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  1. Self inflicted wounds

    It was very common to cut cardboard like that, a bit like hanging a piece of wood off the side of a bench to cut it, an action that I probably did 1000's of times over the years making pools, ...but it only took just that 1 time .... it was a new blade as well, which is probably why I didn't feel a thing....4 stitches later......or was it 5 ? Back on topic: Each & every time I use my big saddle machine, I remind myself of the time my Mother put a needle through her finger, reminding me to keep my hands and fingers WELL CLEAR . Her machine was a domestic machine....the saddle machine is not, ......its a domestic machine that has overdosed on steroids HA HA HS
  2. Self inflicted wounds

    If it makes you feel any better, in my early days, I had my fingers a bit too far over the edge of the ruler, happily cutting away......I took the minutest bits of skin off the very tips of my fingers, no blood, but the tips of my fingers were nice and straight I've also put needles and awls into my fingers too many times to count. Off topic: I manufactured fibreglass pools in another life,and while making cardboard form work , I often used my leg as a ' work bench' . Come lunch time, I couldn't work out why blood was pouring out onto my boot..........there was a 2" long hole in my leg ....I got a bit too close with my blade....OOPS!! My Mother put a sewing machine needle right through her finger once, makes my needles and awls into my fingers look like mozzie bites . We all make the silliest of mistakes using tools ....do we learn from it? mmmmmm.....maybe HS
  3. Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    I'm one of those that have two pairs of ( script) specs, one for general purpose, and the other for reading, close up work etc. I only got them because they were cheap and eye testing was free . I was using those ' magnifier' type glasses that I got cheap from any discount shop, and if I wanted to see even closer, get a stronger pair or I place another pair over the other ( an optometrists worse nightmare I'm guessing ?) , but it worked .Good lighting is a must. But I took breaks after lengthy tooling periods, the same with ' carvers cramp' . HS
  4. Prices too high?

    That very same paper clip is $2500 in Oz https://www.tiffany.com.au/accessories/desk/everyday-objects-18k-gold-paper-clip-bookmark-35917179 . I'm guessing that its not a good idea to bend it out to use it to unblock my spray gun ? HS
  5. Tandy Australia Closing

    Thats OK Scooby, but something tells me its the beginning of the end for Tandy Australia . But surely Tandy must have done some research before opening down under ? If they did, they would have realised that there are already some established leather outlets / suppliers etc in Oz? Theres two in NSW , (not far from Tandy) , NSW Leather Company ( my wholesaler, has an agent in Perth WA ) and Birdsall Leather, I have an account with them. No doubt they'll learn from this. HS
  6. Tandy Australia Closing

    G'Day, I got an email this morning from Tandy: https://www.tandyleather.com.au/en/australia-web-order-transition.html It would be interesting to know why, but I have a bit of an idea....too expensive ? Not sure how this will go ( not too well I'm guessing ) , and , even though they say that invoices will be in Aussie dollars, I wonder how our credit card providers will see it ? Exchange rate ? Right now, the Aussie dollar is hovering around . 72 . 73 cents, making it financially unviable to order anything from the US. Orders I have made in the past from the US , take at least 4 - 6 weeks instead of the usual two ( sometimes less) . Too bad if we want something in a hurry eh? HS
  7. The God of Wine

    I love it !!!!!!!! It looks absolutely stunning . I have ' The God Of Wine ( an cement version) hanging on my front fence post . Nowhere near as beautiful as that though. what sort of plug did you use to make the face look 3 D ? Are we to know how it was done? I have a brother thats right into Greek mythology & all sorts of Roman, & medieval history etc. . ( he made the cement version) My desk top even has a Rubens ' Calming The Tempest' with Neptune , so I can sorta relate to this. ( and I'm also a fan of Ray Harryhausen .... but thats off topic ) . Well done HS
  8. Upholstered Motorcycle Seat

    Ta Rocko Now I've had a crack at doing one of these, I'd like to do another one. HS
  9. Don't be a one trick pony.

