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  1. Walsall Hardware Question

    Great! Ok! They are good people. I’ll give them a holler ASAP.
  2. Walsall Hardware Question

    I tried them two weeks ago. Nothing. Website is gone, too. I'm afraid they might be out of business. Shame, since they were a great source for inexpensive hardware.
  3. Defective Consew

    Man, once these machines are in the Styrofoam, they're pretty indestructible. I once dropped a CB-4500 off the top of a shipment onto concrete in it's original box, about 12 feet. I though for SURE it would be destroyed. Turns out, not a scratch. Nothing. Box was a mess, foam was a mess, but the machine itself was fine. There's a good chance it just needs some adjustment.
  4. Cowboy CB3200 forward / reverse lever slipping.

    Did you get an answer to this? If not, please let me know. It's a simple fix.
  5. Who’s got the best deal cb3200

    Guys going out of business typically call the dealers first because they want to sell the entire shop, tools and all, at once. Sometimes it's worth it for us, sometimes it's not. Usually if a full shop gets onto the market, there's a catch to the deal.
  6. Hand Control for Sewing Machine w/ Servo

    Hi guys. Yes. It’s something that we designed. We have them in stock. $80 for everything you need for the enduro or family style motors Solar Leather Machines 817-422-9151
  7. Used Cowboy 3500

    That's a great price for this machine. Someone needs to jump on it. If someone from the board here buys it, I'll throw in a free timing check and adjustment in our shop.
  8. What Hand Stichers are out there?

    We had a lot of requests for a hand crank 3200, so we now offer this:
  9. Error 6 notice

    E6 Error: Pedal position sensor. Go here to download the right manual. Most likely the sensor is bad and needs replaced. BUT before you go to that trouble, try this: Usually this happens when someone overextends the lever on the motor, and the light blade on the inside gets out of alignment. Usually. Try removing the panel where the control lever is (4 screws). behind that is a red-light sensor and another "blade" that moves to interrupt the light. It's this blade that is likely out of place. while the lever outside is UNLOADED, adjust the blade so that it's just about to interrupt the light. re-assemble and test. If this doesn't fix the issue, then the light sensor is probably completely bad. You'll have to get a new one OR the entire board is bad. Both the LED or the Board can be easily replaced. We have the parts if you need them.
  10. Cowboy 3200 wont run

    Almost certainly the small screw on the outside surface of the hook. it holds the spring for the bobbin case onto the hook itself. It tends to slowly back out, and the hook will start to catch every now and then, and then eventually lock up. Go here, watch the video on how to remove the hook. Then check the OUTSIDE surface of the hook and make sure there are no protrusions. You'll probably find the screw is poking out. screw it all the way back in, tightly. Do not attempt to pull it out and put lock tight on it, or you'll be in for a good 'ole fashioned spring wrestling match.
  11. Buying Keestar Sewing Machine 441 Directly From China..

    Yes, this is correct. We had to apply approx 8% to our final pricing to address tariffs. So we ate a little bit ourselves, and had to tighten our belts around here. In January, the tariffs will jump to 25%. Which means that the government just took your $1 bill, and gave you back 75 cents. People are gonna start getting hungry, because manufacturing just ISN'T gonna come back in the next 5 years. or 10 years, really. Overseas jobs started to become a problem in the early eighties (remember that michael keaton movie "Gung Ho"?) and it's been almost FORTY YEARS SINCE. It's going to take that long to change. If it even does.
  12. CB 4500 Thread Tension

    Color of thread does indeed change the stiffness of the thread. I think the chemistry of the dyes changes how the bonding affects the thread. I have 3-4 different brands of thread in my store, and in all of them, the darker colors are more stiff, more wiry . White/naturals tend to be softest. browns/blacks more wiry. Stiffness of the thread affects how the tension discs work on the thread, and the shape of the loop created by the rising needle. Normally, softer threads need a touch more tension to get perfect, and wiry threads a touch less.
  13. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    lbs of leather is a very traditional method of selling leather. You're not crazy at all. In fact, when buying blue salted hides, it's not unusual to specify Cubic Meters. Why? because hides are transported in containers. A 20 ft container has a volume of 33 CBM, and a 40 ft container has 67 CBM. I've even heard of selling leather by the "barrel" or ''butt" which is how some wet hides/leathers were transported prior to containers.
  14. Attention! Today is the LAST day to order COWBOY SEWING MACHINES before prices go up 8% on Nov 1st due to tariffs! A lot of people have been waiting to order machines, hoping that there will be a black friday sale, or holiday discount. DON'T WAIT. Tomorrow, NOV 1st 2018, the tariffs are applied and the prices go up 8%. This increase is larger than any black friday discount that could be applied. We've put this off as long as possible, but it has to happen tomorrow. MAKE YOUR MOVE NOW! Come tomorrow, all the prices will increase. Since all of our thread is American Made, it will stay at $19/1lb cone. Alexander Blackhear President/Owner Solar Leather Machines 817-422-9151