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  1. Leather Top Hats

    G'Day, and thank you so much for your input. I have a few ideas buzzing around in my head already . Thank you, HS
  2. Leather Top Hats

    G'Day , What is the best leather leather for making leather top hats? I'm not into ' steampunk' . I thought about nat veg tan ? , so I can add my own colours etc. What about the overall weight, especially on the head ? Binding the edge of the brim ? Any advice will be helpful. I've never done leather hats, but after seeing a few rad leather top hat designs , I soooo have to do one Theres no market for them here , I just want to make one for the love of working with leather, and the experience ....if I have time . Thanks , HS
  3. Scrap Leather

    G'Day , I'm in a similar position to JerseyFirefighter. I have a heap of scrap leather that I could do all sorts of small projects with, I'll occasionally go through my scraps pull a good piece out and think " yep, I'll do something with that " ...etc . But in reality.....no I won't , I don't have the time . I'm forever filling clients orders and replacing/remaking stock with very little or no time to ' doodle ', experiment , or come up with new ideas. I keep telling customers that ask me about scraps to come to my workshop and just grab a bag of scraps for free, but they never do, so the scraps just pile up. I even thought about giving the retirement village a heap for recreation , but they ended giving ME all theirs , DOH !! HS ' I can make everything else except time ' .
  4. Leather Pouch Restoration

    G'Day , Geez Some of the restoration jobs I get ....well, I look at them and think , " wouldn't it be easier just to have a new one made ? " But I then think about the sentimental value the owner may have in it, as it could be a link to someone close to them . It was about 40+ years old, apparently . The old post was replaced with link from a bicycle chain at some point in its hard working life, crude , but effective, and the rest was bodged up with a few ' orrible' looking copper rivets and a piece of an old bridle, or reins ....I think. Removing them was a delicate job. The fob watch case repair was very straight forward. There were also a few belts for me to repair. The client was very happy with my work Just received a restoration job on a knife pouch at the weekend, that belonged to another clients Grandfather. Despite their appearance, I give these types of projects the compassion they deserve *sobsniff* HS
  5. spraying belts

    G'Day, No worries mate I have had a look for spraying leather videos, and apart from a few air brushing leather vids, I've had no luck either, except for this one, which you may have already seen,and ...well, its not very informative at all : Not much help at all. At least he's got a spray booth, which is more than I've got HS
  6. spraying belts

    G'Day, I'm hardly an expert on spraying leather as its not very often I do it, but I mostly spray large items like large hand bags, saddle bags etc. to ensure evenness without streaks etc. , as you said. But I haven't sprayed belts, except some air brushing. I have a general purpose $100 air compressor and use a 2 touch up spray guns ( 1 for dyes , 1 for sealer) and an air brush like the ones in the pic. The dyes I use are mostly water based , but I do sometimes add a little spirit to the spray pot to aid drying. Putting a sealer through the touch up gun can be challenging as it can occasionally clog up, I do thin the sealer a bit, but I run some spirit through it immediately after use to keep it clean. As for a spray both, thats something I don't have, no space. I mostly spray outside my workshop, or spray right next to the roller door ,wide open, if I need to be under cover. If I was to spray belts on a regular basis, I think I would have too much down time having to set up the compressor, the gun, keeping the gun/s clean and/or clean it to change colour .But I guess it also depends on the volume of belts you intend dying . Others on here may have a much better set up than I do. I use large pieces of sheep skin off cuts, trimmed, when dying belts etc. much quicker. *The small bag was just a practice piece to try my hand at air brushing for the first time. Hope this sort of helps. HS
  7. Holster for Ruger Single Six

    Even the pre- rescue pic doesn't look so bad , but its nice to see that other leather workers do something similar to what I do. What I have done in the past, if something goes a bit awry.....I dye it a much darker colour, and if that doesn't work ....I dye it black no matter what It hides all my ' mistooks' Ha !! I fully understand about the spacing on the camo. But going back to the weave, the ' tri- weave ' has caused me to say a few words , that can't be repeated here, on occasion Ha ! We can't be perfect all the time eh? HS
  8. Adler 291 3 phase. Is it worth it?

    G'Day, Radrider, I know nothing about these machines, but did you find out what that ' lump in the middle ' is ? Anything to do with the pneumatics ? Just curious, and learning . HS
  9. Holster for Ruger Single Six

    G'Day, The basket weave is sometimes difficult for me to do. I have done some really nice examples that I'm quite proud of, , but also some really awful ones too, I'm only human . You only have to put one 'hit' slightly out of whack and its a mess. But I have to say thats really nice, lovely rich colour and a nice shine. Well done . HS
  10. Show your Shop

    WOW !!!! You can add me to that list Sheilajeanne . I'm in Australia , and I wish I could just " pop in " and grab a few dozen hides . (Theres something to be said about the transporters from Star Trek ) I'm sure I can make space. ( pardon the pun ) I could easily use that leather for a wide variety of projects........me and just about every other user on here ha The purple looks striking. HS
  11. Latest small project

    G'Day , Looks quite a nice pouch, such a nice texture too , and the buckle goes well with the colour, well done . I've never used fish skins before . Have you used Cane toad skins ? The 'glands' can be a bit thick at times when sewing. I get the skins ( from QLD ) and make and sell Cane Toad leather goods myself. They're a bit fiddly at times trimming all the daggy bits, but I do enjoy working with them. Heres a few examples. Good luck with the Cane toad skins, look forward to seeing some pics. HS
  12. Show your Shop

    Yep I agree. Although I do try to keep it clean, it ain't easy. But when it gets to the point where I'm wasting too much time looking for my tools , thats when I'm forced to do something about it , only to find that what I'm looking for is right under my nose and staring at me . I call it ' domestic blindness' . HS
  13. Latest Project

    G'Day, The colours are quite nice. If it makes you feel a bit better, I did try making one of those, but I made a few boo boos and it ended up in the "reject box " Ha !! . HS
  14. My 1st bag

    G'Day, Thats nice, lovely finish , and I love the brass hardware. I've never used bridle leather as its too expensive here in Australia . Around $500+ per side. HS
  15. Show your Shop

    G'Day, I've only just found this post. I'd be too embarrassed to ' show my shop' on here, seriously . I love my workshop and I know where everything is , well.....almost, but its a mess . I do tidy up every Monday, but doesn't take long to mess it all up again. I had a look at the pics on here and I have to admit that I am a bit jealous . Your workshops are so......so.... tidy !!! HS