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  1. bartug1,

    since you are not going after the Adler 267-373, can you tell me where it was Advertised?


  2. My aqusition of 111w155's

    how much for the needles? glenn
  3. Used Machine Opportunity

    Can you tell me where you saw the 267-373 for sale and how much they were asking? glenn
  4. Using a Singer 45K25 for Darning

    Al, Darning means that the stitch does not feed. The needle only goes up and down and the top foot holds the items you are sewing down. Feeding is done by moving the item you are sewing. There is no feed dog. What happens if you remove the feed dog, set stitch length to zero. Now you must have a plate with only a needle hole in in and no slots for the feed dog. If you do this, machine should technically just go up and down. Correct? glenn
  5. Beginner needing machine

    Consew, Cobra, Cowboy, TechSew all good. Not sure on Thor. Being in North Carolina, I would recommend Bills Sewing . 1800 4455657 . See what they carry since you are close to them. I dealt with them for 10 years when I lived in NC and they were great. They may have something good in a used machine. Never hurts to ask. glenn
  6. 111w155 hinges

    What is on the table. Send us a pic and we can better tell you hook or European or whatever. glenn
  7. Stitch length regulator singer 241-12

    Something is locked up for sure. Any pics available of the machine? glenn
  8. Juki 1541s Clone Bobbin Case Comparison

    Ask for Luke when you get there!! glenn
  9. Any reviews on Eagle EA-750 servo?

    Loks like the Consew motor.
  10. Consew 227

    Yeah. $900.00 is high if it has no reverse. Normally, the model number will have an R with it if it has reverse. i.e. 227R or 227 R-1. glenn
  11. Consew 227

    Copy of Singer 153Kor W 103. No reverse on machine. Medium duty cylinder arm machine. decent machine. Head only worth about $400.00-$500.00. retail used. Uses maximum thread of #138. 5 stitches/inch max. maximum sewing thickness about 3/8". glenn
  12. Shout Out to Toledo Sewing and part needed

    Woodstove, I found the part #10634 in a Consew 255 parts manual. If it is a Seiko machine you have, this part should be available. Any Consew dealer should be able to get you that part. It is shown on the 255 RB3 parts list. I would try Michael Simards in Canada or Hoffman Brothers in Chicago. Hoffman Brothers is the master distributor for Seiko in the US. glenn
  13. Shout Out to Toledo Sewing and part needed

    Text Bob or call him first thing Monday to see if he can delay shipping until he can get he other part for you and ship both at once. glenn
  14. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    Then tight the spring down in the rest position. I had it backwards. Sorry. glenn
  15. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    The spring should be under no tension until you raise the foot. That is how I would set it. glenn