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  1. These may not be what your looking for as they may be too bright in your photos but you can get white blanks off eBay. I searched for ID card blanks on and they are around £7 for 100.
  2. Thanks, the yellow is veg tan goat dyed with feibings pro oil dye (yellow)
  3. That video is very interesting I'll have to give that a go sometime
  4. Thanks for the comments, I used a pipette initially from just a few inches above then I ended up with the leather on the floor and all 6ft 3in of me standing on a chair , I also used a paintbrush that I hit against my hand to get a finer spray.
  5. It has been about 6 weeks since I made anything so I thought this weekend I’d have a go at a couple of simple wallets. I was inspired by a post on here a few weeks ago to have a go at splattering the dye so these are my attempts at doing that. probably not to everyone's taste but I certainly enjoyed doing it. One lesson I have learned from this is that it is surprising how far dye will travel when you get a bit carried away with splattering I ended up with it all over the place
  6. No problem I've been called a lot worse If you dye your own leather its worth having a look in the box on the counter they have a few small bottles of fiebings leather dye that have signs of leakage for £2.50 I think. I've bought a few now and they have been full bottles so worth a look
  7. Thanks, The Kip is about 1.2-1.5mm the goat I used for the pockets is .9mm. I called into Le Prevo again yesterday for mainly for a few buckles, D rings and a couple of small bottles of dye ended up spending £135 bought some more of the Kip and goat.
  8. I bought some Kip leather last week from Le Prevo in Newcastle so thought I’d do a couple of wallets with it. Both of these have Kip outers with goat inners. First time using Kip and I quite like it I’ve mainly used goat till now and I wanted something a little thicker for the outers of my wallets.
  9. Thanks I quite like that one as well I'm going to repeat that in the next belt I do I like the look of the triangle stitching but I couldn't fit my stamp in it I'll have a try at adapting that to see if I can get it to work.
  10. Thanks, I burnished the slot with the pointed end of my hand burnisher and with a burnishing gum I bought from Goods Japan. The gum is really good best thing I've tried so far for burnishing. Seiwa Tokonole Burnishing Gum
  11. Thanks, I don't currently have a swivel knife but I'll be getting one if I decide to do more stamping, I probably need to watch a bit few more youtube videos before my next attempt.
  12. Thanks, if I do any more stamping I'll definitely be doing a bit of practice first, I almost gave up on this as my third impression was done the wrong way I forgot to rotate the tool, luckilly due to my inexperience I wasnt making a very deep impression so I was able to cover it up. The stamp was bought from etsy basket stamp
  13. Thanks, to be honest I've never used the camo tool before and I had no idea I'd done it backwards
  14. I was off work a couple of weeks ago with man flu so I thought I’d have a go at doing some belts and dying them myself. They seem to have turned out ok but I still need to burnish the edges a bit better to be honest I didn’t have the energy to do them at the time due to the flu J I also thought I'd have a go at taking some better photos as up to now I'v just been using my phone. I bounced my flash upwards and behind me for these and the lighting seems ok, if I get time I'll experiment with backgrounds a bit more exciting than the white I've used here.
  15. I bought a basket stamp about 3 months ago so I thought it was time I gave it a try. I’m not sure stamping is for me but I’m pretty pleased with my first attempt.