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  1. 29K Broken Base

    Best to weld cast iron with a nickel rod. Stronger but the welder must have so skill to do it. glenn
  2. beautiful. makes hand sewing easier. It will be hard-pressed to do as good with Cowboy 3200. glenn
  3. PFAFF 1245-6/01-CLPMN8

    Vicky, Can you post pictures? Thee are a couple of different casting models made of this machine. I think what yo have is the newest model and the parts list and operations manual are on line or here on this web site. glenn
  4. Juki DSC245 - any experience with this machine

    The Juki 245, 246 machines are Juki's version of the Pfaff 335 machine, Adler 69 and Consew 277. They use Singer feet. Juki is still making the 245, 246 machines. As to throat plates and feed dogs, I am not sure which if any Consew parts will work. I doubt the Adler 69 or Pfaff 335 parts will work so that means buying genuine because there are very little clones being made to my knowledge. I have sewn on a 245 and it could handle some thickness over 5/16 ". If you are sewing heavy or hard leather, no. Overall, a pretty good machine but not for tack are harness just like the Pfaff335, Adler 69 and Consew 277. Good for a lot of hockey repair though. glenn
  5. 19th century Hugo Werteim shoe patcher

    I have some odd bobbins that I got in a old shipment some time ago. Would you like me to send you one of each to see if they will work? You just cover the shipping. I will get you specs of the bobbins. One thig you must do when you get the hook made. Make sure you harden it. glenn
  6. 19th century Hugo Werteim shoe patcher

    teeth are probably worn on the bottom as is the long drive rack
  7. 29K Broken Base

    Nickle better to weld cast iron with. But you have to know what you are doing glenn
  8. 19th century Hugo Werteim shoe patcher

    looks great so far. glenn
  9. Also, see if the take up lever is coming up to high. If so, it can cause the top tension to be to tight. That can be regulated by means of the screw in the piston and knurl lock washer. Most people forget about this function on a Singer shoepatcher. glenn
  10. Landis #1 date of manufacture

    I believe they began to make the Landis #1 in the late 1860's or early 1870's. best I have at the moment. I now of now one who has a chart for dating Landis #1, #3 machines. glenn
  11. 19th century Hugo Werteim shoe patcher

    Now, here is the good part. A new hook can be made on a #3-D printer. The shoepatcher on steroids I got in Australia a couple of years ago has the very large hook. I have talked with a 3-D manufacturer and distributor. He feels the hook can be made out of stainless steel on a 3-D printer including the taped screw threads and a hard Rockwell !!! Your hook can probably also be made on a 3-D printer. The hook would have to be scanned on CAD but it would be cheaper than having to build and polish one on a mill. from scratch. I figure about $200.00 or less to have it down but you do not have many choices like me. Your hook is different than any that I have as to size.
  12. 19th century Hugo Werteim shoe patcher

    I would need to have an overall dimension of the opening in the shuttle carrier to see how big the hook could be, then we have to figure out a bobbin to fit it. I would make a new shuttle carrier so that we can start fresh on what the hook should fit into. glenn
  13. Pfaff 145 safety clutch understanding

    Do NOT have to take the safety clutch off the axils to change them. There are 2 springs. Change one of them at a time and adjust the depth of the set screw that goes on top of the spring to set the spring tension. They are sealed with a plastic material on top of the Allen set when they are set at the factory. If both springs have been adjusted, start with one. back out old spring, insert new spring and screw Allen screw down about one third of the threads in the hole. Try it. It may have to go in more or out more. I had to trial and error it on the 1295 I was working on to get it about where it should be. Turn Allen screw in to increase tension, out to decrease tension. glenn
  14. check the tension spring inside the bottom of the needle bar to make sure it is not worn or broke. glenn
  15. 19th century Hugo Werteim shoe patcher

    the handle on the balance wheel is broken off. The stud for the handle from the balance wheel will have to be removed , made as well as the wood handle. glenn