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  1. Singer 31-15 tension pin + any tips?

    I just tore down my 31-15 for a good cleaning and oiling last week. Here's a photo. Look close in the red circle, you can see the pin that opens the tension discs. You can make one from a nail if you find the right size.
  2. A ten dollar 31-15 and its issues

    I have this extra 31-15 I don't need. I'm pretty sure its all complete. You can have it for $25 if that will help. I work in Dahlgren and can meet you there if you want it.
  3. Original use for the 29-4

    I don't know anything about sewing shoes, but these guys did.
  4. I refurbished my 29-4 last year. While I did not replace that spring, I did disassemble the needlebar head and replaced some broken parts. I documented my adventure here. Perhaps it will help. http://www.victoriansweatshop.com/post/singer-294-repair-and-preservation-8144122?highlight=29+4&trail=25
  5. Servicing a Singer Clutch Motor

    I just got off the phone with Bob Kovar at Toledo. A new servo motor, thread, needles and bobbins will be on their way shortly. Now I need to get going with removing the old motor and controls. Then I want to refinish the table and service the machine. I'm looking forward to a new adventure with this machine! Steve
  6. Help Needed to Identify Singer Sewing Machine

    Looks like a run of the mill, late model model 66. They made a lot of them.
  7. Servicing a Singer Clutch Motor

    Thanks for the detailed reply. The motors I was looking at all have the dial on the box with a number of settings. I compared the listed specs of at least 4 or 5 of them. They seem to all be the same. I realize buying from a reputable dealer provides a little more peace of mind should something be wrong with it. I'm just surprised how many different brands there are. Are there newer versions for 2017 that offer improvements over those that came out in the last couple of years? I don't need a speed reducer, at least not yet. But the 2" pulley would be preferable.
  8. Servicing a Singer Clutch Motor

    Back to servo motors.... Is there any real difference in the various brands of 550, 3/4hp servo motors? - Consew, Family Sew and many others that all look the same? Most come with a 3" pulley, some vendors offer a 2" pulley. Is there any other real difference other than name ?
  9. Servicing a Singer Clutch Motor

    And of course there is the classic "why do the English drink warm beer? Because their refrigerators are made by Lucas!"
  10. Servicing a Singer Clutch Motor

    I only have a limited supply of this stuff. In order to conserve it, I suppose I should get a servo motor ;-)
  11. Servicing a Singer Clutch Motor

    Well, I suppose you guys are right. As much as I like the old school motor, trusting the old wiring, both external and internal to the motor is just tempting fate. I've had been looking at servo motors a while back and reading about them here. It seems that the currently available models are constantly changing. Time to start looking again. Thanks Steve
  12. Servicing a Singer Clutch Motor

    Thanks for the replies. Very good point about the wiring. I've restored other old machines and understand. I removed the motor wire connection cover and the switch box cover to look at the wiring. The wiring looks to be in original, but still very good condition. No signs of rubber crumbling or significant deterioration. Just dusty and dirty. The main power cord looks very good too, no visible breakdown. This machine seems like a real time capsule. The story I got was that it was brought back from Europe after the war and sat in a man's house until last year when he went into a nursing home. I got it from his daughter. It appears to have been used very little and kept in a climate controlled environment. It will only be used by me for occasional projects, no serious work. Here are a couple more photos.
  13. A while back I picked up a nice Singer 31-15 dating to September of 1945. I cleaned and oiled it, and it runs well. I have the instruction manual for it, but it's says nothing about the clutch motor. The motor runs well and the clutch works smoothly. There are 2 grease zirks on it that appear to be for the clutch linkage pivots. I'm wondering if there is any other service the motor needs? Was there a separate instruction or service manual for the clutch motor? I know that over the years several different clutch motors were used. Here is mine. I know servo motors are a popular upgrade. I may go that route eventually, but i'd like to spend some time with the clutch motor first, before making a decision to upgrade. Thanks Steve
  14. The clutch motor....

    Thanks for the photos and explanation Uwe. No wonder I couldn't find it. I've got a Singer 31-15 clutch motor machine I've been thinking about upgrading. I like the low speed torque feature, I'm not in any hurry with my projects. Steve
  15. The clutch motor....

    Can you share a link to this Sewpro 1100 servo motor? Google search is not finding it. I don't see it on the SewproUSA site either. Thanks.