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  1. This is going to crack you up: One of the best sources of foam padding is Uline. Back when I was making a lot of padded items, I tried their packaging foam. It comes in different sizes and thickness, is water proof, just the right amount of cushion, easily sewn through, and above all, inexpensive. Swear to god. I used the 1/4" and 1/8" stuff. Go Here:
  2. Ugh. Bacteria growth is a real problem. Always use closed cell foam if you can. These guys sell and ship at reasonable prices. Alexander
  3. Hi guys, Clicker cutting boards come in different types, but they're generally plastic or hard rubber. Hard Butyl rubber tends to last longer, but the dies don't cut quite as well, and the boards are harder to plane smooth again. Plastic boards, IMHO, are better because they're relatively cheap and can easily be planed smooth again. HDPE, Polyethylene, HDPS, and other cutting board surfaces all work well. Don't bother trying to buy something labeled "clicker boards". Just go to a plastics company and buy a 4ft x 4ft x 1" sheet and ask them to cut it down for you. They'll charge a small fee for cutting it, but you'll have 2 boards, which means you can continue working while your other one is getting planed smooth. Try not to plane the board to less than 1/2". Some of the older clickers don't have a rubber bump stop at the bottom, and there's a chance you'll damage the machine if you bottom the head. I start thinking about getting a new one once they're around 3/4" thick. After that, they become work bench board, or if they're clean enough, I'll use them for my BBQ smoker stuff. Alexander
  4. Gah! These things are a PITA! I stopped selling them because they are SO finicky, and NOBODY was happy with them. If you know what you're doing, you can get them to dance around your kitchen and can do a great job, but they're very hard to learn. NOT a beginner machine.
  5. Great looking tray. Nice Laser job! Oh, for the love of god, Don't. I must have 5 guys a week come into my shop with "minimalist wallets" and "valet trays". They're the hot new thing. And each of them are on kickstarter, gofundme, etsy, and all the other sites. STIFF competition right now. What would I suggest? Beard Comb Wallets. Seriously. selling like crazy, people can't make em fast enough. Get some stainless steel combs lasered and make some "authentic" leather covers for them. All. Day. Long.
  6. Thanks for all the positive comments, guys. Getting all the ducks in a row to offer this as an ongoing product was difficult. I'll have this up on the website before 6/15. Alexander Thank you.
  7. The English manuals are in downloadable format here:
  8. Cowboy USA is in Lima, Ohio. Toledo Sewing is a dealer and is in Toledo (Obviously). I'm a dealer as well, and we're in Dallas.
  9. Guessing here, but I suspect that your machine has a very tight stitch. Sometimes, when the thread is under high tension, the thread fiber stretches longer than the wax can accommodate. And sometimes it necks down, which also leads to shedding the outside coating. You can sometimes see this happen around tight bends, where the thread tension gets very high. Check your machine to see if there are any sharp edges that the thread contacts. A 90 deg edge on stainless steel needs to be buffed down. You can also try reducing your stick tension, but most people don't want to consider doing that.
  10. I'm the closest one to you. We're in Dallas, TX.
  11. Super cool stand. But I can't see China doing a whole lot of that. Not many people here in the states are going to spend the money for that. The stand is probably as much or more than the head.
  12. Well, at least this guy writes english slightly better than the Chinese Spammers.
  13. Try heating the punch.
  14. When I was living in Europe, and learning to wrench over there, I was introduced to Beta tools. All German made, and super nice. I really line the grips and the quality is second to none. Dealers are hard to find, but they have a tool for dang near everything.