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  1. Special edition? Cb4500

    Hopefully they'll find the matching handwheel and pedestal post. And the table top, and the motor, and the speed reducer......
  2. Shoe upper leather perforator

    Wow! What a gem of a find!
  3. Is there an attachement for CB4500 for finishing leather edges?

    You need to be careful using the grinder like that. If whatever you're clogging the wheel with has a different rate of expansion than the actual stone of the wheel, you stand a decent chance of fracturing the wheel and having it let go all over the shop. You need to buy some canvas wheels that are specifically made for doing this. Or leather wheels. You're gonna hurt yourself.
  4. Feedback on our Leathergoods website

    By far the biggest thing you MUST do is take pics of models wearing your purses/bags. Savvy customers can tell a lot about the product if it's displayed on a actual person (color shift, size, flexibility, etc). (Note: I used to make private label handbags for high-end designers. They ALL did photo shoots with models.) Also, this may be a generational thing, but if you don't have at least a phone, and the only way to contact you is via email, then I assume that customer service is atrocious, and that you want customers to stay away.
  5. Special edition? Cb4500

    Bahahaha! "Nice Software, Stephanie!"
  6. Clicker Press Dies

    Texas Custom Dies can and will make dies from your paper, cardboard, or leather patterns. They do this every day. Get ahold of them. They're good people.
  7. Special edition? Cb4500

    Here's the story on this machine. I sold it new. This is a custom pinstriped CB-4500 that I had specially painted with the Yellow & Blue Rose of Texas for customer in Arizona. She paid a premium for the paint, but let me tell you, the entire machine was REALLY nice. The roses extended all the way down the stand and across the pedals. I have pics of the whole machine somewhere. If I find them, I'll put them on here. The machine was packaged and shipped like normal...and then it went MISSING. The shipping company "lost it", then said that we'd never shipped it in the first place. However, we had paperwork, signatures, pictures, and most importantly, insurance. (Solar ALWAYS buys shipping insurance!) So, the shipper was on the hook, and looked for the machine for about 3 weeks. Meanwhile the customer was getting impatient(rightfully so). She'd been really VERY understanding and VERY patient with us, and for that I'm thankful. After 3 weeks, I had to call it a loss, I refunded the money, and the customer drove all the way from Arizona to pick up a sleek new special edition in my shop in Dallas. Truly an exceptional customer. This machine is the only one painted in this manner. There'll never be another. It's very distinctive, and I knew it would show up. We were paid for the insurance loss, so I don't consider it stolen. However, I do have some theories about how it disappeared in the first place. The reason that the handwheel is missing is because the special editions are specially packed in separate boxes to keep handwheel pristine. Apparently, whoever ended up with the head couldn't get ahold of the other parts. There is a matching stand and handwheel floating around out there. Those will show up eventually. The seller of this head has already been in contact with us. We provided a cost for the missing parts, and they declined. Assuming the head isn't damaged, it is brand new and in working order. -Alexander
  8. Attachment

    No, not normally. I know I don't have any in stock. However, Uwe (user on here) sells a really nice combo package that provides the flip down guide AND the handle extender for the foot lift knob. I'd get one of those.
  9. Carpenters Tool Belts

    The CB-10 Runs on 220V power. Just did an update to our page on it. Modifying a bearing press is a very effective way to get a manual clicker. However, unless you use heavy plate and lots of vertical stiffeners, the outside edges can flex too much. So use more metal when you build it. When in doubt, add more steel.
  10. Printed PDF patterns

    The PDFs might be accurate, but the PRINTER might not be. Most are off a bit. Test yours by printing a know dimension, like a 4" x 4" square. Measure it closely, and then expand the pdf image size to accommodate the size. Truly accurate printers are expensive, and most people don't have them.
  11. Juki 1341 experience? pros cons?

    Check to see if your belt is lumpy. This causes a LOT of problems like you describe. We routinely throw away 10% of our belts because they are too lumpy. The machine itself seems to be running smoothly.
  12. Logo/Website/Business Card Design

    I've used 99design several times for this.
  13. Multifilament Polypropylene rope and nylon webbing suppliers

    You're looking in the wrong industry. The products you're seeking are CLIMBING ropes & tapes. Specifically "Tubular Webbing".