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  1. This Chandler 305-64 was made in Japan after Chandler, which had been the Adler distributor in America lost that distributorship. They went to Japan and had the machine knocked off. It is a copy of a Adler 105-64. As to the missing spool pin on top, you should be able to get one from Bob at Toledo. Probably get you one from a Cowboy. I believe this pin is only a pressure fit and not threaded. Hope that helps. glenn
  2. Catskin, I just saw the manual you got on an earlier post. That is a Fipi side arm clicker. Contact Manufactures supplies in Missouri. They can help you. glenn
  3. Catskin, Been a while. You can get a 5 horse rotary phase converter from Grizzly Tools for 995.00 plus shipping. 1-8005234777. That should be more that plenty for your machine. Want to see pics when it is finished. glenn
  4. Clicker beds are rarely wood anymore. Most companies have gone to Polypropylene. They come in different colors which correspond to the hardness. leather us usually cut on the red boards which is about a68 on the harness scale. We use the white boards at work. it is a little harder because we cut foam, plastic and carbon fiber. You can get different thickness. If you need a thick board over 2", they can be glued to plywood. Contact Manufacturers Supplies in Missouri. They sell clickers and boards. glenn
  5. Catskin, From an earlier post, I think that is either a Fipi or Atom. Contact Manufacturers Supplies in Missouri. They should have a manual. glenn
  6. With a budget of 2k, you could get two machines. One would be in the Consew 206 class or clone, and then a higher speed drop feed machine for linings say Juki 5550. If picking them up, you would have change left over even buying the two machines. Just a thought but the two machines would be more versatile then trying to find one to do it all. Just my 2 cents. glenn
  7. Juki 245 and 246 are the equivalent to a Pfaff 335 and they are made in Japan or in China for Juki. Should be cheaper than a Pfaff 335. glenn
  8. On this Adler 205, to set the needle bar to the correct height with a 794 needle which is the correct needle system, you measure from the very bottom of the needle bar to the bottom of the oil holder which is the black plastic cover piece that the needle bar comes out of above the feet. That distance should be 44mm. This sets the correct height of the needle bar. Having done that, you then go under the arm and loosen the collar that holds together the bottom main shaft that drives the shuttle driver. You then time the hook having loosen the collar to the needle in the needle bar as described by Uwe above. This is from Allen at Weaver who has worked on these machines for over 20 years. I have used this system to correct and time the 4 205's we have at my plant. Hope this helps. glenn
  9. The Adler 221 replaced the Adler 220. We have two 221 Adler here at the plant, one 20", one 30". I have a 20" Adler 220 at my home and I feel it is a better machine than the 221. I also have a Singer 144A204. Singer never had Adler make any 144W's for them, they were all 144A models. The "A" standing for Adler. These machines were Adler 220's in everything but name and paint color. I have also never been able to find a service manual for the 220, The 221 manual will work fine. These machines use a 7x23needle system. The stitch length dial can be adjusted on the main shaft to correspond to the correct length. Should be a screw to adjust the wheel the stitch length is on. glenn
  10. Very Nice job so far trash treasure. Love to see it when it is done!!!!! glenn
  11. Just keep the wick moist in the oil reservoir. When you are not sewing and the machine is at rest, put a paper towel or napkin under the feet. That will tell you how much oil is flowing out of the wick and you can adjust the amount of oil you put in the reservoir accordingly. We do that at our plant especially on Friday when the shift is over. They are checked on Monday before the operators begin their shift. glenn
  12. Woodonglass, Send us a few pics so we can the machine. That may help in identifying why it will not work. A video would also help. glenn
  13. mixmkr, That setup should keep the thread in the tension discs. I have used that on numerous machines over the years. Machine looks nice! glenn
  14. Diyer, Send this info to Allen at Weaver Leather. I believe his email address is . He can help you on other wick questions. I have purchased wicking and the rubber tubing for our 205's from Adler. They were not that expensive to get. I think you get 3 feet of wicking and about the same amount of tubing. However, they are two separate parts numbers. Cleanup looks good so far. glenn
  15. Call Steve at Gateway Shoe in Illinois, Harris at Pilgrim Shoe IN Massachusetts or Blaze at Shoe Systems Plus in New York.. I guarantee one of them will know how to thread it. glenn