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  1. Sheep Wool Trimmings

    You can use the trimmings to stuff bucking rolls
  2. Sheridan Leather Show

    I plan on being there Thur. - Sun. Russ
  3. You might try Panhandle Leather in Amarillo. They keep a good supply of Herman Oak and chap leather and most other supplies. www.panhandleleather.com
  4. Using A Splitter For Skiving Strap Ends?

    If you are wanting to lap skive try this link http://classicbells.com/verlane/skiving/skivingJig.pdf.'>http://classicbells.com/verlane/skiving/skivingJig.pdf. It shows how Verlane Desgernage used a splitter to lap skive. http://classicbells.com/verlane/skiving/skivingJig.pdf RussH
  5. Attaching The 3 Ring Binder

    I use chicago screws.
  6. Saddle With More Than One Makers Mark?

    Back in the late 50's or early 60's there was a Simons Western Wear in Albuquerque. I can remember a lot of saddles in the store but do not remember them having a saddle shop. Thats been along time ago so there might have been. My guess would be that Carl Fuqua was making saddles for them. I am not sure when they closed but I am thinking it was in the 70"s. RussH
  7. Wyoming Slick

    Bob Very well stated. My thoughts exactly RussH
  8. Hair Blade

    You can also use a lined pear shader or lined thumb print.
  9. The last time I looked www.coolhorse.com had several used barrel saddles. If you do not see what you want call them and talk to Kyler. RussH
  10. Panhandle Leather in Amarillo, TX also sells Clear Lac. I have been using it and can not tell that much difference between it and Neat Lac. RussH
  11. Bob Yes the dye does not penetrate as good after burnishing. I think it is wax and parafin. I can not tell much difference between it and straight bees wax. Burnishing while the dye is still damp seams to give it that darker color. I am still working to get a better shine on my edges. Not sure what I am doing wrong or what I need to change. Glad I could help. RussH
  12. Bob Here a a couple of pictures of the edge of a knife sheath I finished this morning using Ivan's burnisher. My order of edging after stitching is: Trim & Sand (should have sanded it a little smoother) Edging Dying Before the dye is dry I got to Ivan's burnisher Saddle soap and burnish with an old pair of Wranglers Finish with Neat Lac or Clear Lac Burnish some more with Wranglers RussH
  13. Headstall

    They are 3/4" RussH