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  1. Swiss Army and Leatherman pouches

    Thanks, the leather is 2.5mm so I’m guessing that is around 6oz.
  2. Custom awl

    Ah you shouldn't be telling me stuff like that I've a feeling I may be doing some more orders in the future
  3. Custom awl

    Just ordered a 1.8mm Diamond Awl from him works out at $38 + $8 postage to the UK
  4. Recent projects

    Here’s a selection of my recent projects Straight razor pouch Some wallets Shaving Brush Roll
  5. Swiss Army and Leatherman pouches

    Yesterday was a day of two firsts my first knife pouches and wet moulding so I thought I’d keep it small and simple. I enjoyed the process and I’m going to have a go at making some moulds for some other projects. These were done using the knives as the moulds and just stapling the leather as I shaped it to a wood board.
  6. DE Razor Pouches

    I actually only bought some DE razors so I could make some of these, I have however been using straight razors for over 2 years and your right there’s quite a saving to be made. It was after I did some similar pouches for my straight razors that I decided to attempt some for the DE razors.
  7. DE Razor Pouches

    On these ones I used tan kote but recently I’ve been using tokonole burnishing gum which gives me a smoother glossier finish.
  8. DE Razor Pouches

    I don’t have photos of those actual pouches with razors in but this one is the same size. This is a smaller version for smaller DE razors
  9. Do these look ok for Etsy

    Thanks for the comments everyone, My light tent arrives tomorrow so if I get time I will be able to have a play with that. Cradom Mattsbagger is correct they are T pockets. These were some of my older wallets I photographed and I think I'm getting better at hiding those now. It actually wasn't till I started photographing my wallets a while ago that I noticed how noticeable they were this made me more aware of them and now I am more careful to hide them.
  10. Do these look ok for Etsy

    I’m currently thinking about trying to sell some of my stuff on Etsy so I thought I’d have a go at getting some better photos of my work. I’ve not currently got a Light Tent but one is on its way so for these I used a collapsible laundry basket which is similar to a light tent but the proportions are all wrong. I also used a set of table top lights like these These were taken with the lights a little too high so when I get my proper light tent I will try again with the lights lowered a little. Do these photos look like they will be ok for Etsy?
  11. DE Razor Pouches

    Just finished these they are intended for DE Razors but I’m guessing they would be ok for pocket knives as well.
  12. Strop handle padding material

    Thanks for the advice, never done any braiding so that may be something to try. Instead of a soft rubber do you think a foam like that used for yoga mats would work ok as I’m sure I have some of that around here somewhere.
  13. Strop handle padding material

    That was my first thought I just wasn’t sure if there were any options for making the handle a bit softer or do I just use a soft pliable leather as padding.
  14. I’m thinking about making some hanging razor strops. For the few I’ve made in the past I have just used large D rings as a handle however I think I have improved enough to now try something different. I’m wanting to attemp a padded handle. What do I use as a filler for something like this?
  15. Just finished this one, this time I've done the lining and pockets with suede exterior is veg tan.