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  1. My second attempt at a bag

    Do you mean the flap on the front pocket if so this is how I did it if the main bag flap, it and the back are all one piece I just added a strip of leather on the inside to re-enforce the handle and strap d-rings. The flesh side was done with Tan Kote and smoothed with a blank credit card, I really should get a glass burnisher
  2. My second attempt at a bag

    Thanks, I didn't have a pattern for this one I just made it up as I went along. hardest part for me was the length of the gusset I was a about 3-4mm out when I glued it together so had to do a little trimming with a scalpel to get it to fit exactly. The front and back is about 2.5-2.8 mm which I believe is around 6-7 oz and the gusset is 1.8 - 2mm 4 - 5 oz
  3. My second attempt at a bag

    Thanks, going to make some pouches for my straight razors next I'm guessing they will be much quicker for me to do
  4. My first attempt at a bag

    Thanks, it was an enjoyable challenge
  5. My second attempt at a bag

    After my first attempt at a bag I wanted to do one that my laptop would fit in and also wanted to experiment with longer straps and strap attachments on the top and the side. Also I wanted to have go with a wraparound gusset. Attaching the gusset was pretty difficult to do and I’m guessing I should maybe have used a larger radius curve on the corner or thinner leather or maybe both. I’ll give those a go with my next one. This was also my first proper go at using an awl which was an interesting experience my stitching lines were not as straight as they usually are but I think it made it easier to put stitching holes in the gusset? Advice and criticism welcomed.
  6. My first attempt at a bag

    I’ve only done a few wallets belts and some belt pouches in the past but I’ve always wanted to have a go at a bigger bag. This is my first attempt at doing so, done with veg tan leather that I dyed mid brown. This one has a 3 part gusset that I copied from Ian Atkinsons messenger bag pattern I then modified the rest of the pattern to include a pocket on the front and back. This me took quite a while to do as I only really have a few hours at the weekends free but fortunately I’m not in a hurry as this is just a hobby not a career. Advice and criticism welcomed.
  7. Thanks, if I remember correctly I paid around £24 per goat skin (6-7 sq ft .8-1mm) I'm no expert but I believe kip skin is from a younger cow the ones I have bought have been about 1.8mm just over 4oz and the full skin was around 17 sq ft.
  8. I’m off to Glastonbury festival tomorrow so I finally had a chance to finish my belt bag I had previously made one for myself then I got a new phone and it won’t fit!! This is my first go at making one like this and I pleased with how it turned out its pretty solid though as I made it from 2.5mm veg tan. Also made a bracelet then decided I should do a wallet to match that so that was a bit of a rush job today but I’m pretty happy with how it has come out.
  9. stamps as suggestion

    I really like those I've not seen anything like that before, almost makes me want to try stamping again
  10. I've been having a go at making some belt bags for Glastonbury music festival in June, I made 3 last year which was my first attempt and when I've looked at then recently I decided I can now do a better job than I did then. The brown one was a test one to try out my pattern then I did the tan one with some 2mm belly that seems to be better so thought I'd go a bit wild with the colours for the next, it is for Glastonbury after all so this is tame in comparison to what you see there, It's good to look at stuff I did when I was just beginning as even though these are still pretty basic there has been a marked improvement, so its slowly onward and upwards.
  11. Mock credit cards for product photos

    These may not be what your looking for as they may be too bright in your photos but you can get white blanks off eBay. I searched for ID card blanks on and they are around £7 for 100.
  12. Thanks, the yellow is veg tan goat dyed with feibings pro oil dye (yellow)
  13. That video is very interesting I'll have to give that a go sometime
  14. Thanks for the comments, I used a pipette initially from just a few inches above then I ended up with the leather on the floor and all 6ft 3in of me standing on a chair , I also used a paintbrush that I hit against my hand to get a finer spray.