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  1. Stitches in t-slots

    Good few of these are well known on the forum some maybe not so much. KS blade punchFeng toolsCrimson hidesYang toolsChartermadeNash anonymous Kevinlee4426Wutaleather Hexnhit
  2. Stitches in t-slots

    I've recently bought an Awl from him and the quality is very good came already very sharp. I put Instagram on my phone so I could message him from there it worked out cheaper doing it that way. problem is now I have found lots of people making some great tools on there and the temptation is massive to buy more. I've got to stop adding people who make tools
  3. Has anyone got any experience with this edge paint
  4. Wallets and a Luggage tag

    Thanks everyone it is very encouraging to see positive comments . Personally when I look at these I see the mistakes but I’m naturally critical of what I do. Trying to make something better than the last one is what makes me keep going and also it’s fun working with leather I wish I had done this years ogo.
  5. Wallets and a Luggage tag

    Thanks, the black edges are first sanded then burnished with saddle soap then dyed black sanded then burnished with tokonole a couple of times.the brown one the same but no dye.
  6. Wallets and a Luggage tag

    Thanks I forgot I did a double crease on the bifold I had to check the photos I'm a bit hit and miss doing creases especially on curves but I'm gradually getting better, I'm currently waiting for some Wuta Creasers to arrive so hopefully they will help me improve to the point I can do doubles on curves and not just on straight lines
  7. Wallets and a Luggage tag

    Thanks for the comments its been good to have a bit of time to get some stuff done. I must admit I like to put a bit of colour into what I do but seeing as I only really do stuff for friends and family and they have quite conservative tastes the more colourful stuff will go into my one of my boxes of stuff that may make there way onto Etsy, if I ever find the motivation to sell some of my work.
  8. Wallets and a Luggage tag

    I’ve been off work last week so I’ve had some time to play. This is a sample of what I’ve done so far got another week off this week so I’m busy with more wallets and passport wallets. This is way more fun than going to work. Luggage tag Wallet Card Wallet Card Wallet Card Wallet
  9. Saddle Stitching - Looks Good on the Backside

    I think the following was my first post on the forum Saddle Stitch but it may be of some help to you. I was asking about using right needle priority in the post but the photos I attached were using left hand priority as described in Nigels video and I believe it is that method you are using. I get a good slant on the left side using this method and the right side is not as good as you will see.
  10. Looking for ultra thin wallet leather

    I use veg tan goat it’s about .8 - 1mm it’s strong and skives well
  11. Thanks, They are burnished with saddle soap first and then Seiwa Tokonole. They could probably be better but due to my messing up the press stud this one will just be kept as a reminder for the next one so I just did the one application of Tokonole
  12. I thought someone would mention that I’ll sort out some photos tomorrow
  13. Unfortunately I seem to have been distracted today whilst assembling my latest wallet by listening to Dark Side of the Moon I wanted this wallet to have a press stud closure on a short strap but instead of the strap coming around from the back with the press stud on the front of the wallet I’ve put it on the back!! Have I inadvertently produced a left handed wallet
  14. Thanks, the leather is 2.5mm so I’m guessing that is around 6oz.