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  1. Advice.

    I can very much relate to this , and many other comments on this thread. " Wow, how did people do this without the internet?" I hear ya !! They're called books , I read a lot of them ,I had no choice, I had no internet for a long time.However,I did have the yellow pages and a land line ha ha!! and my local library had just one book on leather craft, ...that I borrowed several times And thank God for classifieds in the weekend paper....and a land line . Many people will come to my stall or workshop asking me how stuff was done. But like you said, what works for me, may not work for them , and may differ from what they may have read elsewhere. To me there are no rules in leather work , only guides , as everyone has their own style, method or technique of doing things, something that I always put across to those who ask about leathercraft . Its called individuality and leather craft so beautifully brings that out in all of us from newbies to the experienced . Its the end result that counts. I'm just happy to part some advice to someone thats interested in working with leather and/or about to embark on a journey into leather. I'll tell them what I have learnt , from my own experiences , suppliers etc. Enough to get them started. Great thread BTW HS
  2. Down under, we have ' Kwik Grip' & ' Kwik Grip Gel' , but basically a good contact cement. HS
  3. Tandy Australia Closing

    Got another email from Tandy this morning, a liquidation sale. Things are starting to wind down I guess. https://cdn.tandyleather.com/media/TEM2/2019-02-15-AustraliaInStoreSpecials.html?utm_source=Tand-E-mail+from+Tandy+Leather&utm_campaign=f5786df920-2019-02-14-In-Store+Only+Specials-AUD&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e267c11fde-f5786df920-75657005 ( sorry for the long link) ' In store only' ? hmph!!! Not fair !! I just need a transporter ( from Star Trek) to make the 4000km trip. HS
  4. LW website went down .

    G'Day , not sure if it happened in your part of the world, but it was totally AWOL down here in Oz for about an hour or two. I did all the usual checks at my end, but all was good. I did get quite worried. But its all good now ....phew !! HS
  5. Keeping white white.

    So where is that ' black /green discolouration in those images ? And besides, I like my ' patina',thank you very much. HS
  6. Keeping white white.

    G'Day , well, assuming you're talking about natural veg tan leather, it won't stay ' white'.Natural veg tan leather is photosensitive. Over time , it will darken just like us humans get a bit of natural tan after being out in the sun. I have attached a few pics ( some practice pieces) as an example of how leather can change colour. Over time it will get even darker. Both pieces are just a few scraps of some natural veg tan leather. The last pic is my camera case. That was once ' white' . There are white dyes available , but I prefer the natural ' patina' Hope all this helps. HS
  7. Moulds for veg bags - wood or steel?

    G'Day , When I mold the leather around these, I pin it down onto some pieces of pine , or whatever scrap I have lying around, approx 4" x 1" ) 100mm x 25mm) just as an example .It needs to be bigger than the mold , to give me enough room to mold, shape etc. I find pine is easy to hammer into because its soft. Ply wood may be a bit hard to nail into . I haven't experienced any of the wood warping or being affected by damp leather. HS
  8. The Freeze

    G'Day, I really feel for you guys, thats seriously cold. But here in Oz, we've been experiencing the exact opposite. I'm in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia we've had low to high 40's for weeks on end, and into the low 50's ( around 120+ F in your part of the world) and in the east. Electronics don't like the extreme heat either. Fussy machines eh? Only these last few days its been cooler, but set to warm up again soon. Take care, HS
  9. sizing tooling patterns

    I second that Joshstrange . But over the years, I have become quite adept at modifying patterns to fit particular projects or jobs. Either that or lose money. For example, a tooled bag with acorns & oak leaves etc. Sometimes I would pick an acorn from this pattern, and oak leaf from another to make up a design that I like. The pattern becomes a ' bitsa' ( bits 'a this and bits a' that) We call breeds of dogs that here in Oz . But its the end result that counts. I think that over time, you will become quite good with a pencil and paper, have confidence, you might even surprise yourself Also , I do use the photo copier at our local Shire office to enlarge or reduce a pattern , very handy. HS
  10. Stitching Sole Bend Leather...

    G'Day, Firstly, welcome the the forum Hoping that I've got my conversions right, ( I work in milimetres here in Oz ) your backing leather is approx 2- 2.5 mm? Sole bend, approx 5 - 6.0 mm ? Thats 8.5mm . We'll say 9mm total. I wouldn't have thought you'd have any problems sewing that thickness.I have virtually the same machine ( but different name) . I have attached a few pics of a test piece that I did a long time ago, mainly for my own curiosity .They're a bit blurry, sorry. The test piece was 5 ( dry) layers of 4mm ( 10 oz) D/S = just slightly over 20mm, about 22mm when measured. The machine sewed it no problem. However, I did go very slowly. The needle was understandably quite warm when I finished. I use 277 M10 thread, and # 24 needle. I've never had any jobs that require that thickness, but its good to know these awesome machines are very capable of sewing it. But I would like to do harness work in the future. But as for whats causing the problem, I don't know what suggest. Maybe perhaps do a little test like I did. Sew some that is veg tan, some dyed, wet, dry, etc. A process of elimination? I haven't been much help. Sorry HS
  11. Pfaff 193 arm shaft disaster..

    Any updates ?
  12. Moulds for veg bags - wood or steel?

    G'Day LottyAfrica , This is just a very small cross section of the molds that I use, some with pencil marks, measurements etc.. Some are 'one off's ' ( but never go to waste), but the majority I use all the time. I also have some much larger molds as well. The ones on the far left, are made of pine, mostly from off cuts and scraps. The remainder are made from MDF. Both woods are easy to shape and cheap. I do sometimes slide the molds out during drying , hence the shiny packing tape. I also use a scrap layer of leather to help with sizing etc. You can also see how phone cases have changed in size over the years. The one next to the axe/ multi-tool mold , bottom right, is how they use to be, ( like the one I have now ) compared to the " paving slab" on the top right. Sure wish phone companies make their minds up Ha ha !! So I guess you have to be a bit of a wood worker as well, ( something I'm not) . It comes with practice I'm sure HS
  13. Moulds for veg bags - wood or steel?

    I use MDF molds on just about every case I need to make . Easy to work with, sand, grind, shape etc. and its cheap. Glue two bits together to make a bigger mold if you want. Very versatile . HS
  14. Belts - Two Rivets or One?

    G'Day, I use x 2 press studs , line 24's , so the customer has the option of changing the buckle . But some of the heavier belts, tool belts etc. are either sewn or riveted . HS
  15. New Partnership for Tandy

    Tandy Australia are shutting shop in March and will ship from the US. I received a "specials" email from them ....the first in about 2 months, .... but it was " in-store only specials" , Um....they're in the east....about 4000k's away . Yeah.... good one , needless to say I deleted the email. All the printed catalogues have stopped altogether now . I have to agree.I now have 3 main suppliers that sell the same thing as Tandy, but cheaper...and do wholesale without joining a club. Tandy never existed when I started leather work 14 years ago, never even heard of them ( with exception of the electronics retailer....and they went years ago ). And now, its almost like they don't exist again.Back then, I found all my tools, supplies etc. in a pokey little shop run by a little ol' lady in Perth by going through the yellow pages ( pre internet) . Ditto for my sides of leather, found a supplier in Bayswater ( Perth), in the yellow pages and asking that lil' ol' lady a lot of questions . All my ' how to ' stuff came courtesy of books , and word of mouth, asking questions etc. and simply by working stuff out for myself . I didn't discover ' youtube' until many years later. HS