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  1. card wallets

    Had a go at designing a business / credit card wallet, yellow one is veg tan the other which is the design I prefer with the extra slot on the back is horween Dublin.
  2. Bag lever closure

    I'll have a look on etsy, got to be less postage than $29 I'm in no rush now though as I bought 4 and at the rate I work I'm good for a very long time
  3. Bag lever closure

    The ones I ordered arrived a couple of days ago they are good quality. like you all I have to do now is work out what I'm going to make now. I need to finish the one I'm currently busy with first though.
  4. Bag lever closure

    I'll ask them next time I'm there as call in every 2-3 weeks
  5. Bag lever closure

    It was $29 shipping to the UK.
  6. Bag lever closure

    False alarm I've managed to get it to work so order is now placed Thanks for the info I've now placed an order
  7. Bag lever closure

    Hi That is exactly what I want and I am trying to place an order now but the checkout will not accept my UK postcode it keeps saying there is an error
  8. Bag lever closure

    They are used by someone called norncahnleatherworks on etsy love how they look. I've also searched all over for them and not had any luck finding them yet. Just ordered some horween Dublin to make myself a bag and I'd love to use a closure like this for it.
  9. Bag lever closure

    Anyone know where I can find a lever closure like the one in the picture? Or what would you call this type of closure so I can try to search for one. Thanks.
  10. I didn't use a brogue punch just a couple of cheap hole punches from e-bay. I made a template out of card and punched the holes in that first then used that to mark where to punch the leather.
  11. The horween I have is a veg tan and it is quite soft and like you I have had to apply less tension whilst stitching. I also learned quite quickly not to apply as much pressure when applying my makers mark. I almost went all the way through on my first attempt, so that wallet ended up being yet another wallet for me
  12. Yes I struggle with the corners, I’m better than I was but still lots of room for improvement, need more practice.
  13. It is Horween Dublin (double horse front)
  14. Well I've eventually got round to buying some horween leather (1.4mm) and made this simple card wallet to try it out. I'm impressed with how easy this leather is to work with I look forward to making some more ambitious items. I'm also thinking of getting some thicker horween to make myself a bag.
  15. Thanks, she chose the one with the blue edge paint.