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  1. Guessing here, but I suspect that your machine has a very tight stitch. Sometimes, when the thread is under high tension, the thread fiber stretches longer than the wax can accommodate. And sometimes it necks down, which also leads to shedding the outside coating. You can sometimes see this happen around tight bends, where the thread tension gets very high. Check your machine to see if there are any sharp edges that the thread contacts. A 90 deg edge on stainless steel needs to be buffed down. You can also try reducing your stick tension, but most people don't want to consider doing that.
  2. I'm the closest one to you. We're in Dallas, TX.
  3. Super cool stand. But I can't see China doing a whole lot of that. Not many people here in the states are going to spend the money for that. The stand is probably as much or more than the head.
  4. Well, at least this guy writes english slightly better than the Chinese Spammers.
  5. Try heating the punch.
  6. When I was living in Europe, and learning to wrench over there, I was introduced to Beta tools. All German made, and super nice. I really line the grips and the quality is second to none. Dealers are hard to find, but they have a tool for dang near everything.
  7. For handbags, a post bed machine will be better. But you'll have to double or triple your budget to get a decent one. You can do 80% of what you want with a cylinder arm.
  8. Uwe, on an unrelated note, I think your camera work is really well done. Can I ask what you're using?
  9. That young lady has some talent!
  10. A new, heavy duty, walking foot, zigzag machine for ~$3000 Au? I don't know about Australia, but in the US, something like that would be at least twice that price.
  11. It's called the Inverse Dunning-Kruger Effect. The Dunning Kruger effect is when people don't know how stupid they are. The INVERSE Dunning Kruger Effect is when people don't realize how GIFTED they are. It's a very odd, but very real logical trap that the Dunning Kruger Effect is it's OWN opposite. It's like the absolute value of -1, or |-1| =1. So, the things that many of us take for granted can be baffling to others. And vise-versa.
  12. What RockyAussie said. As a Cowboy dealer, I can tell you that the CB-4500 is NOT the kind of machine you need. NONE of the 441 clones are going to do what you need. You need something with a very small foot and a very small needle to end-of-arm distance to make the small edge margin stitches. And ideal machine for this would be a Post-Bed machine with a Power Roller Foot. I think Bernina makes something like that.
  13. I've been a keen follower of economics for years, and to my understanding, these numbers are closer to the true hourly wage. Exactly. There are simply some jobs that you don't accept. I stopped repairing purses years ago because ladies would balk at paying $40 to repair a $500 purse. Not only that, but they will expect a purse that looks brand new when it's done, a complain loudly when it's not. That's why there are very few places anymore that repair purses.
  14. Acrylic does not live long if the edges are fine. It just crumbles too much. Delrin will work much better but you'll still get only a couple hundred pressing. Magnesium is next with about 5000 pressings, followed by copper (10,000) and brass (20,000+).
  15. 817-422-9151. It's in my signature.