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  1. Singer 91K5 Glove Sewing Machine Parts

    Also, I would see about getting the part made. They can 3D a part out of stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, copper, titanium and other metals today. Really quite amazing what can be built today with 3D printers. glenn
  2. Singer 91K5 Glove Sewing Machine Parts

    Try Ralph's in Denver, Colorado. That bought a lot of discontinued parts that Singer was getting rid of. glenn
  3. Difference between Adler 205 370 and 205 374

    Actually, the 205-374 preceded the 205-370. Adler came out with the 205-74 in 1985 when they introduced the machine. They made a lot of changes in the first 6 months. The new models were called 205-374. Adding the 3 to the last part of the model number meant it was walking foot with alternating pressers. When Durkopp bought Adler in the 1990's, the model number was changed to 205-370. In essence, all these machines are the same. glenn
  4. Looking for a Singer/Simanco Shuttle Race and Tension Stud

    still looking AL. I wish you luck. glenn
  5. Thor sewing machines

    thank you. shoepatcher
  6. Thor sewing machines

    I did not get any answers that I could fin don the other posting. I am not a firstimer! shoepatcher
  7. Thor sewing machines

    Again, Anyone have any experience with THOR sewing machines? shoepatcher
  8. Dürkopp 18 Patcher Restoration - long journey...

    Black Dogg. Can I see some pics of your machine? I have 5 of them to restore. glenn
  9. Juki 1508 NH VS Juki LH 2810 S-S

    The Juki 2810 is a copy of the Adler 867 with cost saving of about 25--33% over the cost of the Adler. What I have seen of it, great machine. Yet to sew on one but have looked at them at MJ Foley which is the largest Juki dealer in the US. Bigger machine , longer throat, higher lift, new bobbin winder system, central lubrication. New generation machine over the 1508 and the 2210. I believe if you get the 2810-7 which has the toys, cost is around $5,200.00. The Adler 867 with toys is over $7,000.00 You do the math. glenn
  10. Help with info

    Uwe is right. This is an Adler 220-76-73 which is a 30" single needle long arm. Great machine. Singer contracted with Adler to build the 144A305 which was a 220-76-73 with the Singer name and model number on it. These machines were $7,000.00 plus. A very good price today in America would be anything under $2,000.00 I have a 220-50-73 which is the 20" machine and it cost me $4,000.00 rebuilt head only in 1998. Great machines for sewing truck covers, outdoor furniture, tarps and canvas. Not to good for leather. They are built like tanks and better than the Singer 144W's.
  11. Anyone have experience with THOR sewing machines out of Texas??? glenn
  12. Durkopp Machine

    What parts are you looking for? I may have a source. glenn
  13. Raised needle plate for a Juki 246?

    Plate may have to be custom made. Let me know if you need info on people that do this. Sorry for the late response. glenn
  14. Post bed recommendations

    Also, Look at the Durkopp Adler 768 which preceded the 868. they could sew up to #207 thread. glenn
  15. I was referred to you by another member . He said you may have parts for my Durkopp 17 patcher. I am missing the final thread tensioner/guide and the small bracket that holds it on. I just bought the machine and am waiting on needles so I can try it out. Not sure how much that missing piece will affect its function.

    1. Kamp


      Constabulary refered me to you.

    2. shoepatcher



      Send ma a few pics of the machine so I can see what the part is you are looking for  Sorry for getting back to your so late.  just got out of the hospital.