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  1. Singer 108W20 - My New Binder Setup

    Costabulary, Great job on the Singer 108. Really looks good. glenn
  2. Adler 69 parts

    Contact Bob at Toledo Sewing or Luke at MJ Foley in Detroit. You can get a generic hook by Hirose of Japan or Cerliani of Italy. Both make very good generic hooks and will be cheaper than an original Adler. I have used both manufacturers for years. glenn
  3. Can anybody identify this Consew?

    Looks like a bottom feed machine. older. may be good for light leather. glenn
  4. max stitch length not correct

    How long is the reverse stitch? glenn
  5. Durkopp Adler 767

    The 367 has a horizontal hook. Weaver sold them for a while but had trouble with them sewing heavy leather. Horizontal hooks with the exception of the 3200, 441 and 205-370 do not sew as well as vertical hooks in heavy leather. The aforementioned have barrel shuttles which is different. Those are proven. Don't get me wrong. The 367 is a good machine but not for sewing heavy type leather. Adler only had the machine out for about 5 years is I remember. just my 2 cents. glenn
  6. Durkopp Adler 767

    Yeah, But believe it or not, I found less problems with machines with the toys vs. without the toys. With the toys, the machine cuts the thread and holds it to start the next stitch. To many beginners have problems holding the thread when you start sewing. The machine helps eliminate some of the other problems. Just my 2 cents. Figure out which machine you want first. Then check dealers around for best price. if you are buying a new machine, buy the 867 Adler Eco or look at the 2810 from Juki. That is Juki's copy of the 867. I hear good things about it and it is cheaper than the Adler 867. Adler's are the best, no questions asked. Contact MJ Foley in Detroit and see what their prices on both machines are. I always contact multiple dealers for prices. Like buying records, who can give you the best price and service. glenn
  7. Durkopp Adler 767

    That is a good price and a good machine. I have a 767-FA-573 machine with all the toys and the oversize bobbin on a ergo table. Nice machine. I have about $2200.00 in mine. It also has dual stitch lengths. A plain ergo 867 with a servo motor is probably about $3800.00 and change not counting shipping and/or sales tax. Both are good machines. What so they want for the 867 if I may ask? glenn
  8. What model is this?

    If you look at the specs on the machine posted by Bob, the price of the machine is not overpriced. It is roughly comparable to a Juki 341 in both lift, stitch length and heaviness. Try finding a complete 341 for $1200.00. glenn
  9. That is a very shoddy workmanship for a flatbed table attachment. I would send it back and make my own. I would be embarrassed to sell that attachment. Bush league!!!! glenn
  10. Changing Gauge Set

    Thanks Bob. You know more about this machine than I do and I had a 144 short arm years ago and now own an Adler 220-50-73. Sorry. glenn
  11. Changing Gauge Set

    Adler 221 different Constabulary as you guessed. Consew, Seiko same as Singer. Adler 220 was similar. glenn
  12. Adler 669

    It has 20mm lift. I would say 3/8" at least. Depends on the hardness of the leather. I use round point needles. 1/2" possibly. My suggestion is if you are in the States, send a leather sample to Weaver Leather Attention Allen Burkholder and have them sew the sample on a machine. They have them set up to sew leather. I do not. glenn
  13. Changing Gauge Set

    It will involve a few parts. Changing them if you have never done it can be a little tricky. The manual will help a little. I see no middle balance wheel on that machine?? Try eBay for parts. I would call dealers in California first for parts after checking eBay since they are local. After that, call Bob Kovar at Toledo Sewing. You might try College Sewing in England as well. Even with generic parts, will not be cheap! glenn
  14. Knee lift for Pfaff 145

    Only way is to figure out the parts numbers and contact Pfaff. They will tell you what and what not is available. glenn
  15. Knee lift for Pfaff 145

    Chances of finding a knee lift original parts for a Pfaff 145 are not good. I do not know if they are still available. I think you could a knee lift for a Singer 111 to work. Just my 2 cents. glwenn