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  1. Fish Leather

    Anyone know where I can buy it in the UK?
  2. Appartement And Leatherworking

    Something like this is an idea if you do hand stitching and need to hammer a pricking iron http://elfitakorea.blogspot.com/2013/08/hand-press.html
  3. Hair on hide tote with blood knots and cow horn

    Every time I think I’m improving I see something like this and realise I have a long way to go!
  4. Piping question

    Sorry, I should have made it clear that I am hand stitching.
  5. Piping question

    Okay so I tried a couple of samples on some scrap as in the photo below (may grandson says it looks like an elephant’s arse) and I am sort of getting it. I used a bit of folded over leather not the proper type with beading in the middle. My only concern is that you can see where the stitching is. Have I stitched too close to the edge? Would it be covered better if I used the piping with beading in the middle?
  6. Piping question

    RockyAussie, that bottom picture is what I was talking about. Just to check, have you saved the piping (as suggested above) or is it just tucked in, trimmed and the sides folded over it? I meant skived!
  7. Piping question

    Starting to get it now. I guess the only thing is to go and practise a few.
  8. Piping question

    Here is a photo I found on the internet of the type of thing i am on about. Is there another way of terminating the piping that looks neater.
  9. Piping question

    Not sure I understand that fully. I don’t suppose you have a photo do you?
  10. Snake skin lighter case

    Saw your lighter. Like the case
  11. Piping question

    I don’t really know yet. Bags are new to me, I have only made one before, I want to design my own so what the bag will look like is a bit fluid at the minute and depends whether I can find out how certain things (like piping) are done.
  12. Piping question

    I have a question about using piping in a bag to join the gusset on to the front and back. I have never tried it before and I am wondering how you finish it at each end. Anything I have seen on the internet doesn’t address this. I would think it would look a bit bulky and untidy just to cut it off flush. Any info about how to use and finish piping would be much appreciated
  13. Slim Briefcase Pattern Wanted

    I don’t know if this is what you want but have a look at Andersen leather blog for some lovely briefcases and build descriptions http://andersenleather.blogspot.co.uk/
  14. Edge paint

    If I remember rightly the Giardini booklet and video actually state this in that you should not bevel the edges but have a straight cut.
  15. Making a sharpening jig for skiving knives

    This is a paring knife sharpener sold by Hewits http://www.hewitonline.com/Arrotino_English_Paring_Knife_Sharpening_Guide_p/tl-073-pn.htm