump head first into leather working either, i want to make small things, learn the stitches and different things to make things likes wallets, bags, purses, pouches, I dont plan to be to fancy with them just yet so Im thinking I wont need many tools, but that is my question, What are some of the basic of the basics that I would need and where should I be looking to get them. I have figured I need the obvious, needles, thread, awl, leather and a stitching recess tool. Im sure there are things I am missing and thats why I am here. Next question is at first I want to avoid finishing the leather so what would be the recommendations of leather I should be looking at to make above items and where should I be looking for them at. I keep watching videos and I see people using a decently floppy yet thick piece of leather for there bags and would like to know what that leather is as I have never done any kind of leather working and I do not know anyone that does it. Any help would be appreciated thank you in advance