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  1. Advice for cylinder arm machine

    Thank you for answer. I know, SINGER build many perfect machines, like my shoe patcher 29k..., and is not a german product. But many of the german sewing machines goes to Clones. I think a Pfaff 335 Clone is too fine for my work, and i think a Cowboy/Hightex 3200, 4500 is not fine enough for my work. And so i check the Informations of the GC 2603. And, maybe, such a GC 2603 is a good machine to do my work. I search, and i search, but i found only a lonesome Global Machine and no other machine that looks and feel like the Typical GC 2603. You know other Brands of this machine ?
  2. Advice for cylinder arm machine

    Hello from Europe. Excuse my poor english. But maybe i found answers for my questions. Please, which german mother or grandma has the "Typical 2603"? Thank you for answer.