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  1. Found in an old barn - Pfaff 545-H4

    the pin and spring were used to keep the slide plate from coming completely out. No big deal. Singer used them as well on the 111W155.
  2. industrial singer class 5-9

    Singer only made about 40 some of these 67-1 machines. I have seen 2 of them in Ohio and they are monsters, bigger than a 5 class. Both machines are huge. The 5 class shown in the pictures has a S.D.A. on it which stood for Singer driving attachment. They were run on line shaft and the SDA is what you engaged the machine with on the drive belt. The 5-9 is indeed a big zigzag machine. The 8 class is smaller than the 5 class machine. Both are smaller than the 67-1. If you want to see the biggest machine Singer ever made, look up the 9-1 machine. That was truly a monster. glenn
  3. Found in an old barn - Pfaff 545-H4

    Great. These are good machines when up and running. Do you have the manuals for the machine? glenn
  4. industrial singer class 5-9

    This is a Monster. One of the biggest machines Singer ever made. Bigger than a 6 class, 7 class , 8 class. Not as big as a 9 class which was THE largest machine Singer ever made. I would buy if I had it available 5-1and rebuild it just to have it. You will definitely need help moving it. Please get us more pics of it especially if you get it. I have an original parts list book to 5-1vto 5-5, 5-7, 5-10 to 5-11. Not the 5-9 however. Is this a zig-zag machine? glenn
  5. Adler 669

    Weaver Leather sells it wholesale ( sales tax license needed) about $3800.00
  6. Adler 669

    The 669 is a new generation of this design. It has a longer throat of 13" vs. 10.5", foot lift of 20mm vs. 13mm, and max stitch length of 9mm vs. 6mm. I am getting this machine in 201. More money but way more features that are for the better. Juki's new generation only has the 2341 which is like the 869. They do not make a narrow arm machine in this new generation. Pfaff made one for a while like the 669 in their Powerline series but later dropped it. Weaver Leither has the heads in stock in the ergo series. glenn
  7. Found in an old barn - Pfaff 545-H4

    They make generic needle bars that come with the set screw for the needle. The lower thread guide is either a slot or hole cut into the needle bar. I would replace the needle bar. Despite what people tell you, there are a good number of generic bars available that are not to bad as to price. If you need genuine parts, be prepared to pay. Any screws that are "boogered up", sand and clean up or replace. Be sure to get an extra needle set screw or two because they do wear out. I recently broke the needle set screw on my Pfaff 335 and went to replace. I go into the drawer and low and behold, no extra needle set screw. I order 8 of them that day because the 545, 335, 345, 1295 and 1245 all use the same set screw for the needle. I got both genuine and generic to see which is better. The genuine was $1.18 each, the generic was $.88 each. Not a lot of money for peace of mind. To many people on this board do not keep extra parts or screws on hand until they need them. Not me. Time not sewing is money. My advice to you once you get this machine up and running is stock a few parts. Keep the pics coming so we can follow the progress on this baby! glenn
  8. Newbie needs advice..

    I would go with the typical tw- 341 which is a Juki l 341 clone. It is a heavier machine but will sew heavier, longer stitch length and is a vertical hook I believe. glenn
  9. Found in an old barn - Pfaff 545-H4

    Still has compound feeThis is the heaviest version of the 545 made. H4 high lift. Subclass D which means largest, heaviest hand wheel. In the model number the letters mean L which is for leather, M means safety clutch. N means maximum 6mm stitch length. This model has no P in the subclass which is for 4-motion drop feed. You do not have it. Rather it has compound feed but the feeding is more of a skip stitch back and forth This is used a lot in binding. Hope that helps. Clean her up, replace any worn screws or parts, slide plates, etc. Still has compound feed and a walking foot. You have a great machine there. glenn
  10. International harness machine

    Can you send me a few pics of the light sewing machines to?
  11. International harness machine

    Big Sioux, Thanks. Will keep you posted on other info I get. glenn
  12. A Singer Patcher, But not a 29K....?

    This is either a U.F.A. machine or the early 29s'. Singer went from letters to numbers for model numbers in 1896. The 29 and 29-1 had the arm on top and the 29-2 was the first Singer patcher to have the rack on top. I would buy the machine since it is an early one and the decals are in great shape. Make a fine conversation piece and probably still works. glenn
  13. Taking TK-8BL Sewing Machine

    That is a clone of a Consew 206RB or Seiko STH-8BL. Parts and the timing belts should be the same. Send us a few more pics. glenn