    @immiketoo have a look at this : http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/83353-upholstered-motorcycle-seat/ Never in my wildest leather dreams would I do this....but I did. This is a good example of a customer having a bit of faith in me , *sobsniff* He was one very happy chappy ....and so was I . I did do some research prior to taking on the job. So now, he may show that to his friends & pass this info onto someone else, so if I get to do another one, I'll approach it with confidence , instead of uncertainty . HS
  10. G'Day, Here's a pic of my very first real attempt at re-upholstering a seat for a vintage motor cycle that I did sometime last year . It was for 1981 Honda. The restoration of the bike took 5 years. This thing called ' life ' gets in the way sometimes I guess. I have done the odd small upholstery job here & there, but nothing like this. The leather is an automotive upholstery leather, with fabric backed upholstery foam. The seat has a plastic molded base. I did say to the customer that I have no real experience in this type of work, but he was happy for me to give a go anyway, what a gentleman eh? ....and he wanted it pleated....yikes !!! My elderly Father was an upholsterer by trade in his early days , but I wanted to do this on my own ( on the quiet, and without him knowing) because has a habit of ' taking over' ...and he never shuts up with " back in my day " stories, I would spat the dummy and the job would have taken twice as long So when I finally showed him the finished product he was thoroughly impressed , .....and surprised . My sincere apologies for the poor images, so zooming in could be messy . The client came to see me at my market stall this arvo, and all I had on me was my ol' flip top mobile phone and not my camera . And naturally, the customer was very happy with how it looked. I but I thought it ( the seat) looked quite good on his nice ' new ' bike But I'm sure he said the bike was going to be light blue last year. O'h well, blokes prerogative, he can change his mind any time he wants ...with his wifes permission HS
  11. Don't be a one trick pony.

    .....and I'm still a learner......... and loving it And don't be afraid to go outside your comfort zone, , " venture into the unknown" , as the saying goes, sure , you might make a few mistakes, but you could also find a hidden talent and surprise yourself I'm even excelling with horse rug repairs these days too. Some rugs that come in are absolutely and totally destroyed , but,..... I still manage to repair them, and the customers are happy . Thats down to much practice . Perhaps some other repairers would probably refuse them in such poor condition. HS
  12. Don't be a one trick pony.

    Thats what I thought too. So I did. I had to diversify where I live, and not just in leather. When a customer asks me " have you ever made one of these?.... No, but I'm happy to learn " would be my first response . Or " I've never made one before, but I like to find out" etc. So , thanks to the faith that some customers have had in me over the years , as well as my own yearn to learn , I've been able to learn all sorts of leather related jobs, harness repairs, hand bag repair, custom jobs and/or repairs etc. These jobs I would have refused in my early days. But, I have also done so many things in leather purely for my own edification ....and, purely for the fun of it . Its a case of, " Stuff it, I'm gonna make one , and I don't care if anyone likes it or not " Just like a leather hat I'm ( slowly) making , theres no market for them here....but I wanna make one anyway Its also good advertising . But now, I also do horse rug repairs, and canvas repairs etc. If I was to be a ' one trick pony' I never would have survived as long as I have. HS
  13. Leather Top Hats

    I started this thread back in March this year, I have just only completed a pattern . I've had so many interruptions.....sheesh!!! Its a ' work in progress' <<< this mad banana can dance better than I ever will HS
  14. Will it line up

    That is beautiful . The colour is deep , rich and so damn good . Any concerns about the weave lining up are gone Well done HS
  15. Tandy Catalogue From Australia

    This is off topic I know, but I used to use toluene during the making of fibreglass pools. ( in another life) . ' 'orrible stuff ' . Toluene makes rubber expand. A large size rubber glove would soon be an XXXL rubber glove ....it also burns skin ( and eyes) on contact....as I found out making pools. Never ran so fast in my life ...to the wash room. ( pre-' Worksafe ' days) . It was also used on the rubber rollers on the printing presses at a newspaper I once worked at....yet another life. It was never EVER good to use this s**t on a hot day either. I'd rather keep my distance from this stuff !!!! HS