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  1. I have just purchased a couple of reels from Deco Cuir and I must say I find it great to sew with. It's the price I find prohibitive but the ones you quote are almost half what you would pay elsewhere. What thickness were you sewing with if you find it breaking easily?
  2. Barry King Edgers.

    Have you checked out Goods Japan? They do rounded edge bevelslers that come with their open sharpening tool and they recommend what size beveller to use with what thickness leather. Any tool I have bought form them have all been good quality.
  3. Cutting costs the UK way

    Now Tom Baker was good, but Jon Pertwee beats him every time!
  4. Makers mark stamp

    This company does plastic and brass and is based in the UK https://www.artisans.co.uk/
  5. Searching For Minimalist Wallet Pattern

    Tom, here is a simple, design I have started to carry to the pub. I can carry my travel card and bank card and some folding cash. It is slim and not noticeable (to pickpockets). If I do lose it I know exactly what I have lost, not a whole wallet full of cards to cancel. its only three bits of leather and, as Bikermutt says, cut a few bits and play about with it. I have made several different designs and have shown one example alongside a plain one.
  6. Love the look of this. There are many posts here about tooled leather and while I can appreciate the craft involved, it is well made items like this that make me think 'I would like to be able to do that '. One question; you say you used 6/7oz leather. What do you do for your piping at the seams? Is it the same leather or has it been skived down?
  7. Ostrich skin question

    I think I will try a little glue on them. How do you cut yours? I read elsewhere that they cut them at a 45 degree angle to get a mixture of plate sizes. Is that similar to what you do?
  8. Ostrich skin question

    I recently bought some ostrich skin that I was going to try and make some watch straps from. I have never used it before and when I looked at it the large middle 'scales' seem to separate when the skin is curved over as seen in the photo below. It looks like this middle section cannot be used for a watch strap (or anything that bends) as these will not lay flat. Has anybody used ostrich for a watch strap? Is there a way around this or do I have to avoid using this section which takes up quite a portion of the skin
  9. Rounded edge beveler?

    Check out Goods Japan. They also come with an accessory to sharpen them
  10. Satin Laid Linen Thread

    Thanks for the comprehensive answer. I think I will go for some 532 and 432 initially.
  11. Satin Laid Linen Thread

    YinTx, Thanks, I think I might invest in some. Up until now I have used 18/3 thread for pretty much everything so what do you think will be the most useful sizes to buy. I'm thinking 532 for something like watch straps and 332 for wallets. Would I need to go bigger if using it for bags?
  12. Satin Laid Linen Thread

    I am looking for a decent linen thread opposed to the bog standard stuff I am using at present.. As I am just a 'table top' leather worker making things for pleasure I cannot really justify the price of something like Fil Au Chinois. While having a look around the internet I came across Campbell's Satin Laid Linen Thread at the link below. The price looks a lot more affordable; has anybody used this and can give me any information on its quality. http://www.marchand-medieval.com/medieval/lang-en/164-satin-linen-campbell-thread-n532
  13. Dying new leather shoes

    Frdk, I am thinking cellulose thinners to remove the glaze, then dye, then mink oil to rejuvenate the leather and finally shoe cream and wax polish. How does that sound?
  14. Dying new leather shoes

    So I picked up a bargain pair of quality leather shoes at TK Maxx but I am not in love with the colour and want to dye them black. I know I have to deglaze them first, but will my Feibings dye be good for dying them or is there some sort of specialist dye I should be using?