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  1. Hidden Seams

    let me try it on my end to see if I can get it out! however, I believe it's done using this technique, after turning it outside in.
  2. Hidden Seams

    I somewhat get what you mean, but it's abit confusing, considering where the camera sits. I am more interested with the design and way to make, rather than the pouch itself. I also think that it serves no purpose and doesnt protect the camera.
  3. Hidden Seams

    hi guys, I've been searching and I chanced upon this pouch from Rock N Roll straps. What is puzzling me is, how do they keep all their sewing hidden, especially the part where the camera is put in. I believe it's done all in a single piece (or it might be broken up at the bottom), but I just can't understand which part goes first and how it's done. Can anybody help me?!