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  1. need help choosing

    Normally there was a clutch type mechanism on the balance wheel that could be pressed to engage the drive on the line shaft. I think they were S.D.A. which stood for Singer Driving Attachment?? Help me here Bob Kovar. glenn
  2. Need Needles for my Singer 144WSV37

    I would try a 7x23 needle. That is what Adler 220 and 221 machines use and they are of the same class as the Singer 144, 145. Yours is a SV machine and Singer Rarely published info on those machines glenn
  3. Singer 97-10 parts Needed

    Check with Bob Kovar at Toledo Sewing. glenn
  4. Pfaff 335

    See if you can get a picture of the brass plate on the machine . it will tell us a lot about the machine's stitch length, lift, safety clutch, 4 motion drop feed vs. skiff feed. tec. glenn
  5. Adler 30-7 Leaf Spring

    Gary, Let me check my stock at home and see what I have as to both. IF you are looking for the Adler parts, they will be more expensive than the 29-4 parts. The last couple of days have just been crazy at work. I am still working on my shop and had hoped to complete it before I retire in 4 weeks. No such luck. Everything is so disorganized right now. glenn
  6. Adler 30-7 Leaf Spring

    GPaudler, The early 29k's were made at the Kilbowie plant in Scotland when the 29 1thru 29-5 were made at the Elizabethport plant in New Jersey. In 1923, the 29-4 was dropped and all shoe patchers in America were shipped in from Kilbowie and were "K" models beginning with the new 29K51-56 series. All K models were made at that plant. I have Adler leaf springs like you are looking for. The 30-1, 5, 7 all use the same spring as the newer 30-10, 50, 70. A 29-4 spring is almost identical to the Adler since Adler copied the shoe patcher from Singer and re-designed some of the parts. when they came out with the 30 class. In fact, Adler made a 29 class shoepatcher before they came out with the 30 class. glenn
  7. Landis 30 Replacement Parts

    contact Pilgrim Shoe in Massachusetts and ask for Harris, the owner. glenn
  8. Singer 29k8 - made 1897

    I would say #138 on top. You can use it in the bobbin but the bobbin will ot hold very many feet of thread. glenn
  9. Singer used a lot of odd ball threads on screws and nuts. They wanted you to buy it from them. However, when they no longer make the oddball screws and nuts, you are forced to go else where. Fortunately, Juki copied a lot of the Singer screw and nut specs in their machines so you can find replacements on a lot of screws and nuts but not all. The one thing Juki has never printed up is a general screw and nut book to show you all that is available You must do like Uwe and find them in specific parts books. glenn
  10. Singer 29k8 - made 1897

    Stor, the part number is SS535. College sewing in the UK carries the part. I think it is $2.35 pounds. It is a clone piece but should work. Glenn
  11. Adler 30-1 help

    Hooksetz, There are no generic throat plates for Adler shoepatchers. I have looked for years and want to build some for sale when I retire in a few months. Not all parts for the 30-1, 5, 7, & 15 are still available. I have been told a throat plate for a 29-4 will fit an Adler 30-1. Believe it or not, I have never tried one to see if it will fit. I hope to remedy that in the near future. I have a lot of genuine Adler replacement parts and screws available. Throat plates are not one of them. glenn
  12. Singer 29k8 - made 1897

    Finally found my 1900 29K parts list. The 29K8 was set up to sew waxed thread. It had a heavier tension spring on top and in the bobbin case to handle the thicker thread. It also had a different throat plate. Other than that, same as the 29K1. By the way, your machine is missing the stop screw in front to lock the feed foot as to direction! glenn
  13. Singer 29k8 - made 1897

    Stor, I have and original parts list for the early 29K's from 1900. Let me see what it say about the 29K8. We know it was built at the Kilbowie plant. glenn
  14. Champion 55 Outsole Stitcher Questions

    send this question to Steve at Gateway Shoe Company. I think he can help answer your questions. glenn
  15. Shoepatcher On Steriods

    Thank you. Great work on the history and emblems. I retire in 2 months. This machine is on the shelf for restoration. Unfortunately, so are about 50 other shoe patchers! glenn