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  1. Matt, I have recently started using similar to a paring knife having tried the safety sliver and similar before. I have found that it is initially harder to get to grips with but with more practise I am finding that it offers you more control. I have went to one of our local Argos stores and bought a marble kitchen board. It isn't thick enough for hammering, or similar, on but it was cheap and hopefully will do for skiving. I will see how I get on. RockyAussie, Sorry but I am lost in what you are saying. Warm the corners? I don't even know what a slicker press is, is it similar to a hand slicker (burnisher)? If you know any videos that would be much appreciated.
  2. So I tried my first folded edge wallet and I have a couple of questions to help me improve. I skived the edge with a blade and I know I have to practise; it isn't as easy as those videos where people run their blade along the leather like a knife through hot butter! When I look at this they always skive on a surface like glass or polished marble, does this really make a difference? I have just been doing mine on my cutting mat. Also how do you do your corners? I tried to cut them so the two edges aligned at an angle but it hasn't quite worked. Do you overlap them?
  3. What about this? Maybe the fact it is on sale might compensate for postage http://www.metropolitanleather.com/Vegetable-Tanned-Leather/vegetable-tanned-shoulder-clearance/vegetable-tanned-old-english-bridle-half-side-clearance
  4. MadMax, Thanks for your help. I haven't come across the Sajou site before, I might try ordering some bits from there to compare them
  5. I have just seen some thread that comes in smaller bobbin sizes and looks more affordable. It is Lin Retors Glacé (which in my limited French I believe means waxed twisted linen) however it is listed as size No. 40. Does anyone know what this equates to in either mm or 332, 432 etc? I can't find the answer anywhere. I thought I was starting to get a grip on thread sizes but new ones seem to keep turning up! The thread can be seen here: http://www.decocuir.com/Mobile/fil-chinois-lin-glace-bobine-couture-cuir-france-c2x19022122
  6. Sorry reading it properly now. I notice Petewon says the thread is quite a bit thinner han his usual 632. When i looked this up it says 632 is about 0.5mm so this thread is probably about 0.4mm. Much thinner than anything i have tried yet.
  7. Petewon, i absolutely love this. I have been practising a few wallets and card holders; my stitching is coming on but it will be a long time before it looks as neat as this. Could i ask you what type of thread and thickness are you using and how many stitches per inch?
  8. I have just found a seller on Etsy who sells 12 different 5m lengths of linen thread (Au Chinois, Somac, German and Irish) so you can try several different types. I think I will give this a go first
  9. I have moved this Question into this forum as perhaps it has more relevance here. I have been looking on-line at Fil de Lin and Fil de Lin Au Chinois thread for hand sewing. I have seen here that some people have used them but I know nothing about them. What are they like to use and why is the Au Chinois much more expensive; is it worth it?
  10. I have been looking on-line at Fil de Lin and Fil de Lin Au Chinois thread. I have seen here that some people have used them but I know nothing about them. What are they like to use and why is the Au Chinois much more expensive; is it worth it?
  11. This is what i use for cutting holes, I presume you can get something the same where you live. You can also get similar from Goods Japan https://www.cassart.co.uk/brand/jakar/jakar_compass_cutter.htm
  12. Well I am about to order some so I will let you know what happens
  13. I am looking at buying some pigskin to make some wallets, card holders etc. You can buy it dry finished or tallow waxed. I have never used any tallow waxed before; can you burnish the edges of it as you can with normal veg tan?
  14. Sheilajeanne, I Found a local art/model shop that cuts acrylic and got them to cut me a load of circles as in the photo. Because they are concentric circles they ll fitted on one A4 sheet so it wasn't too expensive
  15. I just ordered the knife from Decocuir and it arrived promptly (they even included a small free gift) and can confirm you don't need a minimum order of 100 euro. I don't speak a word of French but I managed to navigate their site successfully