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  1. Stubby / Can Holders

    G'Day again, Hey BDAZ , It took me a good 3hrs to find these, and another hour or so to compile them, but here they are. A lot of these are from my early days, like the collection of 8 & the silhouette carved for example, but when I compare them to what I do now, I seem to have come a long way. ( I even found some cool music CD's I never knew I had in the process, ...bonus ) HS
  2. Stubby / Can Holders

    G'Day, Thats quite good. The red on black with white stitching is very striking and very precise . I have a pic or two of some silhouette carving on a stubby holder.....somewhere. I'm going to have to do some serious searching I have done 'multiples' before ( about a dozen) of the same carved pattern on stubby holders in the past, but they are so time consuming.... .and costly for the client. You finish the very last stubby holder and its like.." yey !!! " , ...........and celebrate with a coldie....or two > HS
  3. Stubby / Can Holders

    G'day, Thank you very much. Nothing but pleasure, and joy seeing the end result in creating those. HS
  4. Stubby / Can Holders

    G'Day, I finally got around to updating my photo page in the photo album I take with me at various markets for advertising etc . Just thought I'd share just a few of them on this occasion. Some of these were custom orders. You may have a different name for the same thing , but this is the ' Aussie way of keeping our beer cold around a barbie ' aka "foamies" I know I have a lot more other pics of stubby holders...I just need to remember where I put them. HS
  5. Is Google is killing art?

    G'Day, What an interesting subject. I have used ' Mr Google' , as I call it , mainly for logos, ideas and inspiration etc. and custom jobs for clients . But the majority of my patterns come from Al Stohlman books from the 60's & 70's etc. . I have done some free hand stuff as well, but only because Al Stohlman has inspired me to do my own . I couldn't draw to save my own life before I got into leather work. But these days, if I have an idea of my own that pops into my head, its now almost instinct to grab a pen & paper and scribble the idea down , even on the closest bit of scrap paper I find, ....before I forget what it was..... and kicking myself later. If I'm doing an Al Stohlman carved pattern , I don't always copy that very pattern from his books. I often use a ' a bit of this pattern and a bit of that pattern ,like a flower from one book, a scroll, from another, perhaps a horse from yet another, so that the end design is a combination of different patterns and has come from 3,4 or five different books, but also adding & drawing some of my own ideas as well. It sometimes takes me hours for me to finally settle on a design too . But I don't think ' Mr Google' is killing art...well, not mine anyway . Google only plays a small part of my leather designs for me. HS
  6. Am I the only one?

    G'Day, I think its time for a bigger shoe box now . Some of my screw ups have been unceremoniously thrown across my work shop , some hitting the wall on the other side, with a trail of expletives behind it , like a leather Halley's Comet . HS
  7. Birth of a sporran

    G'Day , Thats beautiful work. Love the ' step-by-step' pics, and the little....um ...bunson burner? The tea pots caught my eye too They look exotic . Good to see I'm not the only one that uses those springy paper clips. I have boxes of them, and they are a Godsend. Well done
  8. Am I the only one?

    I have a ' special place' for my screw ups...its a shoe box and lives under one of my benches , in a dark place, in a corner with a dunce hat < ...........I made that last bit up < not a dunce hat Needless to say the shoe box is full . HS
  9. Hobble belt

    G'Day....from Western Australia Thats really quite nice, well done. I have made hobble belts before but with 5mm DB or shoulder, harness. The brass hardware really looks the part on these. I see what you mean by ' 50 Shades of Grey' pic . and no horse ?? Yeh....right HS
  10. Am I the only one?

    Yep....been there done that I don't want to list too many ' mistooks".... and I don't wish to embarrass myself any further O'h well, we can't be perfect all the time eh ??
  11. Am I the only one?

    Well.... in support of a newbie doublehbar .........yep , I have done done that . Another silly " mistook" of mine in the early days , I'll be doing a leatherman type knife case, all is going really well, " geez, I'm on a roll here ...nearly finished....wow that was quick .......all dyed, stitched, burnished , polished...all done....now feeling proud of myself....@#$%^&* !!!!! " ........ I forgot the belt loop !!!! How on earth can I miss that ??? But I did But now I have the feeling that I AM the only one that has done that HS
  12. Do you consider yourself an artist?

    G'Day, Not sure how to answer that. I call myself a leatherworker , but I guess I could be considered as an artist. I put pictures onto leather, rather than canvas , I use brushes dyes & paints to enhance the images , and although all my projects & customer orders have function, like belts bags, stubby holders etc. instead of a picture hanging on a wall, they take their art with them ? HS
  13. What have I gotten myself into!?!

    G'Day DoubleD, Welcome to the 'sometimes frustrating but mostly enjoyable and very addictive , sometimes costly , and very satisfying' world of working with leather . When I was just starting with leather many moons ago, I took bits of skin off the tips of my fingers with a stanley knife because my fingers were over the edge of the ruler and left my fingers with straight tips....I thought I'd stick with it We're all here to help, and theres no such thing as a silly question on here. The answer may very well save you a lot of money and frustration. HS
  14. Gday from Western Australia

    G'day Noobleather, I've only just spotted this ....oops, I'm a bit slow , sorry. Welcome to the world of leather I've been working with leather for about 14 years now. I still have my " L" plates on, even after 14 years, but enjoy the learning I am the guy from the Central Wheatbelt . Nice dog collars. But I do agree with the tri-weave, you are not alone. . That has tried my patience more than once . There are the " remains" of the beginnings of a tri-weave handbag in my reject box , just waiting for something inspiring to pop into my head ( instead of expletives) to cover up my mistooks ....er mistakes. HS
  15. Marking my leather tools

    I'm with fredk , I never loan tools. I'm happy for people to come to my workshop , use my tools to learn but the tools never leave my workshop. Sorry if thats sounds a bit mean , but its taken me so long and a lot of effort to accumulate them I'd hate to lose any of them. HS